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John Degraw — Las Vegas, Nevada

JD Degraw aka John Allen Degraw living in Las Vegas, NV has smoked so much meth that his d**k shrank! His nickname is Tick Tack D**k because his d**k is so tiny!

Smoking meth doesn’t get JD high anymore, so he shoots speedballs, meth and heroin combined, in his d**k veins with a needle! JD’s d**k has blisters and open b****y wounds on it from him shooting up in his d**k veins.

John Allen Degraw in Las Vegas, NV is HIV positive and is a closet queer! HE SECRETLY DATES GUYS AND USES WOMAN FOR GAY S*X AND APPEARANCES SAKE! HE IS BISEXUAL!

That’s a picture of JD with his mother before she died. JD would yell at her and beat her when he was high on meth! Notice that she doesn’t look very happy standing next to her meth-addicted bald toothless loser son!

JD is bald. He wears a bandana 24-7 to cover his bald head, he sleeps and showers with his bandana on his head, LOL!. If you see him, then grab his bandana off his bald head, ROFL!

We’ll be posting more pictures and posts.

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One comment on “John Degraw — Las Vegas, Nevada

  1. pnut says:

    D**n, that hardcore s**t there.

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