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Mario Vassallo, Kelowna, BC Canada

In late May of 2020, Bryden Winsby was found on the side of a hill. He had been murdered. Forensic evidence is being held back by the RCMP and Coroner’s Offices of Vernon/Enderby. The RCMP and Coroner’s Office know who the killer is but refuse to arrest the man. The man responsible is named Mario […]

Joshua Kyan Aalampour- Lying Monster

Joshua Kyan Aalampour was born August 20th, 2001, in Morristown New Jersey. He is a liar, a manipulator, a predator, an abuser, but most of all he is a danger. Ever since his early teen years he has done vile, evil things to women and young girls who he manipulates through his countless lies. At […]

Todd Warner — Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Todd Warner is married and cheats online. He has cybersex in gaming chat rooms. Maybe more. I have proof but can’t say more because I am on furlough and could lose my job if I say more. Alii can say is ask him about JACK and drifter. My dad cheated on my dear mum and […]

Erica Newton — Belton, Texas

She’s no stranger when it comes to family d**k. Erica has f****d cousins, uncles, and her cousins’ husband, she likes to keep the p***y for the family to use when the other partner isn’t looking, is in the hospital or at work. A nice person really, you just have to get to know her a […]

PayPal — Refund and Denied Claim

No option to provide additional information. Fraud seller. On May 29th, I purchased a Blue Schwinn Tricycle as a birthday gift for the amount of $52.98. Immediately after purchasing it, the PayPal seller information did not match the website and the sellers name was in another language ( ). I sent an email to the […]

Eric Zakre — New York

This guy is a serial cheater and manipulator. He’s incredibly sweet and kind until he gets you into bed and then works his life ruining magic. He has s*x with women without condoms and passes on STDs (namely Chlamydia) with no remorse. Stay far, far away.

Amy Dodd — Houston, Texas

She is 19 years old is moving from a small town in Texas named Alice to the big city Houston to become a sugar baby? When did becoming a sugar baby become a profession? Can you believe these young chicks have gone from strippers to now sugar babies to make a living? What is this […]

Vania Merida — Houston, Texas

I wanted to expose this floozy that broke up my marriage. I did some research. She is like 25 and still works at a breastaurant! She has been there she was in high school never went to college because she learned 2 things, 1, get breast implants, men will like you more! She was super […]

Bad Reviews @ Phoenix Restorations Flood & Fire Disaster Services , Owner Paul Klann Bribes

I thought I’d dig around to see if Paul Klann, owner of Phoenix Fire and Flood Disaster Restoration Services in Coquitlam and Vancouver, B.C, Canada used any other women and it looks like I was not the only one. I feel sad when I see reviews of his company because I know what it feels like […]

Duane Doherty — Hawthorne, New York

Duane Doherty, dab 03/17/1976, Hawthorne, NY is a cheater, liar, and abuser. He cheated on his long term girlfriend, gave her STDs, physically, and emotionally abused her. He will lie, refuse to allow you to show up at his home, he will hide what he’s doing on his phone and social media, will hide any […]

Sadie Ann Sims — Kansas City, Kansas

She tried to break up a marriage. She couldn’t. Then claimed she was pregnant when she has 3 kids that she does not have custody of. She wants to talk s**t about how he’s always gonna look for her in everything for the rest of his life. When in reality he saw her true colors […]

Scott Wantroba — Illinois

Ok, so you women don’t really care what I post. You all must prepare yourself for what’s about to happen. I warned you, I really tried to warn you or even contact you to no avail. With all the information I have been fun watching everyone go down. I don’t have anything else to do […]

Jeremy Dean Cudzewicz — Garland, Arkansas

Jeremy Cudzewicz cheated on me with a man. I have never been so mortified of catching something than before. He was always dirty and got me hooked on prescription pills so I guess I overlooked his hygiene issues but when I noticed he had feces on the front of his underwear and not just in […]

Arturo Diaz — Port Huron, Michigan

Makes u believe your are his world until he gets bored and moves on. He makes u feel so important one day then the next your nothing. He is definitely a sweet talker. At first will drop everything for you then he slowly pushes u farther away until he breaks you down, then blames you […]

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