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Andrea DeLeon of Las Vegas Nevada

Don’t be fooled by the lies and BS of Andrea Renee DeLeon of Energize Daily and Total Fox Fitness. She pretends to be health and fitness guru and Yoga instructor. It’s a fake front covering up the fact that she is one of the biggest (and cheapest) hooker escorts in Las Vegas Nevada. She got […]

Matt Benton

Dis raunchy hoe here can’t keep his d**k in his pants. B***h a*s n***a can’t even have social media without tryna f**k hoes. Prolly got like 5 diseases by now.

Don’t trust Hunter

3378736181 Hunter is not to be trusted! Fed me so much c**p and even paid for me to get my nails done and then he tells me he’s sorry but he has 2 kids a girlfriend he has to fix things with .. could’ve said that before we f****d all those times Hunter. Thanks for […]

Gigi santos

I told this woman the guy she is sleeping with sexually assaulted me and she posted a meme that said Dont be a prisoner of your past it was just a lesson not a life sentence. What kind of person says rape is a life lesson? What am I supposed to learn from being raped? […]

Crystal Arlene Ledgere — Modesto, California

Crystal Ledgere is a cheater, but that’s not the worst part about her. If you sleep with her, you can expect a few things. The first thing you can expect herpes. She won’t tell you anything about it. She tries to hide them with Band-Aids, saying that she cut herself shaving. Another you can expect […]

Dennis Mark Lohr — Florida

Dennis Mark Lohr f****d my step sister and f*****g broke my heart😭 he had s*x with her more than once in the same day he cheated with my blood and now my family is aware of it and I and my sister are done with each other my life is going to h**l because of […]

Connie Fruente Brooklyn NY

Connie Fruente is an ape and baboon liar. She is a terrorist and just a pain in the a*s. She hails from Puerto Rico but rather than use the pea sized brain G*d gave her she follows the n****r making her a baboon and ape like all the others. She belongs in a zoo generally.

Ryan Mondoley, serial rapist

Ryan Mondoley is a serial rapist who currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada UPDATE: He is apparently no longer in Las Vegas but moves from town to town on the West Coast. His contact information on this page remains the same. Another update: He is unable to keep a steady job because he gets fired […]

Laurel Stanislas — Springfield, Massachusetts

If your boyfriend lying about his extra friendly “friend” isn’t bad enough, she’ll also lie for him while she’s laying with him! Some s***k looking for attention and she doesn’t care who it’s from. If she’s friends with your man ladies you need to do some investigating…😒 she thinks she a goddess and claims to […]

Alexia Cunha — Brampton, Canada

This chick thinks she’s hot s**t, but she ain’t nothing but a w***e who uses and abuses men. She f***s and sucks her way through life and will try to take down anyone that gets in her way. She’s nothing but a desperate, pathetic waste of a human life. Women watch your husbands around her, […]

Olivia Quinn — Hollywood, California

She has come to Los Angeles to lay on her back to try and make it in this city big time. Not much talent in anything else and tries to justify her s*x work as being legitimate and tells all her friends she makes her money from modeling. Ladies make sure your men stay away […]

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