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Kristen Jenkins — Ontario, Canada

After getting knocked around and set aside so often, Kristen started f*****g a married guy who treated her a little better, she thought he could be the one but she couldn’t get him to leave his wife for a side ho. Even after she told him she was pregnant with his kid he wasn’t falling […]

PayPal — Good luck to anyone who still uses them

I placed an order and paid using my PayPal account thing I would have their buyers protection. NOPE I was wrong. The seller sent me a tracking number that was delivered 2 months prior from my actual order date. PayPal doesn’t even take the time to check the tracking number to compare the dates. Ridiculous!! […]

Kwajualien Thomas

Kwajualien Thomas is one ugly nasty Houston Texas trick. My boyfriend showed me everything. She was stalking my him for a few weeks trying to meet up with him by offering him s*x, money, trips, and clothes. Texting and calling him nonstop and sending these nasty looking axx pictures of herself. He doesn’t know how […]

Billy Ray Davis

Beware! Billy Ray Davis Jr is a master con artist! narcissist that lies, steals & manipulates men & women for s*x & money. He has HIV & spreads it to anyone that spreads legs & b**t cheeks. If he hit it u better get tested. He’s on Eharmony, match & POF. He acts like a […]

Kendrick Gethers — Hampton, Virginia

This man is a lot and a cheater. He will tell you his story about how his baby mommas are awful and lie about the felony charge he got where he choked his first baby momma out. He claims she cheated on him and gave him an STD but it’s all a lie. He puts […]

homewrecker whore

Loves married men. Doesn’t matter if your homeless, dying or just looking for some fun. Call her gorgeous and give her some auto parts and watch her open up her special parts. Nice rack and if you need camera talent you can find her on my space. Beware she’s as dumb as a brick and […]

Fran Ruggles Total Trash

This sociopath,self absorbed,parasite leaches on to anyone in order to manipulate them. She has cheated on her husband numerous times and he even caught her in a s*x act with their family dog. Fran looks for people to manipulate then tries to swindle them out of money.Fran tells people G*d talks to her,then tries to […]

Brandi Belle — Houston, Texas

Meet Brandi, I was dating this chick when I found out she does sugaring on the side of her personal training hustle. Can you believe you get a training session plus extras included? I tell you it is rampant. All the women in Houston are now sugar baby or flozzys! Anything for money! Or that […]

Tri-Lakes Roofing — Do not Hire these crooks!

DO NOT HIRE THESE CROOKS!!! Jeff Morrell owner of Tri-Lakes Roofing is on heroin bad, He brought 8 guys to my house to start on our roof that was drunk on the job and they took off all the old roofing shingles on our home to start new roof replacement and after 5 hours they […]

Erinn Langley — Overland, Missouri

Erinn is a c**k chaser and doesn’t care if he’s in a relationship with someone or not. Once she gets a taste of the forbidden fruit she really clamps down and holds on so the c**k has no choice but to do something with her while coming up with an escape plan for morning. RUN […]

Spencer Labady

He cheated on his wife, is a deadbeat dad, and every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie, he’s a con artist. He constantly cheats and is currently cheating on his new girlfriend

Kathie Lott — New York

This is Kathie Lott, also known as Kathleen Lott or Kat Lott. However, she uses the name of Dylan or mmedylan, Dylan is an escort in Phoenix AZ. I caught my husband a few months back contacting her. When was out of town my friend drove by my house and noticed a strange vehicle parked […]

Mario Vassallo, Kelowna, BC Canada

In late May of 2020, Bryden Winsby was found on the side of a hill. He had been murdered. Forensic evidence is being held back by the RCMP and Coroner’s Offices of Vernon/Enderby. The RCMP and Coroner’s Office know who the killer is but refuse to arrest the man. The man responsible is named Mario […]

Joshua Kyan Aalampour- Lying Monster

Joshua Kyan Aalampour was born August 20th, 2001, in Morristown New Jersey. He is a liar, a manipulator, a predator, an abuser, but most of all he is a danger. Ever since his early teen years he has done vile, evil things to women and young girls who he manipulates through his countless lies. At […]

Todd Warner — Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Todd Warner is married and cheats online. He has cybersex in gaming chat rooms. Maybe more. I have proof but can’t say more because I am on furlough and could lose my job if I say more. Alii can say is ask him about JACK and drifter. My dad cheated on my dear mum and […]

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