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Flavio Almeida, Gracia Barra — Phoenix, Arizona

As schools, businesses, sporting events, and most gatherings are being canceled most Jiu-Jitsu schools in the world have decided to shut down to avoid the spread of Corona Virus. Gracie Barra, a franchise of hundreds of Jiu-Jitsu schools across the country has decided that people not showing up for Jiu-Jitsu and canceling and pausing memberships would be bad for business. Executive Director and Head Moron Flavio Almeida thought it would be a good idea to keep all schools open because his black belt gives him the right to give out medical advice. Eighty percent of the individuals who contract the Coronavirus only experience mild symptoms and recover quickly. The data also indicates that healthy children are the least vulnerable to this new virus. Here are some of the really great quotes from the moron non-black greedy animal that could care less about his students and their families: With a Gracie Barra Student population built primarily by children and adults ranging from 25 to 45 years of age, the risk of severe health complications is not a concern Wash your hands frequently, wash your uniform, and take a shower after practice, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. This is a crucial time to make your health a priority and do all you can to boost your immunity. This means eat well, sleep well, consider taking additional supplements to boost your immunity systems, and of course, keep training!  In summation, this greedy piece of trash leading the greedy organization of Gracie Barra says since typically people under 45 don’t get too sick, you should come to wrestle and roll around with people and spread it. Then take it out in the community and spread it to everyone else. Even other schools have shut down against the recommendation of dumbo Flavio Almeida like the famous Romulo Barral who is offering free online lessons. This punk moron immigrates to the United States and has absolutely no regard for the population. I originally didn’t like that Ralph Gracie smashed his front two teeth into the back of his throat, but now I can see that he definitely deserved it.

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One comment on “Flavio Almeida, Gracia Barra — Phoenix, Arizona

  1. Bruce says:

    He trying to chop your wallet and karate kick you in the nuts to risk your life and keep his own check coming through.

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