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Fran Renna is a predator looking for people to manipulate. Fran has spent her entire life lying, cheating, stealing, scheming, manipulating and swindling every person, business and organization she has ever come into contact with. Fran, while married has had numerous affairs with married men and was even caught by her former husband having s*x with their dog. Fran will do anything for money, including leaving her father on the floor to die and torturing her mother to death for her money. Fran is a failure as a daughter, wife, mother and friend. Fran likes to play the victim, however she victimizes everyone. Fran says G*d speaks to her and tries to portray herself as so holy. She is a sanctimonious hypocrite always looking for people to use. Fran volunteers at churches in Southern California and steals items from the donation centers intended for the poor and needy and sells the items on line. Fran has been collecting disability from California Retired Teachers Association for over 25 years claiming she is partially blind, this is just another one of the frauds she has perpetrated. Fran shoplifts from stores and sells the merchandise on line. Fran uses many different names to perpetrate her schemes, these are only a few. May 24, 1958 is Frances’s birth date. Frances’s age is 62. Her current address is listed as 14 Wayfarer Irvine, California. 92614 The current phone number listed is 949-733-0608. The list of alternative names for Frances includes Frances G Renna, Francesca Renna. Francis Renna Ruggle, Frances R Ruggles, Fran R Ruggles, Frances Ruggles, Francis G Rennaruggle, Frances C Renna, F Rennaruggles, Fran Ruggles, Frances Renna Ruggles, Franc G Ruggles, Frances G Rennaruggles, Frances Renna, Francesca Ruggles, Fran Renna Ruggles, Frances Rennaruggles BEWARE OF THIS SOCIOPATH

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