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Sean Murphy the perv London Ontario

This guy screams STDS BE CAREFULL he’s single but uses his “girlfriend” to pay for everything. He’s a pig! And snorts pepsi up in his room all day everyday. Rat sh*t, and plates of food, dirt and garbage scattered around his room. Disgusting. What kind of a guy has no car? No actual roof over […]

Norma Angela Talavera

This girl literally gave me AIDS and herpes.. and she was cheating on her husband while she was working with me… I would always f**k her in San Diego.. and by the end… I quit our f**k-buddy business… And I decided to choose my family obviously… over her …and she was begging me and crying […]

Lying Aircraft Wolf

Randy Stokes is Liar and cheater. He has no nasty taste in wmen. Pretty much any Mexican. He cheated on his wife tons of times. Caught him with a Prostitute. For some reason he thought it would be appropriate to tell the prostitute all about his wife. He doesn’t care about anybody but himself. So […]

Goon Has Warts

Evan Neale: Arcadia Townhomes, Federal Way, WA Camano Island 253-332-9118 He sleeps around and lies, deceives and gaslights. Used to work for BNSF Railroad. Plays paintball and hangs out at Mazatlan, Dino’s and Starlake in Kent. Do not believe a word he says. He’s DIRTY. HAS WARTS.

GoonKnows Lying, Cheating and Disrespect

Evan “Goon” Neale from Federal Way, WA will trick you into having unprotected s*x with him while he sleeps with multiple other people behind your back, carrying on several different relationships and online dating accounts the entire time. He’s a liar, cheat and a public health risk. He is never monogamous.

Taya Christopher North Carolina

Watch out North Carolina. Found out this sk@nk was cheating with my husband behind her husband’s back! She & her husband owned a campground & my husband stayed there all last year. Then she continued to message and talk to him by using the What’s App so the number wouldn’t show on the phone bill. […]

Natasha DeHenza

This woman has been laying around with other men’s wives in the greensboro country club all the while pretending to be the perfect house wife. She has no job and her husband is regularly traveling to fight for our country.

Zeran Oakmont is a fuckhead

Zeran Oakmont is liar and a cheater. All he ever does is kiss a*s to try to climb the corporate ladder. He’s such a pain to be around and no one likes him. I heard he cheated on his wife three times before she left him. His life is such a disaster. Also what the […]

Arizona hoe Paola g

She loves getting involved with married men apparentl, my husband and I have always had an issue over with dumb broad she’s a easy s**t, she blocks me on every social media !

south florida sleaze

Be warned! William Cascioli is disgusting with anti-social personality behaviors. Billy gets your number from then stalks, making multi calls a day, finding stupid reasons to drop by work, questioning your friends. Acts like a shoulder to cry on while giving the dumbest advice. Free lunch as bait,takes women he just met on trips. He […]

Henna Khan hkay_93

Continues to sleep with all of Dallas. Currently visiting multiple states to find a Pakistani guy to make a fool and pretty much use for her insatiable sexual desires. No concept of loyalty in this thot. Nudes available if you follow her IG hkay_93


Henna Khan of Dallas is willing to do anything to make it to the top. By top, I mean get married to a doctor and basically convince people she’s a good person. The girl has slept with so many guys she literally is starting to look like one

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