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Rennie (Ren) Richardson — Topeka, Kansas

I met REN in a small town in NE. He was a very goodlooking, handsome, charming, witty, cunning, person. He stated he worked out and loved being a home body. He claimed he worked at Harley Davidson then over one year ago. He claimed he lived independently. He moved twice within the three months I […]

Joe Conry — Davenport, Iowa

He’s a lying, cheating, abusive, violent, drug addicted, materialistic, insanely jealous, cheat. He’s been married for twenty years to Jodi, has two kids. He has herpes and spreads it to all his little girlfriends. He left a pregnant girlfriend behind in Boston. He hit his summer girlfriend because he was so jealous of everything she […]

Tracy Allan — New York

This man is very dangerous. He not only cheats, but will also drain your bank account and leave you in debt. He is a compulsive liar and con-artist. He has left a wake of financially, emotionally and psychologically damaged or destroyed women in at least five different cities. He meets women on-line mostly and within […]

Ronnie Holck — Hollywood, Florida

Borderline personality disorder… Makes Glen Close in Fatal attraction look normal! Thinks he is Tony Soprano… Can’t hold a job and lives with his mommy. He will be overly helpful, generous and attentive. Followed by extreme fits of jealousy and paranoia. He preys on successful, career oriented, independent women.

Brenda Landis — West Des Moines, Iowa

BRENDA JEAN LANDIS Brenda is an all around slimmy, slithering snake in the grass. She leaves her son at home all night while she runs off to cheap hotels or dope house with men to smoke meth. She can’t get her own man she likes the seconds of friends man. She wastes space, air, H2O, […]

Meagan Murphy — White Hall, Baltimore County, Maryland

Meagan Murphy is every human being’s WORST nightmare. She is not only a habitual liar, she is also a thief and addicted to heroin and crack cocaine. She lies so frequently that her own family wants nothing to do with her. She currently works at a gas station in Beaufort South Carolina. She’s 28, however, […]

Tracey Harris — Bloomingburg, New York

Tracey harris is a con artist! Google her name for Bloomingburg ny and watch her article and mug shot come up with her nasty druggie boyfriend at the time. They robbed people and sold drugs. She’s f*****g and sucking everyone for heroin. She worries more about her men than her own daughter. She lost custody […]

Sarah Barbee — Columbus, Ohio

Sarah Barbee,, is cheating with Dustin Doherty, They both work with me at Civil and Environmental Consultants. He is married with 3 kids. Tell her what you think of her. 614 595 2823

Olivia Ramos the Grinchy looking Siore from Adelanto

Meet Olivia Ramos the slore. F**s any1 and every1. Cheats on her man when he workin spreads drd’s all over the place. Embarrasment to the family always settin up her next f*k on Insta (@livramos12) (@0Iiviaramos9) her kids runnin round like wild animals cus she on da phone tryin f*k Stupid lazy ho wash yo […]

Dustin Doherty — Columbus, Ohio

Dustin is cheating on his wife with Sarah Barbee. They both work with me at Civil and Environmental Consultants. He has 3 kids. Tell them what you think of them. and

Joseph Trapani — Connecticut

Has psycho ex-wife Angelica Trapani who will spitefully do false police reports if your anywhere near joe even though they been, Divorced for four years she still lies to cops like a scorned vengeful ex but she’s almost 300lbs no wonder, Also hides his current beautiful girlfriend cause g*d, And g*d forbid we upset cop […]

Antwan Coker — Syracuse, New York

Dead beat father of the year. Tia. Keep my name out of your s*** mouth and find your real baby daddy. Sleeping around with everyone else isn’t the solution. You look stupid. Antwan sleeps around while his baby mothers take care of his children. Antwan has no money. He sells drugs. He’s always at the […]

Annastasia Rose Beal — California

Annastasia is one of the worst human beings you’ll ever encounter in a lifetime. She’s originally from New Hampshire but just recently moved to Santa Ana, CA. She suffers from severe mental illnesses and is constantly making poor choices and faces serious consequences for her actions. She never once has gotten help but instead tries […]

BEWARE of Canadian Child Molester WOLFGANG BRUTTER!

BEWARE of a Filthy Pedophile Child Molester WOLFGANG BRUTTER in Canada. He originally comes from Vienna Austria, moved to Canada to be part of a Global Pedophile Network, with Mastermind FRITZ EXENBERGER. Both these Animals should “Never” be around young children. This man belongs in Jail (Never to be released). BEWARE!!!

Ashley Stoddard — Georgia

this n***a is a tweaker he was my n***a for almost fo years and he started cheating on me with these hucci mommas and bithces on packpage he started picking b*****s up in my car yesss b***h my car sure did even spent the money i would give him on b*****s say this n***a aint […]

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