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Per-Otto Lekare – Sweden

He managed to con me and steal from me to the total of 50000 US dollars by lying about his health, and his marital stauts- he even got a divorce in Sweden. Unfortunately he was never ill, just leading a double life (with his wife probably in on the con

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5 comments on “Per-Otto Lekare – Sweden

  1. Pierre says:

    Per-Otto Lekare was recently spotted in London, spending lavish amounts of money on a makeover – hair transplant, new razor, eyeliner and many shades of lipstick. He is supposedly married but is usually seen in the company of a young man he befriended in Canada. His partner was in the news a few years ago, a suspect in an art gallery heist. World be warned, if these two are a team, we’re going to need the whole marvel superhero team to keep tabs on them and, do yourself a favor, don’t lend them any money. They just use it to make more.

  2. RCMP says:

    He was spotted at the airport in British Columbia. He has a full beard and a new boyfriend, a redhead who looks a lot like the last ones’ cousin. We are close to making an arrest but still need your help. If you see this man with another man (hair color varies) please call the authorities and make a report. You can help stop the chain of victims left in their wake.

  3. Lars says:

    Per-Otto Lekare – Sweden
    Slipped away again when Interpol got close in Toronto.
    If you see him call right away
    There might be a reward!
    Let’s catch this creep

  4. says:

    He might be back in Sweden, living next door to someone who leads a busy life, going unnoticed. It seems he can remove his wig and makeup and blend right in with the crowd, wanted and not wanted, not noticed in this age of digital zombies, faces staring at phones, trying to access their finances, profits and losses, looking for acceptance in a community of zombies like themselves. Scams happen in the busiest of situations, starting with hurried decisions and a lack of attention to potholes in the path.

  5. Georgio says:

    His wife is rich now, thanks to all the donations her husband received. Thanks again.

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