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Peter Natoli — St. Augustine Beach, Florida

While it takes two to tango, it takes a sick and perverted mind to talk badly about a spouse who is abroad. Peter Natoli did everything to destroy our marriage, he even beat two teeth out of my wife while I was in Europe. Later he blackmailed her so that she would not speak to the police. This person has no inhibitions, he is a 65 years old criminal who thinks he is 17 years old. Do not ride on his boat “Hurricane Lady” as he has a huge drinking problem.

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7 comments on “Peter Natoli — St. Augustine Beach, Florida

  1. Train says:

    What a disgusting old fart.

  2. Dennis N. says:

    I can’t believe that this scumbag is not locked up yet.

  3. Peter Natoli is dangerous. He is ruthless, reckless and dumb as a brick. A very dangerous combination.

  4. Jeff says:

    Peter Natoli is a disgusting old pervert.

  5. Frank says:

    Once a cheater, always a cheater. Peter Natoli from St. Augustine has not changed and will not change anymore.

  6. John S. says:

    I’ve missed all this BS because I don’t frequent these sites – I didn’t even know they existed. There are no winners in this sad situation, only losers. But somebody got a hair up his b**t because his “90 day fiance” scam didn’t work out for him and he’s been posted this drivel on every website he could find. Yes, I speak of the German national that WAS in an arranged marriage to get his green card to live here in the US. If memory serves, he also abandoned his wife for months on end – both physically and financially – while he lived the high life living off of Herr Daddy and Fraulein Mummy in back in Germany. So… the marriage of convenience didn’t work out for him and it’s over. The marriage between Peter and his former wife of many years is over – his wife was hurt, devastated and I can only guess what else – yes, Peter really F***ED up there. Peter & the albeit much younger woman above are still together. The only silver lining in this whole unfortunate fiasco is that the cowardly German lost his chance at a green card, got his visa revoked by the state department and was sent back to Germany. He won’t be coming back to the US either as he broke multiple laws trying to ruin Peter’s reputation. Unfortunately, Peter didn’t really need any help there, I’m afraid he’s done that all on his own. For the record, her teeth were not knocked out by Peter. They were knocked out when she slipped on the swim ladder climbing into a boat. My family was anchored up next to them when it happened and donated a couple of beach towels to the cause.

    1. Wolfgang says:

      A swim ladder on December 16th? I know that Florida winters are warm and mild, but it was a little too cold for swimming that day.
      Fact is that Peter has always abused people and taken advantage of people, ask his wife, ask her who paid Peter´s bills all the years and ask her for Peter´s emails that made her kick him out of her home. He was looking for BBC on craigslist on her computer and was stupid enough not to log out. I have seen them, they are real.
      And so Peter found the perfect victim, an attractive young lady with a huge pill problem. Guess who bought the pills.
      Her former husband is quite frequently in the US, the last time in December when she called him for help to get her away from this pervert.
      He flew in the very next day, but the pills and the manipulation were stronger. Ask Jessica, ask Peter, ask the SAPD.
      This guy is not a bad guy, he worked his a*s off in order to send money for his wife, while Peter lived in a house that he had paid for and while Peter ate food from a fridge that was filled with his money. As far as I know he doesn´t even have contact to his parents, so nothing is further from the truth than calling him someone who lives off his parents´money.
      It is also a lie that his visa got revoked, as he never received one because his wife withdrew the visa applications. He took her out of drug infected hellhole named Russell County, he made her do a therapy and he gave her his savings for their future. Then Mr. Natoli came along, bought pills for her and lived for the moment hoping for divorce money from his wife.
      I know this because I was a close friend of both Jessica and Thomas and knew them from the very beginning. And it breaks my heart to see her struggle with the pills and how an abusive pervert named Peter Natoli destroyed two families.
      Thomas is recovering surprisingly well from what Peter did to him, but Jessica will always be at the mercy of this pervert.

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