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Jen Demura — Brooklyn, New York

It’s a simple story however with psycho never ending bullshit. Jen Demura is a decent looking 7 out of 10, is eager as h**l to please, and easy to f**k. Jen is the kind of girl who’ll let you do whatever you want so you date for a bit, at minimal effort, knowing she’s in your back pocket and not really worrying about it. Meanwhile, you’re out there pursuing the golden goose and trying to get a real 10. The more you hang out with Jen you realize she’s actually a 6 out of 10, is super annoying, boring, and desperate. And naturally, the death stone is cast and you’re over it because the truth Jen is never going to cut it no matter how great a doormat she is. You also get that creepy feeling from her, the kind you only get from the truly desperate chicks with zero self-esteem. You start feeling s****y about yourself for being with someone like her and know it can’t go on any longer. A pregnancy scare with this girl is a nightmare. Jen Demura is only good enough to have your abortion and nothing else! Though I have suspicions she might just be trying to pocket some cash. Anyways, you dump her. The End. No not quite. Jen cannot help but stalk exes, their families, their friends, and the new person you’re with persistently and psychotically. This psycho b***h cannot let go and has a “rich” imagination, believing relationships and feelings exist where they don’t. It goes from flattering, to reassuring (you’ve got someone you can always f**k no matter what), to irritating and straight up embarrassing and creepy. Nothing stops this girl, not phasing her out, not ignoring her, not telling her off. Unless you really want to have someone who has no boundaries and will chronically bother you and your family/friends for the rest of your life, do not go near this girl. Giving her your phone number is like volunteering to be added onto a telemarketers call list. Your email will be bombarded with nauseating life updates, emotional realizations, and other nonsense you could not give a s**t about. Hey Jen, you’re in your 30s and no one’s ever proposed to you. Pull it together. You are the perfect example of a Girl To Use, not a Girl to Love. You’re basically ego masturbation. There’s about two dozen good reasons no one thinks your marriage material and stalking exes even when you have a boyfriend isn’t making things better. Keep all this “can’t let go of the past, let’s be in each other’s lives forever up” and I guarantee no one is gonna be in your life forever, you are dying alone after being toyed with for s***s and giggles every now and then. But even for a hook up, you’re just not worth the energy and the aggravation of being stalked after. Not only you do you suck in bed, are too needy for attention, untrustworthy, and have that ugly mole on your face, you can’t respect the needs and wishes of those others like those who have rejected you. So much for your being a “humanitarian”. Take a break from “saving the world” and try saving some face and stop hunting after men who don’t give a s**t.

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