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Rebecca Magrone Blondiemotovlogs — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rebecca Magrone aka Blondiemotovlogs Rebecca the, “last call,” floozy and scam artist is up to her scamming men in random c**k. who uses men for money and lifestyle. She cares about nothing except seeking out men to give her money and gifts and c**k. She doesn’t know them all by name but if they’re buying she’s ready to share her t**t for the night. This is the lifestyle she craves and she will do whatever she can to get it, whether it be going out with total strangers, 5 foot 2 guys (this really happened) or older guys. Married men, she’s had more than her share and knows just what to say to a wife desperate enough to call and see if her husband is in bed. She does not want to work and is to lazy to earn a living on her own. She is trying this bullsh1t Instagram motorcycle bullshit to try to make money that way. Basically anything except getting a job is what this girl is doing. Her family disowned her and she wasn’t allowed in their house anymore. There are multiple victims. She tried to scam 50k from me while promising all sorts of things but luckily I am not that stupid. She saw my profile and was messaging me nonstop to try to scam money from me asking me to pick her up in my exotic vehicle. She tried to rip off another guy for a new motorcycle and seeks these men out on social media. Sometimes she’ll move one in for a week or two depending on his budget and how well he shares drinks with her. They can’t stay in her merry-go-round bed for too long, she’s all about taking them for some free drinks but doesn’t want them trying to claim her on their taxes, she likes to stay thirsty for her friends and meet new dicks to drag home after the bar closes. It is a never-ending cycle.

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3 comments on “Rebecca Magrone Blondiemotovlogs — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  1. es says:

    She get revved up by $$$$. She a model/Ho

  2. Bs says:

    I went to high school with her CTFU

  3. Bs says:

    She sells various things ranging from pictures to herself

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