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Sally Grace Kushner — Hollywood, California

Gibeaut Mahan & Briscoe, in Los Angeles, CA came under scrutiny when 2 of their attorney’s were sued for App Fraud and bilking investors out of thousands of dollars. To cover up, they fired Sally Grace Kushner and Kristin Marie Schuh, claiming they acted separately in this scheme under another business called, Vestigate. The lawsuit is still pending. The picture is with an early investor who thought he was being sold a legitimate bill of goods, he’s no longer smiling. Google the names and read for yourself before doing business with any of them.

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20 comments on “Sally Grace Kushner — Hollywood, California

  1. Ngoli Nyirenda says:

    Those Woman Sally Kushner and KrissyvSchuh. Stole over 50 Investors they had. They stole a lot of money and now in a Class Action Lawsuit.

    Their Attorney Michael J Gulden been Disbarred. He was involved in hiding their money and falsified Paperwork to the Court so that the Investors suing would not be able to get the money owed to them back from Sally Kushner and Krissy Schuh.

    They been Indicted on Money Laundering and Investment Fraud

    1. Roger McAddams says:

      I didn’t know they had that many Investors. Who’s the guy in the picture with them. Anyone know

    2. Martha Carr says:

      Pray. Pray. Start praying to G*d. I know Krissy Schuh is Athiest and a Republican. But pray that you dont end up going to jail over what she has done. All those poor people that took the money from So sad Sally. She wronged so many people. Did you even know she lost her License to do Law. Ya. She stole from her Clients and she got Disbarred because of it.

      Pray to G*d. I will. I will pray for you and your sole.

      Did you know shes a Trump supporter. Did you know that.

      I love you Sally. I am praying for you.

    3. Ned Orlandos says:

      I know Sally. I knew she got into the App Business with Kris. They Bank where I work

      I did not know that they were scamming people out of Money.

      I know her from Chase Bank. Im a teller. I havnt seen them in the bank in a long time.

      I wonder if they still have their Accounts here

    4. Nan (Nancy) Wildes says:

      I have nothing good to say. So I’ll keep my thoughts to myself. I will say. I one hundred percent agree with what I have read. If it were one guy. Or 2 or 3. Then I’d be thinking what I read Krissy Chug posted that the Gays jealous of her success. But there’s a lot of Gays writing and posting comments about Krissy. And her one comment calling the Gays jealous Fagg@ts that only care about the next hookup.

      Krissy In a Lesbian Woman and I find what you say about Gay men offensive. And I do believe that you did steal money.

      And I have nothing nice to say about you Krissy. Your lover Sally.

  2. Michael Gallagher says:

    Ngoli…. I think you meant to say…. Those Woman stole from over 50 Investors…..

    And yes they did. And they should be thrown in Prison

  3. Ulysses Krebs says:

    Sally the one on the far right. And her Lesbian Lover on the far left. Who’s the Gay in the Middle.

    1. Harrison Lang says:

      He’s probably one other the Investors.

    2. Ngoli Nyirena says:

      That guy is Ron Torres. He used to be tbe manager of Coffee & Food. Krissy had her Cams in there.

      I used to hold my Weekly Meet n Greet there. But they are closed down. Closed for good. So my Neet n Greets are back now mostly at Starbucks. Held every Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 3. Always a good group and exchange a lot of ideas and good information.

      Ngoli out….

    3. Kate Emmons says:

      Sally. I never in my life would imagine that you would steal money. Never. But here I am reading that you did. And from a lot of people. How sad you have turned out. It’s a pitty. Remember years back when we met. And chilled. And I said I only have trusted friends. Girls I got their back and them mine. And you said. You are one of the most respected people and honest.

      No. You lied. You are not honest. And I don’t have your back. I won’t be friends with people that commit crimes. You and. What ever her name. Can rot together in a Prison Cell.

      And what’s Ironic. The Lawyer you too had. The Guy Mike Gulden. I read he too involved in all that too. And his license Disbarred.

      And I see the Business you and her had. The Court shut you down. You both are Criminals.

      I will not be friends with you any more.

  4. Barb Davidson says:

    You both should be put in Prison.

    1. Harrison Lang says:

      Yes they should. They definitely should be.

    2. Eileen Scott says:

      Barb yes. They should. Be put away locked up a long time.

      And should be ashamed. Two Lesbians both Disbarred from practicing Law years ago. Start a Business only just to keep stealing money.

      Bard. I am surprised that no one kicked them in the. You know. In the C.

      Judge…. Just Lock them up.


  5. Mage Bennent says:

    You two are Very bad people. You make lesbians look bad. No wonder why Gay men don’t want us in their Bars. This is another reason. You help both of you to make us look real bad. I hope you go to jail.

  6. Roger McAddams says:

    I bet today. Sally wishes she never got in Business with Krissy.

  7. Ngoli Nyirenda says:

    I saw a guy I know. He told me the he talks to Krissy Schuh frequently. He didnt’t even know she had a Business Partner nor Investors. She just talked all about her. And she put in all her sweart and all her money and threw caution to the wind. He knows today that what she tokd him in the past was a complete lie.

    He says last conversation he had with her. She was p****d off. Angry. And spewing her venom. I asked him next time he talks with her to record it. I would love to hear her go off. He said he will try.

    He also said he hadn’t know her profession before doing the App. That she was an Attorney. He said 3 years ago when they met and talked. She said nothing of the sorts even going to Law School. She told him she went to Cal State studied Business and ended up working for NBC. He said he was impressed by what she told him. Not to many Woman make it that far as she did. He learned later on it was all a lie. So now he’s interested what else today will she lie about. He says he’s curtious how far will she go to keep the stories going……. He even knows she’s changed her name least 6 times in 4 years. She’s running out of K’s. He and Krissy are also Facebook friends instagram and facetime. As I said he wants to see how long she will go talking about her life long dream to start a Business and tetire from the Entertainment Industry. He said. She sounded so convincing. But he knows everything was just a lie.

    He knows Krissy stole all that money from her Investors. He knows everything. I asked how he find out everything. Did you see the Blogs. He said no…. It was one of the guys that worked in a Bar that she had her Cams in.

    Then 3 years later him and I meet. And I showed him even more of her and her past.

    He never met Sally. I showed him pictures of her. He said Krissy never mentioned her name or anything.

  8. Onetwothrfourfive says:


  9. Michael B Ellis says:

    I don’t lije Krissy never had. I know what she is and represents. She’s a liar. A manipulater. And yes a thief.

    Yes she did steal money from people and it was a lot so don’t think it was just 1 or 2 people. No she stole from over 50 people since 2014.

    And yes I know this as a fact. Because I know one person she stole from and my friend Ryan Hagar would talk about her and say Jrissy saud this or did that. He and her were good friends. And he woukd tell people what she was doing. Or told him.

    Ryan was shocked what she did. And the same guy she stole from Ryan knows him too.

  10. Urtha Manthas says:

    The question Im asking.

    Why Sally. Why did you go back to Kris and stupidly partner her and her Barseen Business.

    You are a fool.

  11. Robyn lathem says:

    I looked you guys up. And She was right.

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