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Lee Davis aka Malik Davis aka Malik Davidson is a scam artist

Lee Davis is the name I saw on his debit card. Aka Malik Davis, aks Malik Davidson, aka Lee Malik Davis (based on a check stub he showed me on his phone). Aka Omar2015 on I had a short situationship with Him Jan/Feb of 2019. He claimed to want to marry me. Told me he loved me. I knew it was too soon. I thought it was weird how he’d disappear for hours and half a day but when we were together would also answer his texts. Said his birthday was Nov 14 and that he was 44. Not sure if true. Said he was a scorpio. Currently using phone #s 214-457-3655 and 682-559-2697. Driving a Mercedes Benz with Minnesota license plate 538 RHL that he claims to have gotten for an ex gf but she gave it back after she cheated.

It was an argument every time I’d bring up using condoms as he had all the signs of a fuckboi but said he hadn’t slept with anyone since Sept of 2018. Claims to be a welding engineer working at 20801 Krameria Ave, Riverside, CA 92518. Using the email address when he gave me that email address was when I realized his last name wasn’t Davidson but Davis. Claimed to be renting an airman in Bellflower. I believed he was staying with a woman he was dating based off the fact that he would text me all day while at work but barely in the evening and claimed to doze off. One weekend he claimed to have a migraine so bad that he went to the ER and that’s why he couldn’t make it out to Santa Monica to see me. Not sure why the above poster said he is dangerous. I hope she means in terms of potential STDs and heartbreak, which is still horrific. I didn’t get a violent vibe from him, but you never know…

Luckily I asked a whole lot of questions early into dating him and insisted on seeing some form of ID after which my girls googled the h**l out of him and finally found this site… I hope this post helps the next woman from wasting her time or getting an STD. Praying I will be ok at the Dr’s office…

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5 comments on “Lee Davis aka Malik Davis aka Malik Davidson is a scam artist

  1. I knew it was too good to be true says:

    What did the doctor say🙄
    I’ve been involved with this man and my friend felt something off about him so she googled him.. As I’m reading your story I literally said b**** this is literally like what we’re going through and doing right now like at this moment it was crazy and I felt beside myself.

    1. I am currently talking to Malik now. I am very Spiritual and I was led to this page for a reason. I called him out on this b.s. and he admitted he has a baby and asked if I was going to post about him? Smh. He said all this s**t was from 4 yrs ago and I said no. It’s as recent as last yr. I met him on and he said I was everything he was looking for and a wife. He wanted to fly me out the first day I talk to him. He is in Dallas. FYI, Ladies don’t give your goods up to nobody. Know your worth. We video chatted, but thank G*d I I didn’t go see him.

      1. Nikki says:

        LMBAO………He got caught again! This guy is a straight up NARCISSIST!!
        He lied again, posts and comments about him go way back to 2013!!
        He’s been exposed by so many females. Read all the comments under his old # (843)597-7552.
        Did you tell ask him about Jaime Sunshine Brown? The female who supposedly in a so called relationship with him? He’s got kids all over! That baby ain’t the only one.
        LMFBAO……he wanted to know if you were going to post about him?? What did you tell him?
        I guess the female who 1st commented on here too isn’t the only one who almost fell into his lies and deceit.
        You gotta post a picture of his profile on here as well so females know exactly who he is.

        1. T... says:

          D**n! I didn’t know you could see my whole name. Lol. Oh well. IDC. I don’t speak to him any longer and I didn’t answer him when he asked. He reads all these comments and wondered why I would be upset since we never met or touched? I told him He touched my SOUL the minute we connected and that was deeper than anything! He is a sociopath and needs helps. Idk how many children he has. He lies about too much. I feel for those children. Hope others see this before they fall for his bullshit. He won’t stop. He is unstable. What a empty life I told him he has. I also told him the Devil has his soul. I can’t give him my energy anymore. He was removed from the dating app. I reported him and he was blocked so I don’t have his profile anymore. It was still Omar2015 thou. He is exposed all over this internet. On too Hope it helps anyone else who should be searching anyone they meet!!! before going see him or sending pics of yourself. Take Care

  2. Kadney says:

    This guy is a con artist!!! He was ” dating ” my daughter scammed her for her money promised her he would marry her,when this f*** boi is married!!! I believe him and his wife are both in on the game in scamming women to again their finances plus..,hes crooked as fu**!! Everything he does,he puts on the charm to intimidate women. I urge you too run from this guy and report him to authorities!!! We have and they are on to him. Don’t believe anything he tells you,he thinks he can get away with this.. Old a*s !!!
    He uses Marco polo to send his nude photos..not sure if he has any clue that THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW AND CONSIDERED A FELONY!!! HE THINKS BY POSTING ON THIS SITE HE WONT BE CAUGHT..BOY IS HE WRONG!! BEWARE WOMEN!!

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