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Kimberly Brown — Allentown, New Jersey

This is a wild one right here. Thought she was safe because she looks innocent then I wake up to her breaking into my house in the middle of the night going through my kitchen drawers needless to say this crack head stole all of my silver spoons out of my house over the course of 2 months that I was dealing with her. I had to have a new security system put on my house. Shout out to ADT for keepin a real n***a safe From the spoon stealin , dope shootin, d**k suckin, thot .. please be ware she comes off nice and sweet then a couple weeks in she drops the bomb that she “casually” uses drugs. Ps: I fear for my dogs life that she might steal it , I have a pure bred dog and I’m afraid she might steal it and sell it for drug money. Also she stole my brand new roll of my Reynolds wrap aluminum foil I have no idea why but who knows why these birds do what they do. Stay safe and sucka free.

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5 comments on “Kimberly Brown — Allentown, New Jersey

  1. james says:

    damned crickheads!

  2. John R McNamara says:

    She will take you right to the bank that is her. MO. She will bounce from guy to guy to guy and you are right she is great in the beginning real sweet and innocent but beware her motives or only for your money and there’s no remorse in her whatsoever she totaled a car and has done over $2000 worth of damage the stuff in my home

  3. Ryan says:

    Is that head game dope tho?

    1. Great head. Nutted all in that mouth and p***y, 10/10 would f**k her face and s****h again. But she’s a narcissistic pathological liar with some very very deep-seated psychological issues soooo 0/10 hope i never see this thot again in my life. If interested she’s tricking out of the clarion hotel right now on us-1 in Princeton, 609-604-9114. 120 will get ya 15 mins, 160 a half hour, and I think like 260 for the hour. She’s def not worth the hour but she’s not worth much of anything so I digress.

  4. Clarion hotel says:

    609-604-9114. Hit her up. Decent bj but she’s a horn ball so that kitty is always wet.

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