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Samantha Casper — Wisconsin

I was dating Samantha Casper for five months she cheated on me the whole time prostitution works at Showtime and lied about everything then she gave STOs two of them be aware of her she’s an actress she’s a pom star Then I caught her in the act cheating and then she placed an order […]

Dr. Shafik Ahmad — Murder For Hire

Guilty! A Dayton doctor is facing sentencing following deliberation that led to a guilty decision. In a case that shocked the community, conspiracy to commit murder, Dr. Shafik Ahmad tried to use Josh Ryan to hire a hitman to kill his wife. He didn’t want to do it himself. Mr. Ryan then went to the […]

Joe C Danzer — Missoula, Montana

Joe Danzer of Missoula Mt is a cheater you like married women you should stick to your wife. You like women in Helena Mt and my wife was one of them. I hope your family reads this and tour life can get ripped apart pos

Mark Cullum

Mark Cullum is a cheater. He has been married for 30+years and had an affair for 11 months. promising her the world while slating his wife off saying she is fat. He is a disgusting vile man. Nothing but scum.

Jillian Quist — Roseville, California

This woman Jillian Quist lied to my Best Friend who is a woman about her sexual orientation as my BFF is a woman and a lesbian and she deceived her and allowed her to fall in love with her in a relationship just to screw her over extort her and steal her identity information and […]

Mark Allen Ballard — Dallas, Oregon

Professional Criminal, sleeps with anything. He likes really young ladies who are homeless. He stocks his prey at storage units, bars, and campgrounds. He’ll claim he will help you, give you a place to stay and charm you into believing anything he wants you to believe. Then once he has you he will beat you […]

Dr. Michael A. Garvey — New York, New York

If you sue this doctor while still under his care, be warned, he will try and beat you to death and he knows how to hurt you while leaving only slight traces of a physical assault. He used his fists to tenderize a patient’s kidneys (already tender due to lack of blood flow), in an […]

Robert Chavez — Phoenix, Arizona

Robert Chavez is a smooth talker he is a 40 yr old male with tattoos all over on his neck, hands, arms chest. lives in his car 2008 Pontiac G6 in phoenix az shaves his head. Uses women for as long as there’s something in it for himself then will figure out a way to […]

Corey Moore — Daytona Beach, Florida

This is Corey Moore, he works at Starbucks off Atlantic Ave and attends the University of Phoenix. His fat a*s mother Marie works at Bed Bath and Beyond in Kissimmee and thinks he’s a f*****g angel and is in total denial. His father Richard aka D**K works at Siemens in Orlando and is a homophobe […]

Mark Blagrove — New York, New York

Pedophile Mark Blagrove – HIV positive Jamaican drug dealer and serial child rapist in the New York area. BEWARE!!! NY PMP Hofstra Lectra. This is to inform people out there about convicted pedophile Mark Blagrove. Mark Blagrove has drugged and raped many women (many underage girls and boys under 9 years of age) but they […] — Complete SCAM!

I have paid over $55,000 to a Skoolie Business that was supposed to convert my bus & I need help. I have posted in the past about what was happening & was reluctant to share his name because I wasn’t completely sure of what I was dealing with. It’s become undeniable that he has no […]

Dr. Donald E. Nicol — Sexual Assault

After being a doctor for over 30-years, with several complaints lodged over the years for inappropriately touching more than one of his female patients, Dr. Donald E. Nicol finally got cuffed and hauled off to jail for the latest sexual assault charges against him. The accusations come from two sisters. aged 19 and 21. While […]

267-456-0075 James J Caiola

267-456-0075 James J Caiola He sexually harassed me and other employees while working in the Green Tavern. How come he’s been able to get away with this for so long? he’s a closeted homosexual, stay away from him.

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