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Tyler Trudeau – Serial Cheater

Tyler Trudeau is a SERIAL cheater. He’s never remained faithful in a relationship. He’s got two kids now – both mothers he cheated on. First, it was a girlfriend he cheated on her and kicked her out when she was four months pregnant. Then he married someone else before the first kid was even born, […]

Denyell Vasquez

LYING CHEATING ADULTERER S**T AND W***E. Denyell Vasquez got with my husband when our son was still little, she knew he was married and knew about me even though she claims she didn’t. She had an affair with my husband and then he left us and never was in my son’s life again because of […]

Alan Edwards — Aurora, Colorado

PSYCHOPATH WARNING: On Match.Com as “greatheart0000″…no matter how intelligent-sounding your profile is, he will make an attempt to draw you into his fake world of lies. He says he was born April 5, 1957, but gives a different date and location to each woman he PLAYS. You will be bombarded with phone calls from “unknown […]

Andrea Lewis

USCIS Immigration Services Officer (“ISO”) Andrea Lewis is currently being investigated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties for serious violations of civil rights of immigrants in the New York Field Office of the USCIS located at 26 Federal Plaza, Room 7-700, New York NY 10278. If you, […]

Joey Greenwalt

He will screw anything I have his old phone full of dating site s***s he’s hooked up with age doesn’t matter he sees a girl in some apt as he tries and dates another woman he’s a high risk for HIV/AIDS …he’s abusive as well ladies you were warned

Kendall Lowery — Avondale, Arizona

Kendall is a fun person at first! But once you get comfortable with her she will try and ruin your life! She screws everyone and you will never know! She is a fat s**t who begs for attention! I feel sorry for whoever she dates! She will try and get you to hit her so […]

Kaylie Horch Lane — Williamsburg, Virginia

Kaylie Horch Lane of Williamsburg, Virginia is a married mom of 3 sleeps with married men while her husband does a bid for rape. She refuses to divorce rapist jailbird hubby because she wants his benefits. She sleeps with married men in Williamsburg and Hampton Roads. She works at American Classic Storage in Williamsburg. This […]

Scott Stary — Lakewood, Ohio

All I can say is RUN!!!! This guy is a sociopath and I am not just throwing that word around. He is the most charismatic, charming, wonderful man you will ever meet, but he creates a fake personality to lure you in. Once he has you he becomes a narcissistic, unavailable, even violent b*****d. He […]

Cassie Mosby — Danville, Illinois

This is Cassie Mosby. Currently lives in Danville, IL and is a serial cheater/herpes spreader! I currently have been dating cassie for 1 year and just now found out she cheated and gave me herpes as well!!!! She has 4 kids all taken away! Has no home, no car, and basically no income! Currently on […]

Leslie Wildes — Lowellville, Ohio

**Warning** This Girl is a complete nut case. What really is disturbing about it is from the exterior she appears normal and put together ( if she has not been drinking). If she does not get what she wants to expect fists to fly. she is a portly individual who will throw her weight around, […]

Hayley Wainwright — Chesterfield, England

There’s not much I can say about this girl, Stay away from this floozy. She will have s*x with your husband or child. She is very dirty and smells like a*s. She on Facebook looking for s*x and to infect you with her HIV. she bullies the mentally disabled (whom she believes to be inferior […]

Bruce Alan Coane — Boston, Massachusetts

Most of his family lives in the Boston areas, but he does have family in the Philly area. DO NOT TRUST HIM. He is bi-polar, has MAJOR anger management issues, and mental and physical abuse problems. He says he doesn’t want me but constantly texts me asking where I am and who I’m with. I […]

Chris Strafford

A complete womanizing man w***e, who traps women into his daily schedule of forced s*x and harsh labor, makes no mistakes this is one to watch out for girls. Any arguments, conflicting opinions or disobedience are heavily frowned upon by him, and he often indulges himself in carrying out his own harsh capital punishments, usually […]

Teresa Haralson Osborne — Atlanta, Georgia

If your husband knows her, protect your family ASAP. No problem sleeping with married men. Fluent liar. Does not hold marriage as sacred. She’s been married at least 6-7 times and changes jobs frequently. Usually works in optics/eyeglass field. May live/work in both Georgia and Texas.

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