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Jennifer Shum — Las Vegas, Nevada

Chinese female from NY with 3 kids, works for Allegiant Travel Co. Liar and a cheater. Cheated on baby daddy got pregnant by another bloke made BD believe he’s the father of the 3rd child bc she’s financially broke and can’t keep a job. Stay away. Do not trust her. Dangerous and irresponsible lazy t**t.

Pedo Sex Predator at 289-600-3606

This number 289-600-3606 belongs to a convicted pedophile and a serial child rapist who just got out from prison!!! This diddler willscam you from Durham region using his cheap a*s Freedom Mobile phone!!! If you get a call from this pedo s*x predator, call the police ASAP!!!

Edgel D Hall — Kite, Kentucky

Edgel D. Hall, who lives in Kite, Kentucky, age 60, is a pathological liar and manipulative. He uses many social media sites such as Facebook and various dating sites. He often will be talking to several different women at the same time. He has a long reputation for being dishonest and untrustworthy. He tends to […]

Jeremy Osso — California

Jeremy is an Ex-Costa Mesa Hign football coach who received 270 days in jail for trying to seduce detective posing as a teen. He’s still on the prowl looking for underage victims to take advantage of. there’s an entire Facebook page of the victims one’s taken advantage of. He was all over the news back […]

Russell Geary — Georgia

This man is known to have an addiction to cheating. He will make you sick a lie to you the entire time until you catch him to bed with you on tinder or any other dating site. He will continue to lie about it until you take his phone and shove it in his face. […]

Egypt Monti Beynum — (Ohio, Arizona, USA )

1st off he is a very good smooth talking scammer. He will talk your panties off but will use all your money and leave you high and dry . Well he is tiktok famous he has more then one tiktok account (egyptkingofficalxp) and more which is how he finds his new victims but he uses […]

Jordan Clifford — Evanston, Illinois

Jordan Clifford had an affair with my husband for months. She knew he was married and was perfectly content with being the other woman and destroying a marriage. She has no integrity. She is supposed to be teaching our youth, but how will she teach them when she has no moral compass of her own?

Nika Mora Slut Prostitute Homewrecker

Please expose this home wrecker and madam prostitute s**t. She’s running all around Fort Lauderdale sleeping with everyone’s husband. Hey ladies! Hide your boyfriends and husbands. She has no shame either. I caught this bald edges rat sleeping and going on trips with my husband. She and he thinks I don’t know but I know […]

Nika Mora Homewrecker

Please expose this home wrecker and madam escort. She’s running all around Fort Lauderdale sleeping with everyone’s husband. Hey ladies! Hide your boyfriends and husbands. She has no shame either. She will sleep with your 85 year old grandfather of the pension check is right. She runs a Facebook page teaching women how to be […]

Gavin Lewis the cheating stripper with stds

The guy is the biggest liar and cheater! I need to warn you all out there about Gavin Lewis, from Las Vegas, Nevada. He has slept with several women and has never used a condom in his life. He was diagnosed with genital herpes and will knowingly sleep with women without protection. He refuses to […]

John Degraw — Las Vegas, Nevada

JD Degraw aka John Allen Degraw living in Las Vegas, NV has smoked so much meth that his d**k shrank! His nickname is Tick Tack D**k because his d**k is so tiny! Smoking meth doesn’t get JD high anymore, so he shoots speedballs, meth and heroin combined, in his d**k veins with a needle! JD’s […]

Gabriella Ravida — Philippines

Gabriella Ravida is a Puerto Rican gypsy piece of s**t so fat her a*s is always pregnant with fifteen kids. She smells like s**t and looks like it too. Her dumb fat a*s was meant as a beast of burden pulling a plow making corn 🌽 like the Aztec for the Spanish and later settlers. […]


He is a serial cheater! Married to him for 22 years. Looking back and putting 2 and 2 together, he’s cheated the whole time. Men is his preferrence. Male prostitutes, then tweek whores so he dont feel gay. Look up Nancy Lee Bendixen on and is one of his little whores. Beware ladies, […]

Jessica Gorden – Wichita, Kansas

Because I started an Amazon business that nets me at least 4 figures a week, this old raisin faced dried up b***h tried to file a fake police report on me saying that I drove past her house and was “verbally” abusing her. So first off, who in the f*k is “driving” past someone’s house […]

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