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Nathan August Leeper

Nathan Leeper is messing around with an well known manipulative homeless c*m dumpster Charity Lynn Donaldson Shadwell she’s using him for his income and she’s not really pregnant it’s all an act she’d lied about having stage 2 stomach cancer about 4 years ago and she’d actually falsely accused Sam Columbine of rape there’s proof by an Illinois police department located in Illinois Nathan is dealing with a massive  pathological lying sociopath Charity has Nathan brainwashed She uses people for money, food, a rooftop over her nutter butter charitie case head and the rumors about her is true she doesn’t know whose the father of her year old son Kegan is she’d would p**n that kid on countless guys ‘Toby Scott’ isn’t the father Kegan looks biracial… Chairty lies about ‘Sam Watson’ aka Sam Columbine to strangers just to get people to jump him ’cause she knew that her manipulation and mind control games didn’t work on him she targets weak minded people like Nathan Leeper and pull their strings like an puppet.

Charity pretends to be Nathan Leeper on Facebook and on Instagram she’s is hiding behind this Instagram account @tattoosaregreat well at the time… she’s well known for pretending to be her countless so-called boyfriends on social media I had the  fake main account reported for impersonating of Nathan Leeper she’s a manipulative pathological lying sociopath toxic waste dumpster fire she cries harassment on the 24 hour download she harasses me and lies about it she’s obsessed with me so actually falsely accused me of rape I have proof of it from a Illinois police department they’d blocked her from their website she uses textnow so she couldn’t get caught but she’d did get caught and she’d would find people in my area and pretend she’s a victim of sexual assault and try to get me jumped or killed Sam Watson is an professional independent wrestler in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area and he took her mind games to the state police and yes there’s a file on her she’s p****d that she can’t get information from the state police everything is kept confidential 😂 she can’t control the situation anymore and it’s true she’s involved with child prnography and blackmail of an 16 year old girl from Texas there’s a website that Chairty created about the girl it’s traced back to her she knows she’s been busted it’s why she’s trying to control people with her brainwashing yes! It’s true you call the girls grandmother Linda Stout.

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3 comments on “Nathan August Leeper

  1. Latonia says:

    We need to catch cheating boyfriend or girlfriend. Many of our boyfriends cheat on us. We can’t catch them.
    But they are not just cheating on us. So the easiest way to catch them is to “h ack” some things. This is easy to catch them. I used this, if you want to used.

  2. Tracy Davis says:

    I didn’t know that sterile females can get pregnant 😅 Charity’s pregnancy is fake when there’s no actual evidence of an ultrasound or sonogram ignore her baby shower registry at target it’s a scam Walmart wasn’t good enough for Chairty and Nathan they went upscal well living out of Nathan’s grandparents basement and no income and who gets fired from McDonald’s ? Charity has no income just foodstamps and HUD Nathan is just temporary until Chairty finds another d**k to f**k and pretend she’s pregnant again 🤣 or back at second home base at the countless homeless shelters Downtown Springfield Missouri

  3. Hey Target Shoppers we’re aware that there’s a scammer on our baby shower registry checklist section. Charity Bennett and Nathan Leeper Charity’s not pegnant she’s just running a scam.

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