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Trevor LaPaglia – Los Angeles, California

Chrissy Schuh has f****d over a lot of investors, Trevor Lapaglia got tired of getting f****d in gay p**n films and took his chances with the scamming b***h, Chrissy. She f****d him too, used him to promote Vestigate, now called Barseen App. He helped the disbarred b***h bilk investors for hundreds of thousands of dollars. They don’t use lube; when they’re done with you, you know you’ve been f****d – and they got your money. They continue to f**k investors over daily, cheating them out of entrusted funds, but they’re getting sued by many angry, broke people who are now fighting back. Bubba is waiting for the prison time to be served by Trevor, he hates lube, too.

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38 comments on “Trevor LaPaglia – Los Angeles, California

  1. Mathew Wilern says:

    It’s sad. This Woman Chrissy Schuh doesn’t care who she screws over. And it’s true. She stole a ton of money and been disbarred. I read it all online. I feel bad for this guy. Really bad for him.

    1. Barry Goldstein says:

      It’s True

      1. Jerry Thompson says:

        Krissy Schuh from the Barseen App. Lost her Business and everything. The App been shut down. And she’s broke. Google her name and see. Kristin Marie Schuh

      2. Todd Park says:

        Yup gurl its a f#&king true.every bit of it. No sugar coatong here. Trevor you not only did the Simply Fit Board Ad in 2016….. You also did cloth free films… Then did modelling for Barseen App.

        Oh ya and you a Bar Maid at Trunks…..

        And the Barseen owners are all going to Prison for Fraud.

  2. Craig Allan says:

    The people that have the Barseen App. They Bern stealing money from all their investors. Everything about it online. Including blogs saying they been Indicted on Fraud and Money Laundering. Even their Attorney they have got disbarred. He hid facts from the Court. And was involved in hiding their money.

    Their App is offline. Not working. And their websites are down.

    They seriously look like they are in a lot of legal trouble. And the Blog said they stoke over 400k in 5yrs.

    1. Matt Sollinger says:

      Your an idiot Trevor. Your life and career will take a toll because of this. No one will hire you in the industry now. And Barseen App been in the News and in the Paper. And your face was on their App before that Business was shut down because of Fraud. I hear they will be going to Prison. They had over 40 Investors that they stole money from.

  3. Neil Silva says:

    I still can’t believe Trevor got mixed up with her. And modelled for her Bar seen App. People all talk about it.

    And now I hear she’s been indicted on fraud and money laundering charges.

    And she’s out of Business. That Woman stole all 53 of her investors money. And fooled a lot of people too.

    Kris sy Schuh is nothing more that a liar and a thief. And even when she practiced Law. Be for she was disbarred. She stole her clients money.

    She and her Business partner Sally Kushner both scum

  4. Kraige Healmes says:

    This is the guy that works at Trunks. Gay Bar in West Hollywood.

    That App he modelled for. They now out of Business and been Indicted of fraud and money laundering.

  5. Johan Rivets says:

    I already new this about Trevor.

    And that Barseen App closed. Indicted for fraud and their bank accounts frozen

  6. Paul Lapaglia says:

    I still can not believe what you did Trevor. I thought you be much smarter than that. I’m very disappointed in you. And I can’t imagine what your Family will think.

    Very heart aching and Dissapointing.

    1. Todd Park says:

      Todd Park here….. You must be Trevors Brother.

      Paul…… Yes… Trevor did all what was said and more.

      Sorry…… The Truth dont lie. But Jrissy and Dally do.

  7. Mac Zano says:

    Trevor you dumb P**k. I can’t believe how You’re so stupid. To allow yourself to be involved with those people. You a Gay man and you have your face on their App. How can you even look at yourself in the mirror. The Woman that own that Business Barseen App are nothing more than Criminals. They crewed over so many Gay men. Stealing their money. And you have your face on their App. You do realize they broke the Law and they will end up going to jail. The District Attorney’s Office prssecuting them. Man you are such a moron.

    1. Oliver Blythe says:

      You got that right. Trevor get paid to pkay. If you know what I mean

  8. Chester McPhearson says:

    Man I can’t believe this guy get mixed up with them. There are very bad people. Their Lawyer Michael J Gulden was Disbarred in 2019. The Court was shown proof of his investment in Barseen App Fraud. He falsified paperwork and lied to the Judge too. Krissy Schuh and her Business partner S3 Kushner both been indicted and theircBank Accounts been frozen. Their Barseen App Business been shut down. And they are now out of Business and broke.

    Trevor you been smarter to get involved in all that.

  9. Barry Goldstein says:

    U saw Trevor on the Prep Ad. I was line thats Trevor wholly shyt….

    I think the involvement he got hinself into with Krissy Schuh App Barseen stunted him getting more work. It’s to bad that he wirked for Barseen as their Ad model. Everyone knows that Krissy Schuh and her Business partner Sally Kushner stole money from all their investors. Even their Lawyer Michael J Gulden was Disbarred. He lied to the Court. Gave the Court fake files and paperwork. And gake info about the money Barseen took in from Investors. He got caught lying. And the Disbarred him. And their Business was shut down. And their bank accounts frozen. They been Indicted. And people saying they could go to Prison a lot longer than the Actress Lori Laphlin and Husband.

    And there are nudes going around the internet on Trevor. He shouldnt have done that. Thats really going to hurt his career.

  10. Barry Goldstein says:

    Happy New Years Trevor. And I hope you learned your lesson. The Barseen App people are very bad people. And as I said before. They lost their Business. Money and everything.

    1. Todd Park says:

      Good them Dykes deserve losing tbeir money and business and everything. And that sleazy Gay Lawyer… Michael J Gulden.. Good Im happy he got Disbarred. Hes a real loser. And Krissy and Sally. Scissor Sisters. Barf Barf Barrrrrrrf they make me sick.

      West Hollywood
      Your guts.
      And people all hope
      Go strait
      To jail
      Don’t get to collect 200
      When you 3 pass Go.

      Weho Todd says….. Best of luck… You 3 need a miracle.

      Don’t worry… Ill visit you 3 when you all are behind bars.

      1. Todd Park says:

        I 4got to mentioned their names.. Barseen App

        Krissy Schuh
        Sally Kushner
        Michael J Gulden
        Giovanni Vitulli
        David Stein

        Hey Krissy… And yes we all know you too used to be a Lawyer. And been Disbarred in 2014…. Yes Ill say why… You stole a lot of money from a client you had in 2012…… And it’s a huge amount you stole too.

  11. Edward A Brown says:

    I agree with the other postings. And yes Trevor that was real dumn of you to model for Barseen. I know you knew about them. Well Krissy Schuh and Sally Kushner are out of Business. And their Lawyer Michael Gulden lost his license. He can no longet pracrice Law. They been indicted on Fraud. Do you even know how much money they stole from their investors. They had 48 investors. And they stole the money from all of them. And now those Ladies are in a Class Action Lawsuit. And their Lawyer Michael Golden spent 2 weeks in jail. Lying to the Court and Falsified information.

  12. Peter Ellis says:

    I saw the p**n you were in. I was like. Wholly Shyt. Thats Tremor

  13. Reggie Sanchez says:

    Trevor. I just stomped apon this. I was so surprised. I didn’t know you did all that. And yu did Adult X*X. I didn’t know that. I didn’t know any if this. Gee you do keep secrets.

    I miss seeing at Trunks. Are you going to be back when they open again.

  14. Wesley Adams says:

    I just met with this guy Ngoli and a few itgers today. He does this coffee thing each week or so…. He told me about you. And said to write you. You are the one I heard about that an actor that got into amodelling deal with some Woman that ran a App Business and stole from all 40 of their investors. Ngoli showed us paperwork and all kinds if blogs online about them. The Barseen App. The owners been Indicted of Fraud charges. The Court forced them to shut their Business down. And froze all their Bank Accounts. Their Lawyer was Disbarred. He lied to the Court. Falsifying facts. And spent jail time. He too been indicted for helping them lady’s commit Fraud. And you modelled for them. And I see too you did Adult Gay nude films. And you were ina Prep commercial and the Simply Fit Board guy. Your acting career didn’t pan out. And you ended up working as a Bartender in a Gay Bar in LA.

  15. Milo Ghennings says:

    Dang Trevor. And you say your life isn’t full of drama. Lol

    The drama you’re in is crazy.

    1. Todd Park says:

      Hey gurl….

      Milo… Trevos a big boy… He knew what he was getting himself into…

      Dont feel bad…………. Trevor made the choice. No one made him do it.

      And the adulf movie can be found at Circus of Books in West Hollywood

  16. Lars Olswald says:

    I saw the Adult Film you were in. You must have been in your 20’s. Before you did the modelling and commercials and stuff. D**n you have a big well you know what I mean. The 3 way was hot. I took a pic of the cover and posted on FaceBook. And others posted responses they know you and a few have seen it too.

  17. Cam Newton says:

    Trevor. You were stupid to get in all that. And do the modelling for them. You should tell them to take your picture of their App immediately. It’s only going to hurt you in the end. The owners of Barseen App. Are in very big trouble

  18. Angie Dyson says:

    I was surfing the Net looking up old friends I knew. And I found this page on you Trevor. I can’t believe all this. What will your Family say if when they hear about all this.

  19. Steve Harvey says:

    Did you hear there’s a Warrant for Krissy Schuhs arrest. She didn’t show up for Court on Friday.

  20. Robby Cleaver says:

    D**n Gurl. Is this all true Trevor. I know those Barseen App Woman stole money and going to jail. But I didn’t know all this about you. And you modelled for them too.

  21. Wes Miller says:

    I heard this. And that Trevor has a big… You know what too.

  22. Wren Tolliver says:

    Step one Prep one. I saw you on the Prep Commercial.

    Are you still going to work at the Gay Bar you were at before the shut down.

    1. Todd Parks says:

      Wren…. Trevor did the Simply Fit Board too.. He was shirtless.

  23. Galen Pierce says:

    Trevor did you hear what Kriusy Schuh did. Your friend that you modelled for did.

    I talked to 2 people over the weekend. They talked about Giovanni Vitulli p****d off at Krissy Schuh. He told Sam that last fall she started a Gofundme for GynBar. She created it in September… She wanted To help raise money for Gym Bar. So they can reopen in. The future at their new location.

    In December Sam said she raised 12k. He said Giovanni checked it monthly. And he told Sam she raised 12k.

    Giovanni went to check it last week. And he couldn’t find it on Gofundme. He did a search under GymBar…. And couldn’t find it. Sam said Giovanni asked him and others to look for it. And no one found it.

    Giovanni says Krissy took the money.

    Sam said Giovanni told his boss Rick and talked to Jacob. And he told them he called Krissy. And she hasn’t picked up and not call him back.

    Giovanni is p****d off. And Sam says Krissy used Gym Bar to raise money. Just to take it. And Gym Bar is one of the bars she had on her Barseen App. And she screwed them over by taking the money she raised on Gofundme for the Bar.

    I told Sam…. To tell Giovanni to tell people. Let them know what she did.

    1. Victor Torres says:

      Yes guys. All this is true. And Trevor been Unemployed since 2019 because of his involvement with the Barseen App people

  24. QShawn Willians says:

    I just met with Nogoli Nyirenda. And 3 others for Coffee at Starbucks in West Hollywood. He started his new position at The West Hollywood City Hall.

    He also showed us things about he Barseen App. And the things that Business was involved with. Stealing money from the Investors they had and laundered the money so it wouldn’t be traced.

    That Business after just a few years been Reported to the Trades Commission. The IRS tax Evasion. And they been Indicted by the Court. And their Assets been frozen.

    Nogoli showed us that you modelled for them back in 2016. Your face on their App Ads before their doors were closed for good.

    He said their Lawyer Michael Gulden was Disbarred in 2019. The Court was shown evidence he was Involved in Barseen App money scheme stealing and hiding what was stolen to help deceive the Court making it look like the Business was broke when in fact it wasn’t.

    Byseen App was owned by Kristin M Schuh who at one time was an Attorney. She lost her license in 2014. Stole 20k from a Client. She had the bond that was posted for his Court case and she used it. Krissy is what she goes by today. And after her losing her License to practice Law. She in 2016 started the Barseen App Business. And continued stealing money. Thinking she’d never be caught. Sally Grace Kushner became her Business partner in 2016. She too an Attorney. And just as Involved in the Investment Fraud. As just like Krissy never thought they’d be their Business be shut down. But it was a few years later.

    In 2017 their Accounts from Be Free Accounting and Bookkeeping located in Pasadena. Was informed about Barseen App Investment Fraud. They sent a letter to Kristin Schuh and Sally Kushner saying they will no longer be working with them. They will not be involved with a Business committing Fraud. Kristin Schuh was furious.And Be Free Accounting and Bookkeeping provided evidence that Barseen only paid taxes on 56k in 2016 not on the amounts they funneled in from the Investors. They also signed and affidavit saying they had no prior knowledge that Barseen App even had Investors. Be Free Accounting said Barseen App owners were referred to them too. And Be Free Accounting and Bookkeeping contacted the referrer telling them the reason why they will no longer be doing Barseen Apps Taxes.

    1. Todd Parks says:

      You said it d**n strait QShawn

  25. Kip Johnstone says:

    So you Gay for Pay I see.

  26. Todd Park says:

    Hey Gurl….. Its me Todd Park from Weho..

    So many people wrote stuff on you. I didn’t know half of it.

    I saw the prep commercial. Gurl they gave you no lines. You know they pay a lot more when you speak on cameral.

    Happy Birthday Trevor.

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