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Melanie Ford – Front Royal, Virginia

This woman lies to other women and plays the side piece role happily. If you find her number in your husbands phone, do not believe they’re just ‘friends’. And go get checked for STD’s. She has been with men known to have herpes, she has HPV.

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6 comments on “Melanie Ford – Front Royal, Virginia

  1. azkel says:

    This b***h give me itch and say she must get it from me. My skin crawl for days before I have to see doctor. Stuff in drugstore dont work and stink and stain clothes. If you get with this slore get to doctor fast dont wait for drugstore cure. You burn up man and wish you never met her.

    1. Melanie says:

      An what kind of made up bs comment is this, lord have mercy, who writes like this.. Another fake comment..

  2. Melanie says:

    This is really sad. Someone felt like they needed to post this of me, because there “boyfriend” not husband hit me up, an said he was single. So she became obsessed with me, stalking my fb, sending me non stop texts an even having her friends call me. It’s really alarming that a person would feel like, they need to get on social media an say these hurtful things Untrue things , because at the end of the day, your boyfriends deceit is on him not me. Not to mention, I have proof of this females lies, and copies of her stalking.

    1. New to FR says:

      This seems odd. Why would his gf need to stalk or have people call you if you told her the truth about him after you found out about her and stopped dealing with him?

      .02 for what it’s worth.

      1. Yep says:

        Agree with you New to FR. Clearly more to this. Women don’t go on a hunt of other women for no reason at all. Likely this lady played games with the wrong one. I would put you on blast to if I caught you with my mans.

        When you make your bed you have to lay in it.

        1. She says:

          This is really sad that someone feels like they need to go on a cheating site to talk about a woman. This man was on a dating site saying he was Single. An your not mad at him? She don’t owe you s**t, in my opinion he does. If you loved yourself half as much as you try to portray you wouldn’t stay with someone that you obviously knows cheats on you. An then blame the women who aren’t in a committed relationship with you. You need to get a life. Because you obviously have none. Especially doing all this to a female to try an prove a point about a man your gonna stay with even after all the multiple different infidelities . It’s sad an seems alil obsessive that you seem to feel the need to get on here as different ppl an write about her. We all know it’s the same person. An it’s called harassment. If your so happy move on with your life an stop worrying about talking about her, obviously she’s not worried about you one lil bit. So a bit of advice. Move on….

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