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Ericka Travers — Bangor, Maine

Former IV drug user with several drug charges and convictions (heroin). Professional adult entertainer and escort who tricked a man into getting her pregnant to escape a 12 year prison sentence for drug distribution which she’s currently still on probation for. Has managed to stay working in these types of establishments even though against her probation. When she finally got her first real job she had an affair with her boss. After she finished with him she turned to her long time customer Edward Goguen (Assistant music teacher) Husson College.

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3 comments on “Ericka Travers — Bangor, Maine

  1. kendall says:

    Edward Goguen paid for this p***y !

    1. Benjamin Travers says:

      Hahahaha yes and still paying for it! I would’ve thought he was smarter than that…oh well better him than us! Lmao

  2. Ericka Travers says:

    Hey Ben,
    We both know you and I both wanted a baby & meant to have our son- did I trick you into our 13 years together too? We also both know I don’t have any heroin convictions & the only strippers/escorts in our life were the ones you cheated on me with. I also never had an “affair with my boss.” I dated a coworker after I left you & you know that. Ed & I met at the Sea Dog. Anyone who knows him knows he’s way too financially responsible to go to a strip club &, unlike you, has respect for women so you sound ridiculous. Why are you still obsessed with me and my partner? Jealous? You tell lies, I tell the truth. If you didn’t post lies about me, I wouldn’t have to tell the truth about you. The only thing you should be worried about anyone paying for is you paying the child support you owe me. Close to 20k now. We’ve provided for all of your son’s emotional, spiritual, & financial needs since you abandoned him- you should be thanking Ed for being an incredible father to your son instead of perpetuating lies about him. You didn’t want a 50/50 partnership so I found someone who did & now it bothers you- why??? Disappear from my life the way you disappeared from our son’s life, please.

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