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Anthony W. Yaskoweak — Illinois

tall, brown eyes, lots of dark hair everywhere(his chest, a**, back), men’s b**** and round belly; 37 yo(this year); snores loud; I never thought I would have to do that but that ”relationship” with Anthony has been doing lots of harm to everybody that is around me. And there is nothing more to lose! I […]

Dan Anderson — Paw Paw, Illinois

I fell head over heels in love with this man and he has shattered my world, broke my heart and ruined my life. He has lied and cheated. I was shocked to think he could have actually done this to me or anyone else. He is a champion liar. I believed every word and lie […]

Paul Geneson — Colorado

Paul Geneson, is a pathological liar. He says he single to pick up women to date but this is a lie, he has been in an illegal green card marriage for years. He is married to a 51-year-old woman from India, who wants to stay here in the USA, so she paid him & continues […]

Philippe Young Aka Twin Saint Louis, Mo

this person goes between Central West End, North Saint Louis Natural Bridge, and Newstead, and Brentwood he stands around the these areas begging for change he say he takes care of his kids he don’t and he says one of his children died of an asthma attack which is a lie his son is alive […]

Andrew Pryka — Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

I dated Andrew Pryka in college while attending Michigan State University. During this time he systematically targeted and raped several of my friends. including each new class of freshmen girls in my sorority despite not attending the same school as me. We met after he raped me in my freshman year. I was exposed to […]

Aarons – What a ripoff!

I went into Aaron’s to rent a laptop and used an in store coupon for 1 month for the price of 2 weeks. After 2 weeks went by I started to get collection calls, because they made a mistake and never applied the coupon! Because of their mistake they repossessed the laptop!

Robert A Antilla — Antioch, California

He was married for 7 years and lied throughout the whole marriage about everything he did and who he was. He ended up finding a girlfriend Time L Seals at his job Quebecor World who he left his wife for. In the divorce, he scammed everything from her house+furniture, both cars+harley and then let the […]

Carter Angell — Mason City, Iowa

He”s a cheater. He lies about having a girlfriend. He has a steady girlfriend. Parades other girls around claiming that they are his girlfriend. At the same time he seriously tries to hook up with many different girls. Do yourself a favor. Stay away from his lying cheating self. Aside from being a pathological liar, […]

Christopher Arriaga – Texas

Dated him for about eight months, exclusively while(unknowingly)he was sleeping around with different women. Told me every lie in the book and reassured me of his fidelity. I figured this out once i reached out to one of the s***s he had been sleeping with. He is currently in Davis, California for an internship, but […]

508-583-5937 | | No Show

Called saying he was from Boston, coming in to DC. Told me he likes rough play, and is into wrestling. He sounded pretty cool. Told me he would be staying at a Marriott in town. Never showed up for his appointment and never called. OTHER INFO: He found me on RentMen. His phone is a […]

Stephanie Storace — New York

This chick is nuts. She lies and lies and blames everything o her mommy and dad who is in jail. She lied and cheated on her boyfriend Chris with her original boyfriend Dmitry, who she claimed she over, yet constantly talked about. She got pregnant from Chris and aborted his baby. I only found out […]

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