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Mike Scheidt — Scottsdale, Arizona

Stay away from this Ironman and firefighter. He is all games. I guess his game is to lure girls in thinking that you are heading towards some sort of relationship, when all he wants is a piece of you. He is NOT relationship material. This comes from several of his victims.

Michael Bortz — Warrenton, Missouri

Michael was my very first boyfriend and is a total sweetheart. He has a quick temper but other than that he’s a great guy. He has kind of a dark mood and suffers with depression. He loves music very much and loves playing his guitar. Very romantic guy, very honest, loyal, trustworthy, and lovable guy. […]

Salvador Ahumada — Tucson, Arizona

He lies about his name, so unfortunately you might never know him as this person, although he has gone by brice knight before. He’ll tell you he wants kids and try to get you pregnant, even though he has no intention of leaving his wife, which of course he has never told you about. He’ll […]

540-219-5559 | | Washington, DC

He did not show for his appointment. I talked with him several times over the last 3 months and when he booked the appointment I asked for a reconfirming phone number. He was to begin the drive to DC at 6am in the morning and said he might arrive early. I called him at 10:30am, […]

Mike Woods — San Francisco, California

He’s a smooth operator and has used women for money making schemes (I’ve checked out public records – lots of lawsuits). He’s truly one of the most cunning people I’ve met. Even his relatives told me to stay away from him. Loves to exploit sophisticated women. Unfortunately, he’ll always find someone (usually 2-4 women at […]

Mike Bibby — Sacramento, California

Mike plays pro NBA basketball for the Kings. He does cheat on his long time GIRLFRIEND. He wont marrt her because he thinks that it is not as bad cheating on her as long as they aren’t married. I have been a long time friends with benefits with Mike and I can say he is […]

Hunter Cressall — Birmingham, Alabama

Hunter Cressall is a cold, unfeeling, self-absorbed jerk who is very good at pretending that he cares about you and stringing you along for months until you finally realize that he does not mean anything he says, only wants to spend time with you when it is convenient for him (i.e., when he wants to […]

Dennis Bell — Grapevine, Texas

He is enormously attached to his younger brother in kind of a sick way!!!! The brother is a total insecure, immature whiny kid who works it to get sympathy and Dennis falls for it everytime. If Dennis pays too much attention to you, his brother will cause problems!

Kambiz Adjudani — Tempe, Arizona

This man is a wonderful friend but I do not recommend a romantic relationship, I have seen proof that I am not the only woman who ended up hurt and alone. He is extremely selfish when in a relationship, he lives for the moment and never thinks about anyone else when taking action.

James Alan Brown — Atlanta, Georgia

If you like being physically and verbally abused and then have him make you think that you are the insane one and that everything is your fault, have fun! I think the girlfriend that he had when he got ‘back together with me’ is still with him. This guy needs to be a lawyer, he […]

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