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Geoffrey Palmer — London, United Kingdom

There’s a lot of action on Geoffrey’s big boat. He gets to see it all through several peepholes strategically placed throughout, looking into where all the paid hookers are f*****g his guests. He watches on a monitor while Keisha or one of the other whores try and make something happen with his limp noodle. V****a doesn’t help much but he works the girls to tears, keeps them trying over and over to make something magical happen. Keisha says it’s a d**n miracle if something ever pops, but he has a special guest that works better than the others for achieving a semi-erection – Charles Dorfman, the London movie director. Apparently Charles has a special ladyboi he likes and this is something that gets Geoffrey off, too. When Charles isn’t being actively recorded, Geoffrey will watch the secret loops he’s already made, over and over. It must make him feel kind of like a director, himself. The ‘talent’ is all recruited through Emily Coral, floozy and madame pimp to the wealthy. Fun times on the pervert’s boat. London, Cabo, wherever they happen to be floating. Keisha felt cheated and said she was the only dark-skinned girl on the boat and Geoffrey kept having her fetch drinks like she was a damned waitress. She didn’t get called back and she worked as a slave trying to get the old b*****d hard, then treated like s**t when he knew how hard she was trying to get him off.

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2 comments on “Geoffrey Palmer — London, United Kingdom

  1. ds33 says:

    Old perverts should give it a rest and just enjoy the grand babys. But some peepers are creepers til the end. lol None of this s**t surprise me anymore.

  2. jilli says:

    He need new crew after they peep his secret. Nasty old man.

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