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Illene Rostenstein öf USC is a fat JEW

Illene Rosenstein really tips the scales when she watches her weight. Her b***s sag like a sperm whale and you can‘t help but laugh watching her eat. Her gourmet consists of jelly-filled rolls and pastries. Eating out isn‘t her fancy she prefers double drinking all the egg nog she can handle at Thanksgiving.

Dr. Helen E. Watt MD — Killed My Son

I did not have a good experience with Dr. Helen Watt, MD and would not recommend her to anyone else. I am not going to get into detail what she had did but she is the worst doctor, but you better be safe than sorry Helen E. Watt MD Mountainview Head & Neck […]

Dr. Kristin L. Howard, MD — Wellesley, Massachusetts

She was Newton-Wellesley Hospital’s “Doctor of the Year,” in 2009, having worked there for over a decade. Dr. Kristin Lynes Howard pled guilty to driving drunk and crashing her car, injuring another motorist. After going airborne and slamming into a vehicle stopped for a red light, she fled the scene, didn’t stick around to see […]

Dr. Lawrence Kaplan — Insurance Fraud

Do yourself or someone you love a favor and choose any place other than Temple Hospital for your healthcare needs. The reason is simply that they employ Dr. Larry Kaplan, a very rude man and one of questionable ethics regarding insurance fraud. This man was ready to operate on me for heartburn, he wanted to […]

Brenna Johnson — Decatur, Illinois

This B***h is from a real good family But makes bad choices, She spreads her legs to have her fun and wants to get pregnant have a baby but then chooses drugs and has her family raise her nasty a*s. This b***h won’t even find her own man she’d rather f**k married men. Her mother […]

Amber Juhl — Grand Rapids, Michigan

Homewrecking slore, narcissist and terrible human being. She’s been bragging to her friends about a married man she’s been seeing. The most recent one is a long time friend of hers, Nestor. or Nemo as she called him. Both had worked together a very long time ago and he liked her but since he didn’t […]

Geraldlyn DeRose — Waveland, Mississippi

Geraldlyn Brady is married and she is 49 years old woman her birthday is on 12/27/1970. Her own mother Carol Derose says she crazy and nothing but w***e all her life. Let’s meet Geraldlyn DeRose now married so she is called Geraldlyn Brady is a real piece of work. When she is not working at […]

Shirley R Roloson — British Columbia, Canada

This floozy spends her days stalking good families so she can cheat with the rich and steal all his money. All she cares about is ripping families apart. This b***h will get you to love and trust her and before you know it all your money is gone. She is a toxic sludge personified, drama […]

Lamont M Belle — West Haven, Connecticut

This loser is from West Haven, Connecticut is a cheater and a liar. beware, ladies, he also has std and will give it to you. is with any woman that will give him a chance. he drives black Avalon and thinks he’s the man but can’t f*** to save his life will leave you unsatisfied […]

Christie L. Murphy — Staten Island, New York

She lives in Staten Island, New York but she currently is going from town to town because she burns through all the men. This b***h is also a street w***e who knows how to con you. When you get close to her you will find out that she has been riding hard and put away […]

Aubrey Wuthrich — Florida

She says she is in a relationship. But she still gets paid by men on the side. She dates multiple men at once so she can steal from them. She left Colorado since she stole everything from me and my successful business. She thinks she is above the law. She serves maybe 1 to 2 […]

Melisa Planedin — Kelowna, Canada

Stay away from this Heroin abused. She loves to flex on it but is actually a dirty broke slore. works at beach bunnies selling that used up p***y. one of my friends bought her last week and said her p55y smells like fish 🤢 maybe you should save ur money from selling your pu55y to […]

Natalie Rogers — United Kingdom

Natalie Rogers likes to go out with groups of men on nights out because she loves male attention. She has had s*x with all members of the groups at one time or another. She will even have s*x with more than one guy in one night. Natalie calls them her ‘f**k buddies’. She doesn’t care […]

Deanna M Brown Sanford’s Nasty Hooker

There is not enough space to write all the bad c**p about Deanna Michelle Brown (born 2/10/1982) but if you google her name it ought to paint a pretty good picture of the trashy woman she is to everyone around. If her criminal record doesn’t scare you, then ask for the opinion of anyone that […]

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