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William Issac Weeks, and Jerry Weeks, – Avoid These Crooks

William and Jerry Weeks are back yard mechanics who take advantage of disabled people. Don’t use them these are the kind of people that are the ones who take advantage of handicapped people and their names are William and Jerry Weeks who live in Chattahoochee, Florida. William works for GOODWILL AUTO SALES IN Tallahassee, Florida. […]

Caroline Stark — Miami, Florida

I caught Caroline Stark drunk and forcing my dog to giver her a**l s*x!!! I had a party at my house and I caught this disgusting freak on all fours in my bedroom, spreading her b**t and forcing my poor dog to give her a**l s*x! When I caught her in my bedroom, she just […]

Kevin J Hammer — Ohio

This guy is a Piece of s**t that uses his place in the corporate ladder to promise things that will never happen to get what he wants. The lies he is capable of telling are unreal. hopefully he will get whats coming to him. Karma is a B***h

Jaeme A Waliace/Deaten — Georgia

Due to the fact I am extremely embarrassed, I was ever associated withJaeme I prefer to not list my name. I have a small business and she does and don’t need anymore accusations from this evil harlot. General outline is we met in August 2019 and hit it off instantly. There were none stop warning […]

Katie Watkins — Hallsville, Texas

Real b***h. On drugs. Has herpes. Chronic cheater. She also tested positive for HIV. Has actually blown my best friend, Mike, for money. She drinks like a fish then gives out money for beer and rides around town. She has been pregnant SEVERAL times and aborted them all. Her parents threw her out of the […]

McKenna Nagy and Stoney Miller

McKenna Nagy is a notorious cheater who had an affair on her husband with Stoney Miller of Long Beach Wa. If you are thinking about entering a relationship with McKenna please note that she will cheat on you in a heart beat with anyone who offers.

Andrea Smith — Forest Park, Ohio

This meth loving, home-wrecking w**** will steal your husband, shoot him up with meth and heroin and belittle him while holding him hostage like a lost dog .. this miserable winch will stop at nothing to make herself feel better. She will even hot herself and put bruises on her own body then call the […]

Natalie Wallis Broker Lending Manager at Scotiabank Broker Lending Manager Toronto Ontario Canada

Natalie Wallis Broker Lending Manager at Scotiabank Broker Lending Manager Toronto Ontario Canada S***k Natalie Wallis been s******g every guy she comes across for a long time now. loves to suk and f*k anyone who gives her blow. Give her some lines to rail and she will be on your d*** like a fly on […]

Nicole Christine Egging — Corvallis, Oregon

Niki Kelley, aka Nicole Christine Egging is married to Brendan Kelley and has a daughter. Niki is a stalker and likes to play dumb. Niki also likes mocking others and imitating them. Niki will walk up to you while she stalks you and will ask you questions that she already knows the answer to. “Do […]

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