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Sara J. Joseph — Rockford, Illinois

In 2014, Sara J. Joseph and John Crowe, both married to other people, worked together at Lifetouch Publishing in Loves Park, IL. Sara and John became friends, and struck a deal for her to tattoos on John’s neck and other areas of his body for cash. A reputable tattoo artist would never do the neck area, since it can be a hinderance to the customer’s future career advancement. Sara did destroy John’s chances at moving ahead in his career, with the smudged ink and sloppy lines, which is indicative of a tattoo scratcher. Sara met John’s wife on a couple of occasions, when she went to John’s house to tattoo him, with no problems. After a couple of tattoo sessions, John was supposedly going to Sara’s house for more tattoo work. Instead, a sexual relationship developed between the two. John would give his silent treatments to his wife, for months on end, so he could go out, and enjoy spending time with Sara, in their adulterous relationship. He and Sara would attend air shows, go out for drinks, and of course have sexual relations at John’s house when his wife was out of town. Eventually, the affair ended. Sara stated John had affairs with other women at Lifetouch. Sara’s husband let John’s wife know about the adultery between Sara and John years later. It is a sick, twisted, pathetic, desperate, disrespectful and trashy for a woman, a married one at that s******g a married man. She is a two faced obese piece of trash. Sad part is she met the wife, and still screwed John without guilt. This woman sells her artwork in Rockford, IL. When you purchase her artwork, you are supporting an adulterer.

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4 comments on “Sara J. Joseph — Rockford, Illinois

  1. Mike says:

    Adultery is a crime in the state of Illinois, with fines up to $2500.00 and or up to one year in jail.

  2. Antonio says:

    Twinkle, twinkle, little s**t.
    Name a guy you haven’t f****d.
    Was he skinny, was he tall?
    Never mind, you did them all.

  3. Paul says:

    This c*********g w***e steals from others, passing stuff off as her own. She also f***s her coworkers at the drop of a hat. She is so ugly, she needs to f**k men with poor eyesight. I’m surprised she didn’t get fired from Lifetouch for having an adulterous affair at work. What a loyal, upstanding citizen. lol

  4. Rita says:

    Don’t want my man working around that cheap w***e.

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