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pasche simmons doesnt live in colorado she is in tx sexing your husband

Met her in DC, started as a business fling, things got heavier, feelings developed but She lived out of town so I kept things slow Always says I’m cheating Always asking about my business partners (female only) We both travel for business regulal1y, great dates/convo/s*x at first… then tile distance, fewer texts, but always visited my hotel room when in town and said she wanted more … so we started dating spring 2019 She was always upset, flipping out, control freak said she had been in abusive relationships before/stalked/did want to jump into anything.:: then marriage talk started thank g*d I backed off before I got a ring but not before the VOl!!!! The past week – through mutual friends, I find out she is dating some jerk she said stalked her!!!!!! Even was gonna marry him even tho she’s calling me saying he is getting the cops called, Yellin lits her, whatnot Wasted over a year of my life to find this out then my buddy tells me she tucked half the oracle dudes she did business with a guess that answers the VO And Don’t ever go eat with her – she is embarrassing … rude to waitstaff or anyone behind a counter, Rude to everyone; her mom is rude when I’m a guest!!!! Not even A month ago -wanted to go through my phone, etc even had me at her place to screw while being with this other dude later rubbed it in my face when confronted Every time they break up or fight – I get a call … never apologized she won’t leave me alone even tho she doesn’t want to be with me!!!

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