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Subplot Design Inc – Roy White – Vancouver, BC Canada

I know you are behind trying to take yet again from me and get people to tarnish my stellar business I built from the ground up.

I am prepared to take legal action and will get to the bottom of this situation. I have no possible idea how you have enlisted the help of these people but sure that is based on fictional stories you have told and tell.

I don’t care to direct my energy into this negative battle but will do what needs to be done to save my great reputation in the Greater Vancouver community

I will not sling mud like you are you associates so but hold my head up high and go about this the correct way.

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  • Noelle Halcrow, you are the one that posted all this nasty all over the internet about Roy. Truly pathetic that a 50 something resorts to this. It only reflects back on you. I guess that’s what a spoiled child does when they get dumped.

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