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Konstantinos Manolarakis from Alimos, ATHENS, Greece

Konstantinos Manolarakis from Alimos, ATHENS, Greece is an online scammer. He tried to victimize me on eBay and steal over $2850usd. His scam started when he asked to move the transaction outside of eBay. Initially, I understood his concern of being charged a 25% import duty to Greece. He tried to convince me to make a listing for $25 on eBay for a high priced item. Then pay the rest on paypal. I told him I only sell on eBay and do not sell outside of the selling platform. He agreed and paid the asking price. IMMEDIATELY after paying he did a chargeback. So it looked as though he paid, but really didn’t. This was an attempt to get me to ship the item before I noticed I was not paid. Luckily, eBay showed the payment as ”processing” and I never shipped the item. When the order was canceled for non-payment, he began making threats and saying he was the National Police for Greece. I feel this was an attempt to extort me into sending him the item.

He used this contact information for his scam:
Kostas Manolarakis
Apollonos 3A
Alimos ATHENS, GREECE 17456
Phone:0030 6955732280


His scams:
1. Moving transaction outside of eBay
2. Pay for item then file a dispute as item is shipped
3. Impersonating a national officer to induce contract

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