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Ronald N Perry – Cambridge, Boston Massachusetts

-Full name is Ronald N Perry

-Computer Scientist

-Born April 1 0, 1959

-A covert narcissist

-A textbook case of someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder(NPD)

-Approximately 5′ 9″

-Will use women for housing/place to sleep and stay

-Has cheated on every single one of his long-term partners and other girlfriends with multiple women at

a time

-Does not use protection during intercourse

-H ires prostitutes

-When he gets caught cheating or finds someone who proves to be a better ‘supply’ than his current

partner, he literally moves out of that woman n’s place and moves in with the woman he’s been cheating with

-Hasn’t owned/rented his own place in more than 30 years

-Will ‘love-bomb’ the new supply in order to hook her at the beginning of the relationship

-Every other word out of his mouth is a lie and yet he uses fake tears to play the victim in eve,,! scenario

-Calls everyone of his past girlfriends and ex-wife crazy, bipolar, unstable, jealous, and say they’re all

out to ruin his life {obviously, the common denominator is HIM]

-Addicted to gym time, tanning beds, coconut lotion that smells so strong that you can smell him from a mile away, s*x, teenager p**n [this is someone who’s turning 61 in April 2020]

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2 comments on “Ronald N Perry – Cambridge, Boston Massachusetts

  1. dolores says:

    He sure like his p***y that for sure. He call me from time to time when he get paycheck.

  2. amanda says:

    Just another perv on the lookout for for a cheap thrill.

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