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I dont know where to start!! I feel like such an idiot!! I do NOT want anybody to make the same mistake!! This selfish narcissistic a55hole is Jacob Medina of [LONDON ONTARIO]! I first met Jacob medina on Bumble. He seemed perfect, handsome, had his s**t together.Hed make me laugh with his dumb rhymes, snap chats, emojis. He raved ATTENTION and I gave it!! He thought systematic racism was funny, but that was his only flaw! So I THOUGHT!!!!! Things heated up! We were meeting quite often!! He always played the “poor me” card saying stuff like how crazy his exs were, how bad they treated him, I felt for him. I didnt see it til now hed mirror all my likes and dislikes I trusted him for that. All my interests were also his interests?? I love nature hed start sending me pics of him saving pigeons!! WTF!! It gets weirder!!! When we hung out hed constantly try and snap shots of me. At first cute but now I think about it FUKIN creepy!!!! He would make fake accounts that he was getting stalked or then send them to me!!! Things didnt add up! A real SOCIOPATH!! We could only meet at my appartment, do things in the car or around his house. He used the pandemic as an excuse and I bought it. He wouldnt even give me his number! Our only contact was through Bumble and snap. Something was f****n weird!!!! I asked a mutual friend KM and he pretty much confirmed it. Jacob would be out with someone else as hed just hide me from his stories, I later on contracted an STD which will stay with me forever please please beware of this manwhore woman user!!!

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