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Rick Fitzgerald — Dexter, Michigan

Rick Fitzgerald is a mother f****r who does the dirty work to cover up of University of Michigan’s s**t. This guy is the shadiest f****r you would ever meet in the Midwest, even Putin is no match to this a*s face. That’s why we are inviting people to say hi to him and his wife […]

Dayna Hope Woods — Collingwood, Ontario

She is a liar, manipulator, and cheater who has no conscience at all. She will sleep with anyone she can use for her benefit. Young men older men even as old as 60 and she is only 21 years old. She will destroy anyone she gets involved with. Beware! If she shows an interest in […]

Matthew Fisse — Louisiana

First I will admit that I am the ex-wife. But out of sincere concern for other women, I would warn you that he is not the person he portrays. He is a covert narcissist and has abused me and my children in multiple ways for years. Last year He was forced to move out and […]

Reggie Barlow

Reggie Barlow has cheated on wendy Barlow his at white wife for years at rmc everyone knows he had no pics of her on his desk before he was fired he’s a bad guy a loser and a cheat

Heidi Shull — New York

Once w***e things don’t usually change, and Heidi has a thing for f*****g married men. Some pay better than others and she seems emotionless while going for their wallets. She ended up trying to get pregnant but wasn’t for sure if she could get pregnant. It was a man that was married and they ended […]

Steven Penrod

He’s a sad man… he has no respect for woman and he searches out those with no/low self-esteem for s*x. He reels them with all the right words to make them think he is different, but he’s not. He is a narcissist who only cares about what he wants at that moment. I’ve known him […]

Ludy Smeets — California

SICK LUDY SMEETS!. .. more of the same: pattern of the thrill of deception and cheating continues! I had suspicions about him for the past year and he lied through his teeth! Said he would NEVER cheat but HE DID and DOES! Don’t believe anything he says … he has no problem lying … in […]

Don Maclellan — Edmonton, Alberta

He cheated on me with several women several times, he contacted me recently, a year after he ended it with me because he felt he had to confess, it was just a way to get back into my life and to look like a changed guy. He gave me an STD and didn’t even tell […]

James Grizzly Adams — Frankfort, Kentucky

This guy has to be the biggest liar and user of a woman in history. He claimed to be in a motorcycle club and found out he was not in that club. He will do anything to get into a girl’s panties. He is currently a fugitive and on the run and has several warrants […]

Carrie Patterson — Baltimore, Maryland

S**t white east Baltimore tramp who sits around and fingers her a*s hole all day with salted butter. Then she wipes it.on her face, stands in the mirror and wipes it on her eyes and plays skits from old tv movies. Black men can be found lining up outside of her door. She issues blow […]

Vicky Diaz

You can find this white b***h over West Baltimore. Works for Greenwood towing. It is a hateful disgusting 2 faced piece of spiteful s**t. Uses Spanish people to kill and assassinate people. She is related to Juan Salinas Jr. Dates some guy named Carlos.

Lance Cunningham — Middle East, Baltimore

East Baltimore Junkie. Shacks up with Gregory. Might be over Dundalk now, or moved. From the East Baltimore area and Bayview. Beats up on little children and is a child predator. Murdered Russell Cunningham by poisoning his if while at a nursing home

Steven Mark Haffley — Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania

Steven Haffley is a disgusting, degenerate, creep! I briefly dated him. He was very abusive, very angry, and very violent. What really bothered me was when he kept hugging and flirting with my 12-year-old daughter! Then I found this: Avoid this creep!

Brittany Thielen — Madison, Wisconsin

Pretends to be polyamorous but doesn’t know any of the poly terminologies. She was calling her SO (primary) a “romantic partner” which doesn’t mean anything other than having s*x with the person. Later found that she Is actually using poly as a cover to lure in guys to do s*x cam with her for free […]

Kim Kaczynski

This girl was a disaster. A total sociopath who would not stop sleeping with other people. We dated for maybe two months back in 1999 and she got married not long after. Cheats on her current husband constantly. Does WAY too much cocaine.

Robert Scott Smith — Stockton, Missouri

He’s a pathological liar a narcissistic sociopath he ruined my life..he likes to watch teen p**n and is a needle banging dopehead…he has three sons he never talks to has basically forgotten they exist he is abusive both physically and mentally at first he will be sweet make you feel like he’s genuine and you […]

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