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Tim Olson — The Berries, Los Angeles

He cheats, lies. will take your money and then gaslight you into thinking you’re the crazy one. Preys on young girls who will boost his ego because he’s 48. Missing teeth washed up. bald. broke and has a small d***. Run, ladies!!! Run!!!

Ratchet Jennifer Stockman Austin’s finest

This is a one of a kind. A true professional liar. I will tell you the most amazing lies. I contacted not 1 but 2 STDS. I had the test done 2 weeks prior was good. The next day after night banging this tramp at Nolina Flat Apts in Austin Tx drunk after her birthday. […]

Lisa Garrett — Winchester, Virginia

I have learned to not let someone like this woman hurt me because karma is real and she will get it all back everything she puts out will return her cheating on me and bragging about it on life and her abusing me. She put her hands on me everything will happen back to her […]

Julian Dufour of NY

I used to be his friend, but not anymore, he is a fake , likes to reveal his friends secrets to other people, basically lying about promising us that he won’t tell anyone, but he has. He really is a scumbag. He goes after guys who are already taken (he’s done that to me, basically […]

Jade and Brandi DiCesare of Hopewell Junction, NY

Stupid twin whores who likes to sleep around with their friends’ boyfriends. Beware, they are very catty and like to stir drama. It’s funny how Jade is a pre school teacher, yet she makes fun of Hispanics and Asians behind their backs. She has done that to me behind my back (I’m Puerto Rican) and […]

Erik David Leschuk — Wichita, Kansas

Erik David Leschuk from Wichita, Kansas is a Serial Cheat. He is a very nasty creep who loves to look into people’s bedroom windows watching children undress. He will lie and cheat and steal from you. He is a waste of space. He loves to stay on p**n sites. He masturbates watching young boys naked. […]

Sean Garvin — Neenah, Wisconsin

Do not trust him with his sister-in-law. He dated his dead brother’s wife after his brother died. He’ll tell you she is psycho, that he would never date her again, etc. Then he’ll sleep with her behind your back, even if she has a boyfriend.

Benjamin Joseph Zirbel — Oshkosh, Wisconsin

He cheated on his girlfriend less than two months after she moved in with him. He slept with another woman twice, lied about where he was, then proceeded to double down on the relationship with the girlfriend and abused her for not forgiving him within two months. He drank, threatened to harm her cat, damaged […]

Craig Richmond — Richmond, Kentucky

Alright yall. Here’s a real winner. 6’6″/240 lbs and a perfect body and 33 yeas old with his own house with a new job making $30/hr. Seems like a normal grown man right? WRONG! Try a guy who begged for months for me to give him a chance and hang out and I finally did […]

Wency Chacon — Los Angeles, California

Very ugly man Looks like a midget , his hands & arms are very small. I felt I was dating a dwarf. He is always drunk and his eyes are bloodshot. Has no game will lure you just to take advantage of you. He is on countless dating sites hooking up. He is a big […]

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