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Pathy Val'le ly

Pathy Val’le ly ia a manipulative 25 year old who works at gilead sciences. she had a affair involvin g a amrried man almost 20 years her senior. Pathy states that the affair involved oral s*x performed in the backseat of the mans car in the parking lot of Gilead science. Pathy is a professed Christian yet had no issue sucking c**k the only place she could get it. Pathy sent the man provactive pictures that were passed around to other men that worked in manufacturing. Pathy is in fact is now known as the s**t of Gilead and a dozen plus employees have been sent the vile text messages that she saved to try to hurt the wife of the married man she was involved with

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3 comments on “Pathy Val'le ly

  1. Pathy Valle Ly says:

    Hello pouncycat (as what the username states).

    I saw your comment and I have noticed different fake accounts and websites where Pathy Val’le Ly (myself) is being defamed. I don’t know who you are and why you are doing this. The issue is currently under investigation. Fact 1: I am not a manipulative person Fact 2: I did not sleep with any man or anyone in the parking lot of said company nor am I known as what you describe me as in your comments in said company. Fact 3: I have not sent provocative nor vile text messages to said people. I politely ask you to stop the harassment now.


    Pathy Val’le Ly

  2. Immuno employee says:

    Everything said can be backed up in messages sent from you Pathy or should I say Stacy Lauren, fyi the real Stacy Lauren doesn’t appreciate you stealing her identity. In fact you brought a whole lot of people into this with your dishonest and illicit affair. Why don’t you tell the truth and admit to your wrong doing, maybe g*d will forgive you

  3. Immumo employee says:

    Pathy did you forget about the sexy pic you sent wearing a bathrobe and biting your lower thin lol? Ask the billionaire boys club abt what they thought of that. Your the laughing stock of that place. One guy who works in manufacturing support says ” she’s just a gold digger that’s why she wants a older man”.

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