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Trevor LaPaglia – Los Angeles, California

Chrissy Schuh has f****d over a lot of investors, Trevor Lapaglia got tired of getting f****d in gay p**n films and took his chances with the scamming b***h, Chrissy. She f****d him too, used him to promote Vestigate, now called Barseen App. He helped the disbarred b***h bilk investors for hundreds of thousands of dollars. They don’t use lube; when they’re done with you, you know you’ve been f****d – and they got your money. They continue to f**k investors over daily, cheating them out of entrusted funds, but they’re getting sued by many angry, broke people who are now fighting back. Bubba is waiting for the prison time to be served by Trevor, he hates lube, too.

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7 comments on “Trevor LaPaglia – Los Angeles, California

  1. Mathew Wilern says:

    It’s sad. This Woman Chrissy Schuh doesn’t care who she screws over. And it’s true. She stole a ton of money and been disbarred. I read it all online. I feel bad for this guy. Really bad for him.

  2. Craig Allan says:

    The people that have the Barseen App. They Bern stealing money from all their investors. Everything about it online. Including blogs saying they been Indicted on Fraud and Money Laundering. Even their Attorney they have got disbarred. He hid facts from the Court. And was involved in hiding their money.

    Their App is offline. Not working. And their websites are down.

    They seriously look like they are in a lot of legal trouble. And the Blog said they stoke over 400k in 5yrs.

  3. Neil Silva says:

    I still can’t believe Trevor got mixed up with her. And modelled for her Bar seen App. People all talk about it.

    And now I hear she’s been indicted on fraud and money laundering charges.

    And she’s out of Business. That Woman stole all 53 of her investors money. And fooled a lot of people too.

    Kris sy Schuh is nothing more that a liar and a thief. And even when she practiced Law. Be for she was disbarred. She stole her clients money.

    She and her Business partner Sally Kushner both scum

  4. Kraige Healmes says:

    This is the guy that works at Trunks. Gay Bar in West Hollywood.

    That App he modelled for. They now out of Business and been Indicted of fraud and money laundering.

  5. Johan Rivets says:

    I already new this about Trevor.

    And that Barseen App closed. Indicted for fraud and their bank accounts frozen

  6. Paul Lapaglia says:

    I still can not believe what you did Trevor. I thought you be much smarter than that. I’m very disappointed in you. And I can’t imagine what your Family will think.

    Very heart aching and Dissapointing.

  7. Mac Zano says:

    Trevor you dumb P**k. I can’t believe how You’re so stupid. To allow yourself to be involved with those people. You a Gay man and you have your face on their App. How can you even look at yourself in the mirror. The Woman that own that Business Barseen App are nothing more than Criminals. They crewed over so many Gay men. Stealing their money. And you have your face on their App. You do realize they broke the Law and they will end up going to jail. The District Attorney’s Office prssecuting them. Man you are such a moron.

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