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Sabrina Petion AKA Sophia Laurent

Sabrina Petion was born March 15, 1988
She is Haitian

If your here that means this degenerate has been stalking, harassing, posting things abt u online and tryin to make your life A living h**l

This girl is relentless with the harassment. She stalks escorts 24 hours A day. She is behind the lipstick alley threads. She makes 100 accounts and talks amongst herself. You may think its A group of women after you when in reality its just her.

She has no friends she has no family and collects SSI. Her entire world involves stalking women on line and posting fake things about them hoping to sabotage their finances and livihood. This girl has been hospitalized for her psychosis and multiple personalities. Idk who she got into escorting or how she got brave enough to enter this world. She doesnt make any money and if she does its pennies. She lives in weekly rundown hotels and had A rundown old acura that stopped A few months back now shes stuck. Shes an alcoholic and does meth as well. She tries to hide her cigarette addiction too but can’t. She is behind all the stalking of popular girls.

She is so invested in making evryone else out to be the problem Im surprised she hasnt burnout yet. With all these profiles and stalking she spends every secord of her day dragging beautiful women for no reason at all.

She prays on peoples downfalls. She isnt allowed to be around her mom or sibkkngs because she is sick. She will never be A doctor as she continues to say she is. She was kicked out of college 12yrs ago and have been sitting around wasting her patheyic life since. She’s hopeless and seriously believes she can be others downfall.

It amazes me how she calls ppl fat when shes 500lbs, ugly when she looks like Mighty Joe Young and sits there and tries to find any flaw when she has worn the same 9.99 wig for 3 years.

Mosery loves company but shes loney. She does all this stalking from 100 fake profile. She sis the ultimate catfish.

She is sick. She has been doing these things for over 12yrs. She is behind the @travelingho and @LtheGentleman page on twitter.

Every single font on lipstick alley is her talking to herself. She needs to go back to A psychiatrist and start back taking the meds.

You may think your being stalked by a bunch of women and ur not its just this girl. She post ppl personal information on line. She is A complete failure and tried and failed escorting therefore she wants everyone else to fail. In her deranged mind she actually thinks she is going to get everyone to stop so that she can make all the money hahahahaha.

She tries to work from DC and Boston when shes not begging other women for money and sleeping on their couches. A true pathetic, insecure narcissist. She has some nerves. If people start posting her mom and siblings information shes going to thing were wrong. But she goes out her way to dox ppl. Karma is A b****

Her escort persona is Sophia Laurent which has generated hary any money. The guys walk out on her because shes so hideous. I dont even know why she bothers to post. Instead of stalking women all day she should focus on losing weight and seeing A psychiatrist again. Shes sick

Sabrina Petion is 32 years old and was born on 03/15/1988. Sabrina Petion currently lives in Brockton, MA; in the past Sabrina has also lived in Alexandria VA and Dorchester MA. Sometimes Sabrina goes by various nickname including Sabrina L Petion. We have lots of information about Sabrina: religious views are listed as Christian, ethnicity is African American, and political affiliation is currently a registered Democrat. We know that Sabrina is single at this point. Sabrina’s personal network of family, friends, associates & neighbors include Sabine Petion, Beatrice Jeudy, Herve Tennessee, Alexandra Bastien and Vannette Bastien. 

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2 comments on “Sabrina Petion AKA Sophia Laurent

  1. Suck your mom says:

    This is the weirdest f*****g website I have ever found; It’s so funny that you people are this pathetic

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