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Aaron Antoine — New Jersey

I regret every aspect of my former relationship with Aaron. He’s emotionally abusive, average (at best) in bed and intellectually unstimulating. I’ll grant, however, that there is something occasionally appealing about him. It took me months after he had cheated on me, given me a (luckily) curable disease and told me he’d “always been lying […]

David Bishop — Boca Raton, Florida

Great in bed but a total liar and heartbreaker. Will use you and toss you aside after the million lies he’s told you. A great pretender who can easily fool you into believing he has feelings and loves you but is really motionally unavailable and doesn’t know what love is supposed to be. A consumate […]

Allison Houck — Oaklyn, New Jersey

Along with a daddy complex. She lives in Oaklyn and works in Pennsauken and a paper/graphic company. This * * * * is psycho! She’ll latch onto any guy that looks in her direction. When she doesn’t get what she wants she’ll call your mom to get her on her side. When that doesn’t work, […]

Sam Lupi — Vancouver, Washington

He lies, cheats and manipulates to get what he wants which is generally of a sexual nature and doesn’t care how much it hurts the woman and children involved. He has many children from several women in various states. He’s big at playing massive head games. He tends to demonstrate sadistic, schizophrenic tendencies and /or […]

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