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Hunter Cressall — Birmingham, Alabama

Hunter Cressall is a cold, unfeeling, self-absorbed jerk who is very good at pretending that he cares about you and stringing you along for months until you finally realize that he does not mean anything he says, only wants to spend time with you when it is convenient for him (i.e., when he wants to […]

Dennis Bell — Grapevine, Texas

He is enormously attached to his younger brother in kind of a sick way!!!! The brother is a total insecure, immature whiny kid who works it to get sympathy and Dennis falls for it everytime. If Dennis pays too much attention to you, his brother will cause problems!

Kambiz Adjudani — Tempe, Arizona

This man is a wonderful friend but I do not recommend a romantic relationship, I have seen proof that I am not the only woman who ended up hurt and alone. He is extremely selfish when in a relationship, he lives for the moment and never thinks about anyone else when taking action.

James Alan Brown — Atlanta, Georgia

If you like being physically and verbally abused and then have him make you think that you are the insane one and that everything is your fault, have fun! I think the girlfriend that he had when he got ‘back together with me’ is still with him. This guy needs to be a lawyer, he […]

Chris Bozell — Hopkinsville, Kentucky

He jumps from one girl to the other…..can’t make up his mind on a d**n thing to do with his relationships…..he keeps you in the dark of all parts of his life and will not give you a straight answer to any one of your questions.yes you have to confront him…..cause he doesn’t have the […]

Eddie Gene Allen — Boise Idaho

Do not marry this man! I was dumb enough to fall for him and thought he was a great guy at first. He has a drinking problem….about a six pack or more of beer a night. About a month ago I found out he likes to see escorts. When I confronted him at first he […]

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