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Victoria is a Homewrecker

Victoria has been sleeping with my boyfriend behind my back for a little over 6 months now. She was my best friend until I found out that she was having s*x with my man. She is pregnant with my boyfriend’s baby. Don’t trust Victoria around your boyfriend or she will steal him away from you. […]

Gino Gallodoro — New Orleans, Louisiana

Gino Gallodoro is a Drunk who talks to multiple girls plus floozys and is Married. He’s an Italian who acts like he’s black around black people then acts White around his white friends. He has a little p***s. He listens to rap music to fit in but actually doesn’t know what he likes. He’s cheated […]

Alexandr Baurciulu — Texas

Diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2005 and didn’t tell me for 3 months after we were together. It took me 5 years but I finally uncovered the liar and cheater he is. He seems extremely sweet and is on his best behavior for the first 4 months and then you find out you have an […]

Herwin Gebrowitz — Weeki Wachee, Florida

He is 70 years old, lives in Weeki Wachee, Florida, has bad teeth, a real playa if you know what I mean. He is slick, a great liar, and tells you what you want to hear. He thinks he has all the answers and loves to play with your head. When you meet him, he […]

Bobby Meeks — Ewa Beach, Hawaii

6’3″ black – 54 years old – lives in Ewa Beach, HI. Will lie about everything – he’s married – will physically, emotionally, financially, and sexually abuse you. It can be found on BPM as nnewlife66 stating he lives in Chicago and is moving to Hawaii – also as liive4life. Uses the name hoopskentstate and […]

Duane Bowen — Spokane, Washington

Lied about everything…dated another girl I knew at the same time he dated me..lied to her too…cheated on girls all the time. Just a pathetic person and the world needs to know. He has a long history of using women and frankly, I would be worried about him having an STD. Has literally slept with […]

Ron Johnson — Florida

This man is a total con artist. He will beg, steal and borrow money from anyone and everyone. He is dangerous and abusive especially towards women. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS MAN. There is more info on Facebook. Look up BEWARE OF RONALD WAYNE JOHNSON AKA RON JOHNSON.

Phil Scheele — South Carolina

This guy is the most dishonest fake liar I know. Not only that but he is a MAJOR METH ADDICT. I can also go ahead and tell you that he has a VERY SMALL P***S- 4 inches at best…quite pitiful. Anyway, he went to prison in 2006 for trafficking meth and a bunch of other […]

Jeff Morris — Victoria, Australia

Jeff Morris had an affair with the Human Resources woman that he worked with. Nobody would have given a s**t except that when people complained to her about Jeff, she told him and then Jeff fired them. That company lost some good operators because of that low act. If they didn’t complain about Jeff they […]

Jerry Baugh — Winter Garden, Florida

Liar cheater anger issues very crazy cheats on a girlfriend who is a true dummy I can not wait for when she finds out what he says about her how he is not really attractive to her how she pays for everything because she does timeshare he hates s*x with her

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