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This is Patricia McKnight and her facebook profile is
She is a Liar and a Cheater! She was in a relationship with someone and she gave herself to another guy under the roof they were living not once but twice. She then sent pictures to that guy not long after having s*x that day. And her partner never knew about it as she lied about having a major anxiety attack. This picture and little detail should be spread across as this is a disgraceful act and disrespectful.

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  1. Annonymous says:


    All fb was changed and they changed all details and display picture ( if search by name Patricia McKnight the new Display Picture is a cartoon girl sitting down with pokemon. MSG this person with comments ‘You W***e/Your such a disrespectful female/How could you do that to someone/You deserve to be punished’. She deserves a shaming so HACKERS alike do what you can, help the people that never know that this is happening to them cause they get lied to. We can help them know just like with this one. So Shame her.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Another person that seem to know how to respect the person they are with. Poor guy, we all feel for you brother. I hope she gets what she deserves whoever found this out good on you, there should be more people out there that did what you have to exploit this treacherous deed. And you my dear are so disrespectful, you have no loyalty. Go back to the hole you crawled out of and stay there.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow a full frontal seems like you liked taking that picture whoever you are, but lets be honest your a s**t, to disrespect and do such a thing when your in a relationship what are you, like are you disabled, you look it, abit of a Down syndrome type of person. Are you slow as well. Well either way your a disgrace to females you deserve this type of shaming

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh d**n, That is Patricia. My mate told me a awhile ago that he sweet talked her and they had s*x at his but she was a dead root and was getting attached all because he gave her attention. But when he dropped her home he msged her that he wasnt ready but it was a lie he just wanted to use her. Dump s**t. And wow she even cheated on her partner thats f****d, what a w***e. Why in h**l cheat on a guy you are with and live together. Thats just wrong you deserve this. Wait until the guys find out through Tamworth you will be on their radar to use just what you want I am sure

  5. Anonymous says:

    Holy d**n, when to school with this chick at Oxley Vale. F**k what a b***h. This shame should do you well. To take a photo of yourself and send to the guy you cheated on your partner with thats totally a stab in the back move. You are so disrespectful it aint funny. The person who found this out and did this was right to do so. The Truth should be known and I am sure the boys back in Tamworth would definitely see you in a different way you disgraceful cow.

  6. Anonymous says:

    She is getting what she deserves. I knew her in High School, a few of us did and cause she was so smug about things we all wanted to drop her. If we were back in school again i would so punch her in the face. What a Tramp. If you read this Trisha none of the girls liked you we were all being nice to you, and now you show your true colours to the world, B***h you better hide and stay there, cause all your good for now is just for s*x, you Troll

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yeah she was abit smug in school. The b***h was different, well now we know why, she is a distasteful disloyal disrespectful female that does not know how to respect anyone. Seems like someone knew how to put her in place with this. What a s**t. I think she needs to not show her face out in town, everyone will most likely want to hit her in the face for this disgraceful act. B***h better hide cause once a cheater will always be a cheater, your as useful now as you were back in school and that means you were a good for nothing. I dont know how anyone would want you, your filthy, your nothing but trash.

  7. JiMbO says:

    My mates the one that she cheated with. First time the hooked up was before Christmas 2018 cause he said she locked up to dogs in the laundry, and that they had s*x on the guest bed. He said she didnt do much she was a starfish but to him a root was a root. Than at the beginning of the new year she sent a picture of her t**s, and then she invited him over again which he wasnt going to do cause wasnt good at s*x but he wanted a root. He said the did the same thing but he came in her so they went for a shower after and that photo above he took with her phone after the shower, which she sent him later on once he left. He blocked the s**t after that because it wasnt worth f*****g her. Like f**k who does that, your a cheating s**t and you dont know how to have s*x with a guy, your a w***e. Glad my mate dont live in Tamworth anymore. Go back to the hole you crawled out of and never come out.

  8. G.Brash says:

    Hahahaha Yo guys thought to drop a comment on here about this s**t. Had a look for her profile on Facebook seems the b***h has deactivated her account, few of my mates even checked as well just to be sure found some younger looking pics, d**n she does look like she is a special one. Guilty as F**k this female is. What a Trollop. Think she must of gotten lots of shaming done to her or that too many guys are wanting to just use her lol. Well you pathetic female, you gonna do s**t like this, eventually Karma is going to bite back hard. Filthy scrag!

  9. RangaQ101 says:

    This is really getting around. Like a mate sent the link. Seems like all of Tamworth will know sooner or later. Wat a disrespectful b***h. I bet that if she goes out in town lots of people will just stare at her with disgrace. Thats what you get for doing s**t like this you w***e. Hope you ex knows what you did to him, bet he is better off without you ya s**t!

  10. HushHush says:

    This s**t is still there. She may not be on Facebook but found her on messenger. So can still be contacted and that the picture is still the same. Dumb w***e. This chick really needs to admit to herself she done this deed and that it is all on her shoulders what is happening. Whether it been now or later the truth eventually comes to the surface. Just seems this b***h will never learn to respect anyone. Someone needs to put her in place and whoever did this has. The shaming of a lifetime which s***s like you deserve for disloyalty and disrespect.

  11. MR Mayham says:

    Tamworth’s new Tramp. Bet she is crying like a baby. Well when you cheat and it gets found out, you deserve whatever comes your way. And i am sure that the other guys of in Tamworth will stay well clear of you, well smart ones will, the rest will just want to f**k you and send you on your way. Hey but i guess thats what a b***h gets for being a s**t. So when your out around town just think when people look at you, they will be thinking “what a disloyal c**t” giving you the filthiest looks and a lot will just laugh at how pathetic you are. Welcome to the life that you f****d up yourself. So learn quickly that this is stuck with you for the rest of your disrespectful life Bush Pig. Might see you around and look at you and laugh myself

  12. GregM says:

    It looks like she is a Granny. Saggy b***s, mouth that looks like she has no teeth in, just her whole figure screams Grandma. But in saying that she does look like she is a special person, and how she looks that way says that she has problems just like a Down syndrome person of special needs. Well being on a site like this she deserves whatever she gets. Doesn’t matter who you are, you f**k with nature well nature will fight back and seems like it has, you disrespectful c**t.

  13. Anonymous says:

    It seems one of Tamworth farms have lost a Cow…..wait she has been found on a cheaters site. Finally can say, you get what you deserve you s**t. Like some others on here I knew Patricia back in High School. She was a useless person than and seems she is a useless person now. Tried to ask her out once and she completely ignored me, but hey atleast I grew up left Tamworth behind for a better life and will not go back. So Patricia you S**t, good on ya you disrespectful b***h, I hope you catch a disease for what you have done. So go back to the farm you inbred Cow.

  14. Mike.B says:

    Well well, looks like someone has finally put Patricia in her place. This cow deserves what she gets. Knew her for a short period of time. She is a pathetic dog, always spinning excuses about everything, that she does not work at all a centrelink bludger. This B***h is now on a cheating site, you really are a poor excuse of a female Patricia. And look at that naked picture of you just disgraceful, your ugly inside and out. You really are a special person one that should stay indoors the rest of your life cause no one wants a Slutty Troll in their life. I am glad someone had the b***s to show your true colours to the world and that the people around Tamworth know what you are now. So cry all you want cause your nothing but Scum.

  15. Ben.C says:

    The Tamworth Troll Patricia McKnight lol sounds like a fitting name. I think this slutty cow has deactivated her Messenger as well, can not find her at all, few of my mates even checked and nope gone. I think she must have gotten lots of messages to want to use her as thats all she is good for, the b***h belongs in a Zoo, looks like she is crossed with a few different species lol. And one of my mates that live in Tamworth knows her, he was the one that sent us the link of this Disrespectful piece of Trash. He also sed that he was friends with her on facebook, and he confirmed that she has deactivated facebook so she might get back on, hope she doesn’t, don’t need disloyal females on it. As well confirmed that she deactivated the messenger to cause he couldn’t send her a message. So he deleted the conversation and couldn’t find her in the search either. Guess this Pig couldn’t handle what she did. She most likely in the corner of her room crying her eyes out because Karma has decided to give her what she deserves. Listen you poor pathetic excuse of a person Patricia, you deserve everything you get for what you have done, you should just never show your face in public again, you W***e.

  16. Mr Shuckles says:

    Ahh Patricia McKnight. There is no other way to say this to someone that I know, other then you should be so ashamed of yourself, the act you have committed is really disloyal and disrespectful. It just proves to everyone that your a waste of space in their lives. Your a b***h for doing that to someone that I am sure respected and cared nothing but for you and your well being, and you just basically stabbed them in the back, you deserve every little bit of Karma that comes your way.

  17. MOnEy says:

    Just wow. I guess not the only one that knew her either. What a disgraceful Pig, I hope you are ashamed of yourself you b***h. To do such a thing, totally disrespectful. I hope someone slaps you in the face or knocks you out, your more then just waste of space in this world, your not needed in this world at all. Just leave Tamworth, go somewhere else and be disrespectful and disloyal, just go, we don’t want you here you pathetic female.

  18. Anonymous says:

    You think its all bad cause you know her, well I am related to her, can’t beat that one. How do you think I see her, she does something like this brings shame to our family. She is already too awkward and doesn’t fit in as it is and this has just put it all over the top, can never and will never see her the same again. All I can say is Patricia is pathetic and a poor excuse of a female. Deserves herself right, yeah we may be family but you do something like this you loose respect from everyone even though she had none from me already. Shame is all you have brought to this family and there is no going back Patricia. And your so gross for getting pictures taken like that, your ugly, and some people on here are right, you look like a granny in the picture and I always thought you were abit slow in the head. This is just so disrespectful what you have done.

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