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William G Bailey — Phoenix, Arizona

He promises you that he is only dating you -but he lies and dates several girls at once. he tried to pick up my fake profile on while we were in a “monogamous relationship”. He told me that he wanted to marry me, take care of me and my kids and have another baby […]

Calvin Roy Bowes — Las Vegas, Nevada

I first met him on a phone chat line. He was very charming. He was using a fake name and presented himself as a much younger successful man. We had similar interest and developed a friendship on the phone. He promised he would take me on a trip to New York and made several other […]

Benjamin Baker — Sabina, Ohio

This guy is a loser, he has over 20 some charges in one county alone! wow he has been arrested on a consecutive basis, he is a user and will take anything he can get from you!money or otherwise! he has stolen things, he’s frequently drinking! hes a definite bad news kinda guy!

Scott Gary Cales — Macclenny, Florida

He is a cheater. He likes to hit women. He is a MAJOR CONTROL FREAK! Likes to video tape himself having s*x with women so he can watch them later.. He is going to school to become a pharmacist so he will have access to drugs in order to use them on women and then […]

Karen Brown — Kirkland, Illinois

If Satan wears a bra this is it. Now working on fifth ex. Maybe he will get lucky and get run over by truck before he says i do.I see youre still doing your driveby. Maybe someone else can make you a baby.I know you want to create your perfect willing victim. Thats the goal […]

Stephen Boyd — Chicago, Illinois

He is a very dominating person who is looking for someone to run over. He talks very badly about american women state we suffer from angry american women syndrome. Always treats me like a second call citizen. Only calls when he wants to have s*x. Never to go out for a night on the town […]

Helder Arieas — Tulare, California

At first he’s very charming, and lovelable, he’ll call you every morning before he goes to work, and as soon as he gets out of work. He’ll tell you all these stories about his x was hooked on drugs, and poor him and his daughter have been stuggling to get by without her. Then all […]

Bruce Wayne Bryant — Anniston, Alabama

This guy comes on like prince charming. He feeds on struggling single mothers coming on like he’s gonna come in to save the day. He starts right out of the gate with no money, borrowing, and helping himself to your belongings. He wastes no time moving his belongings in and before you know it, you […]

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