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Latest Complaints — Will not remove my private information

Dr. Bill, LLC will not remove my private information from his listing/website after multiple requests. Dr. Bill, LLC posted my private information including my home address as business address on his website without authorization, I have called/emailed multiple times requested this company to remove my private information especially my home address from his website, he […]

Henry Kopel

Assistant U.S. Attorney Henry Kopel of Connecticut (who works for Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham) is a completely unhinged, dangerous, biased, extreme racist, extreme Zionist, psychologically imbalanced, who hates Muslims or anyone who criticizes Israel, its policies or its treatment of Palestinians, and he should not be allowed anywhere near prosecutor power or the ability […]

Anna Rios — Texas

This chick cheated on several of her boyfriends with me and was a gr8 f**k but she defiantly is a cheater. She let me come inside her a bunch and got off on cheating. She would even get off on calling her boyfriends and leave her phone on the bed when I was f*****g this […]

Lauren Salter, Joondalup Perth, Western Australia

Check out this scraggy s**t. She cheated on her partner five times and got pregnant to one of the f**k buddies but had an abortion to keep her then partner. No biggie there really for a habit cheater except the last time she did cheat on her partner was with her partner’s brother. How low […]

Yae Ward — United States

I’m so tired of this no good a** hoe. Always wanting to keep someone else’s d*** in her mouth. She has no respect for herself nor her kid. I tried my best with her but this hoe needs to go. Think she smart and been talking to some dude while I’m trying to treat her […]

Jamie Rodriguez — Malden, Massachusetts

This is a married loser with kids,who met my sister in Chelsea,near his work@produce plant (also hooker central)is a greasy player.He gave my sister the separated song&dance;,he is in fact married to a beast fom Malden.He used my sister..did some checking on him/multiple cheater,loser from Charlestown,hits on mothers at his kids schools,etc.I am biding my time to […]

Karl Ray — Colorado Springs, Colorado

Karl comes across as a sweet, honest, can do no wrong man. He can cook, treats a woman with love and respect, and is really smooth with his words. Underneath that cute smile is a manipulative, sly fox. He will con you into believing you are the only one he is seeing (haven’t we all […]

April Henson — Douglasville, Georgia

this b***h thinks she’s g*d’s gift to men,she will do unto others every chance she gets,she swindles the elderly,she thinks she’s too good to get a job,draws welfare,always wants something for nothing,drives with no insurance and expired tag,she can’t keep her p***y in her pants,as long as you got money she will f**k you for […]

Steven Oliveria — Norwalk, Connecticut

I met Steve in early 2003. He seemed nice, cute, stable…seemed being the operative word. We went out a couple of times then *poof* he dropped off the face of the earth. Okay…life goes on. I started dating my current boyfriend in early May of 2003. After about three months of not hearing from Steve, […]

Rennie (Ren) Richardson — Topeka, Kansas

I met REN in a small town in NE. He was a very goodlooking, handsome, charming, witty, cunning, person. He stated he worked out and loved being a home body. He claimed he worked at Harley Davidson then over one year ago. He claimed he lived independently. He moved twice within the three months I […]

Joe Conry — Davenport, Iowa

He’s a lying, cheating, abusive, violent, drug addicted, materialistic, insanely jealous, cheat. He’s been married for twenty years to Jodi, has two kids. He has herpes and spreads it to all his little girlfriends. He left a pregnant girlfriend behind in Boston. He hit his summer girlfriend because he was so jealous of everything she […]

Tracy Allan — New York

This man is very dangerous. He not only cheats, but will also drain your bank account and leave you in debt. He is a compulsive liar and con-artist. He has left a wake of financially, emotionally and psychologically damaged or destroyed women in at least five different cities. He meets women on-line mostly and within […]

Ronnie Holck — Hollywood, Florida

Borderline personality disorder… Makes Glen Close in Fatal attraction look normal! Thinks he is Tony Soprano… Can’t hold a job and lives with his mommy. He will be overly helpful, generous and attentive. Followed by extreme fits of jealousy and paranoia. He preys on successful, career oriented, independent women.

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