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Geno Indorato — Murrieta, California

Geno and I had been dating for two years. At first, he was amazing and would tell me how I was only the 2nd woman he has ever loved. We blended our families (his daughter and my children). For the first 6 months, we were in bliss. Then out of nowhere, he started his mood swings, saying how he needed space. We went through this where when he needed space, I gave him space to be alone or be with his guy friends. What I now have found out is he would go to his friends’ house and then he would pick up on girls and tell them how he is a single dad raising his daughter alone because his ex is an alcoholic and selfish. What he didn’t bother to tell the girls was that I had his daughter and pretty much raised her for the past two years. So while he was out whoring around, I was helping his daughter go from failing to straight A’s. Recently, I found out he was picking up young women in the LA area, Murrieta area, and San Diego. He would tell me he was sleeping at his friend’s house to have guy time, then after saying good night to me and his daughter, he would have his friend drop him off at this 25-year-old girl’s house and then get picked up in the morning. Now, mind you, we are supposedly exclusive and not having protective s*x. Come to find out, he is sleeping around unprotected. So I am not sure what he has since I started to see that he would burn after he finished. I questioned him continually and he blamed it on his “IC’ condition. And stupid me believed it until recently when his friends finally told me about the 25-year-old girl, the strippers, and hookers and other girls he would go home with when he was with them. They felt bad and kept telling him to stop but he would say it was none of their business. Girls can fall in love with him easily. He also will tell you your physical flaws so you start to feel bad with your image even if you start feeling very confident. So Beware girls!!!! The snake is out!!!!

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