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Emmylou knops liar' family breaker

So this dumb b***h lied to me we where home girls for ever. She said she wasn’t cheating on her man with this lame then she turns around and post on snap chat them together! She had me thinking her husband was a bad person the hole time which is weird because he never was. So she lied to me and the rumors are true she had her own kids around this lame. Who does that bring there cheating right in front of her own kids!!!! Well her is you watering hole you dirty b***h!

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547 comments on “Emmylou knops liar' family breaker

  1. loulou says:

    Emmylou made her choice for her kids. Her new man is solid, a good provider and drives a car that isn’t stolen. This is an improvement for her. He’s even thinking about selling his car, with the good rims, and buying a minivan so they can all visit family together, taking the kids toys and games with them when they travel. Overall, she’s happy and he’s happy. The little one is even starting to call him papa, it’s so cute.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Sound’s like BS. I’ve known her for a long time she f’d up. And now the truth is coming out. The truthe always does in these tragedy’s

    2. Manny says:

      Sounds like your ok with Adultery and breaking up families.

    3. Anonymous says:

      So your ok with cheating and breaking up a family?

      1. Ice57 says:

        Seen this to meany times, how they cheated and broke a family is how there new relationship will end. Cheaters never Prosper.

    4. Adrianna says:

      So let me get this one straight “loulou” emmy”lou” made the choice to cheat for her kids. And all you care about is what the cheater provides Monetarily. D**n the kids. Right. I’m a real mother These millenials Are a disgrace to real motherhood And the honor of being a wife. Sounds like From everything I have read emmy”lou” Check out on her responsibilities and is being seen for what she is. And who cheats on their spouse in front of their kids like the other people said shame.

    5. Anonymous says:

      Nope, lies, and more lies

      1. Anonymous says:

        Lies? What lies is this person saying lies reading the statements left by this post from loulou’s right?!?! If this is the friends of emmylou I can see why there ok with her cheating………..

      2. Ady says:

        Crack whores and rim jobs this girl be lieng to herself when she get lit on crack how can you live with yourself you bird b***h!

      3. Melissa says:

        Kind of jard to say its a lie qhen your cracked out and your new solid man is the one feeding you dope. Just saying these two desrve each other misery and ego’s love fake company! So sad she can’t fix it and just wants to be in a dream world doped up.

    6. Anonymous says:

      I can’t believe you would allow your son to call anyone papa, let than their actual father! That’s just bullshit! Terrible parenting!

    7. Jasmine says:

      Sooo. She made a choice to cheat for her kids. Does this Hoe take no responsibility for her own actions’.’.’.! Sounds like she made her own choice and now blames it on her kids great parent! People like this should be made not to have kids ever again.

    8. Anonymous says:

      So she likes rims and giving other guys that’s not her husband rim jobs.

    9. Daryell says:

      This b***h isn’t divorced and started another life lol! So go one tell me how this works again. We all know how this ends up must be drugs and low lives ! From solid to down beat motel dope w***e. Well they had a false start!

    10. Jose says:

      Seen that guy at some local show’s no real Relevance at all. Hype man s**t,, Seen Emmylou with her daughter, be more of a mom than a groupie at show’s.
      Lesson 1 don’t f**k the Hype Man. Lesson 2 don’t cheerlead your daughter into being a s**t like you.
      Everything else well. You knew and still played games from the read on here. To The Real Man! for being a Real Man! Real Father! respect!

    11. Kevin says:

      New man? b***h still married what a doped out Psycho!!!!! She did her husband a favor for being wicked and scandalous as h**l crazy read I got from this never believe your own lies and never go full r****d and people like loulou should be made never to have kids if you cant be a real parent. There people have it hard still great parents this loulou is a sorry piece of s**t had it all handed to her. so wicked what a bad person to do that to her own children

    12. Boogstar says:

      Yo not relevant’ yo lie trap ho yo no what yo did. The real pepz ain’t got nothin for you loulou. Aka emmy keep lying and believing in yo lies yo no wat it do’ be killin yo insides mentally from playing games wid a real n***a dat held yo down yo disrespectful trap ho

    13. Kemil says:

      HaHa that N***a A Hype Man!!! Great up trade Bird B***h!!! BraaaaaHaaa!

    14. Maria says:

      Emmylou plane and simple your a piece of s**t and a f*****g disgrace! Worst of all you know that deep down keep fronting b***h you have to live with yourself at the end of the day. we see through your fake smiles an lie’s;)

    15. Chantel_89 says:

      I would call myself different names to hide emmylou if I did only 10% of what you did you dumb b***h. Same with your s***k as f*k boy Daddyoso plain games in a grown world it’s just a sad look for you two great start to a providing life!lol! Tweeker as hoe!

    16. Melissa says:

      Yup to lie about your child you abused and don’t care about state that there calling a f**k boi “father” that’s truly PATHETIC! Loulou aka emmylou your a special kind of Narcissistic piece of s**t scank PERIOD babe❤😘

    17. Gracia says:

      Lol liar what a P.O.S lou lou you r scum plain an simple even home wreckers have more class then her. I hope she loves living in her lies.

  2. Garette says:

    So LouLou your ok with cheating then, the cheater is a “good provider” can’t this emmylou provide for herself? O wait she cheated and had her kids around this other guy….looks like her Priorities are not in order. This world is upside down. The moment people are ok with cheating and in front of there own kids its a d**n shame. This new Generation has things twisted. Sounds like she wasn’t happy and cheated and got caught up so sad for the kids.

  3. Capionio says:

    Emmylou must be making the rounds on these sites. So I will say this again. I know her husband thought. It looked like her. Her husband would work hard for years and would hold her and there children in the greatest light. I know this to be true because when he would be working hard he always expressed it was for them. For all these years it was “for them” feel sorry for there kids. Emmylou if you ever read this you should be a shamed. And if your cheater reads this. Your not a man. I can’t believe you would do this to your own children. And a great man. Your family. I pray he never see’s this. Your a bad person.

  4. Anonymous says:

    D**n I know her husband thought. It looked like her. Her husband would work hard for years and would hold her and there children in the greatest light. I know this to be true because when he would be working hard he always expressed it was for them. For all these years it was “for them” feel sorry for there kids. Emmylou if you ever read this you should be a shamed. And if your cheater reads this. Your not a man. I can’t believe you would do this to your own children. And a great man. Your family. I pray he never see’s this. Your a bad person.

  5. Adrianna says:

    So let me get this right loulou ” your
    Friend emmy”lou”. Cheated in front of her kids for Monetary reasons. Sounds like emmy”lou” After reading this story and comments I’m a real mother. She is a disgrace to real motherhood and the sanctity of being a real wife. This kind of story only ends one way how she got in to this relationship with that cheater is how she will receive getting cheated on later and honey up grade not down grade babe. And if emmy”lou” Reads this I am your husband’s 1st ex wife you lost out on a great man. And you know it deep down inside. The worst part is you lost him for ever honey. With your cheating

  6. Adrianna says:

    So let me get this right “loulou” emmy”lou” is still married to her husband “emmy”lou” cheated in front of her kids for monetary reasons. That’s shallow and a disgrace to real real mother hood. I’m her husband first X. The fact that you cheated on him deep down inside it burns. He won’t come back to you now and you know that. Have fun with your choices you look like your winning in the photo. O and honey upgrade not down grade

  7. Bethany says:

    So let me get this right. “Loulou” from what i read your friend emmy”lou” cheated for Monetary reasons in front of her own kids. Sounds like emmy”lou” Has an ego And got complacent and checked out on her husband. That she is still married to by the way! That is called cheating and a bad mother and home wrecker. O and honey up grade not down grade! I’m a real mother real woman don’t do what she did. A real mother and wife handles theirs. We don’t go looking somewhere else while married.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’ve known her man for over 17 years, he’s not perfect (as no human is) but he’s a good man! He works hard for his family, and loves his kids. Everything he does is for them! I can’t believe all of this c**p that she has done! It’s disgusting! In front of your kids!? Seriously!? You are a special kinda piece of s**t! That man worked his a*s off so you could be a comfy stay at home mom, and you spend his dimes on your bullshit… also stealing money from him, cheating, and being abusive….. anyone who winds up with this hoe, you get what you get. Don’t turn your back and trust her. Oh and btw, what kind of mother ALLOWS her young teen daughter to do drugs and have s*x with boys in her house under her watch!? What mother doesn’t go see her kids!?Seriously? That’s just insanity. Don’t even try to call yourself a good person! Why would try to say that he had a stolen car, when that is the furthest thing from the truth! But you and your new man gonna get a van, to visit who? The kids you abused that you haven’t seen lately? You are lowest of low, and deserve NOTHING, but the misery you brought to yourself! How dare you take advantage of one of the few good ones! Don’t believe ANYTHING this lying b***h says! You get what you put out!

  9. Bradley says:

    So that firat comment must be this emmylou or her friend. It really doesn’t matter because that part of this sad story just admitted that she is still married. cheated. Doesn’t see her own kids. And likes rims and vans better than her own kids and husband. Does any one else see the direction this is going??????? What a c**t.

  10. Fredrick says:

    Yes, You believe in the company you keep. If her husband is a hard working man. And this new guy she clearly cheated with is better as LouLou states. Then they deserve each other and the misery that will soon come from breaking a part emmylou’s family. (Clearly emmylou didn’t care about her own family…mental). They will get in the end how they came into this. When that rock bottom hits…. stay clear it will be worse than this. They deserve to be free and dumb. While her x husband and children she doesn’t clearly see and committed this betrayal in front of deserves to be free and clear of this insanity. And for the cheater well look at him. Not the brightest, and looks like he is only concerned about himself. Emmylou looks hurt. Well don’t do what you did smart a*s! And from the other comment if she abused her kids There is a special place in h**l for people like that.

  11. SteveJr says:

    Is it cheating when the relationship is over for both but the paperwork hasn’t been updated? Everyone deserves to be happy, and if two people make a solid connection, the kids know this and the overall mental health of everyone involved improves. I’m not a counselor or social worker but know that a lot of relationships are miserable “for the sake of the kids.” The kids know this intuitively and all suffer when the “tradition” is already “broken.”

    1. Anonymous says:

      with emmylou cheating while they where still married. Hiding it until she got caught. And know its ok??? I’m no counselor but Common sense goe’s a long way. And according to other statements from people that actually know these people on this cheater board Doesn’t sound like their children are happy at all with emmylou. What real mother wraps up there children in this! And if people make a solid connection how about doing things the right way instead of breaking a part families Or is that just too hard for 2 cheaters to do again that’s why they’re on here make no mistake of it. And let’s be honest the guy is definitely a sancho. It’s funny how people hide behind false truths… A real man would wait for that relationship to be 110% over but then again look what you’re dealing with a hoe. Just like everybody says their new relationship will end how it started. An that guys is no real man. From what people say that know them on here.

      1. Jackson says:

        F**k that fake sancho still a fake lil b***h he aint no one aint never gonna be no one PERIOD!

    2. Anonymous says:

      Sounds like this guy is the sancho lol

      1. Sk says:

        If SteveJr if your the cheater. your not a real man and a peace of s**t. What real man creeps into another mans house that has kids that aren’t yours. I’ve known them both for years! I know what happened don’t try and play the victim! You low life. And if your not steve learn not to Be philosophical over a w***e & faker.

    3. Nick says:

      I know this b***h! She’s from east county el cajon. Her x before john “sickboy” is on megans law for being a Pedophile! Wow… even when she had it good she went back to drugs and losers great way to teach your kids to be f’ed up and your daughter to be a sloot! She use to F me when she was dating john. Can’t turn a hoe into a house wife sad for her husband and kids. D**n Emmy you always wanted to do something with your life. I guess this is it loser lol! slores don’t change and now you have drd’s. Great

    4. Rick says:

      I go on here on cheater board to check out my x who did the same thing. Sounds like lil stevejr is explaining why he cheated with her.Lol. well here’s you gold stay for being a special kind of stupid

    5. M says:

      Ha’Ha Steve aka other ‘man’. She lied to you. You think you know some one look at your situation for how it started and where it is and how it will end ha’ha’ha’ha. O. top of you being the sancho……perfect. candidate

    6. Erica says:

      I no BS when i see it- Lieng as b***h she did it all for dope Hard to fix something when your cracked out and being D**k down by someone else you stupid b***h! Up using and abandoning your kids for that piece of ship and drugs you deserve what you get in karma! No REAL MOTHER doe’s what your doing d**n tramps R so Entitled because whether they see it or not they had everything handed to them and didn’t work for s**t and this is what it ends up being like every one else said “your a special kind of piece of s**t” !

    7. Anonymous says:

      Stevejr got to speak out loud to believe his own lie’s comical kid s**t lol

    8. Chantel_89 says:

      Stevejr lieng those kids had no choice emmy or daddoso who ever the one of you 2 our. But emmy can play mom to that couch hustlers kid now she got all that time being a burn out mental w***e! Best up trade ever on that tru down grade how that mini van life filled with lie’s b***h. She still trying to talk to my dude on dat side way to control tour Ho simpin! Do some more crack while you read this and tell us about it hype man!

    9. Chad says:

      This n***a was lied to by that crack w***e and thought there marriage was over what a simple monkeylol!

    10. Loulou is a fake bird b***h says:

      Loulou your a burnt narcissist with an ego….ain’t no real ones got time for that’ Brraaaa. 😘❤

    11. Chantel_89 says:

      Yup cheating you lied to your real husband still haven’t told him the truth ho! Shameful an now you and fagoso on a cheater site defending your love🤫🤭🤣😂✔🍿😎 …pathetic

    12. 8x8_DGAF says:

      F**k this cheater he’s a social media drop out fake as f*k loves to run and hide pathetic won’t tell loulou though to fake!. And this b***h loulou f**k her two ratty as b***h deserves curb service!!! Your lucky you X shows empathy!!! Mental a*s b***h what drop out hurts kids and hangs with paper work pedophiles an think there cool and f***s them both gutter! PERIODT

    13. B9 says:

      F**k that oso b***h hiding a*s n***a! No real man there chump handout for chump change. To that emmylou ha you get what you give you dirty disrespectful bird birch ha!

    14. Bandit says:

      Steve jr the kids didn’t know you lied your a simple simon a*s N”’a that can’t man up take pride in being scum that always ends so funny. To this abusive emmylou….

  12. Paige says:

    O honey I know emmylou’s real husband. Your suppose to up grade. Not down grade. The rest has already been said so sad for the children and her ‘in pass tense’ real husband.

  13. Nikki says:

    New something was up she was with that black guy riding around i. That ML MERCEDES. late at night making out. with teen daughter doing the same way to go Hoe. Being a trap a*s hoe and teaching your girl to be the same….here’s your star. I’ve even seen the pair at show’s being groupies. Get a real life. O you f****d that up! I’ve left comments on other cheating websites about what i saw her X is a public figure and a great man! Emmy is a true closet mental b***h that plays it cool and the victim role!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Yup. I’ve seen her with that sancho in eastlake she had the kids in the car with that black guy. What a dumb a*s it’s like she wanted to get caught I’ve even seen her daughter smoking weed in our apartment. Her (husband) is a great man an her boys. Wow not a good mom other! She did this all while he was away. So tell me what leg does loulou an stevejr have to stand on

  15. Chantel_89 says:

    Good to know this hoe has been talking to my friend on I.G! Seems like she’s having a mid life crisis talking to all kinds of Guys! So sad for her ex husband looked into his I.G. seems like a stand up Dude. Nothing heats me up more than a Trollop/S***k/Streetwalker like this that gives Motherhood and Wives a Tarnished Image. One day she’s going to have to come to terms with what she broke and how she broke it! So Scandalous Emmy! at the end you can hide but you know what you did! Burn Hoe Burn and stay away from my Dude on I.G and stay out of his DM’s get a real life, He don’t need yo Drama Homewrecker!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Back in the day she was fu$# me when she was w*t that John clown lol. Once a hoe still a hoe.

  17. Anonymous says:

    New something was up she was with that black guy riding around i. That ML MERCEDES. late at night making out. with teen daughter doing the same way to go Hoe. Being a trap a*s hoe and teaching your girl to be the same….here’s your star. I’ve even seen the pair at show’s being groupies. Get a real life. O you f****d that up! I’ve left comments on other cheating websites about what i saw her X is a public figure and a great man! Emmy is a true closet mental b***h that plays it cool and the victim role!

  18. Nick says:

    I know this b***h! She’s from east county el cajon. Her other X john “sickboy” is on megans law for being a Pedophile! Wow… even when she had it good she went back to drugs and losers great way to teach your kids to be f’ed up. She use to F#$%! me when she was dating john. Can’t turn a hoe into a house wife sad for her husband and kids. D**n Emmy you always wanted to do something with your life. I guess this is it loser lol! Whores don’t change and now you have std’s from her Great job.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Woooo makes sense,,,,, I live in town I’ve seen her in his car that Mercedes emmy’lou’s husband owns. I new that wasn’t her real man in the front seat holding hands. What a rancid azz B***h. I also have seen that sancho with other girlz too there great for each other !: so sorry for there kidz…… what a lady/street walker’ real class act” did she not know or forgot her husband is famous?!?! Stoopid ho!

    1. Chant_89 says:

      Good to Note this B***h goes by Emmy has veen hitting up my bro on IG! Stay away Trick a*s B***h! And stay out of his DM’s looks like you have your hands fool getting caught up with this other dude. So stay away from my boy HOE!

  20. Nicholas says:

    hoe from east county and her x boy friend on megans law named “john” or sickboy lol. before she got married to this new guy she just an east county w***e or how we call them lot lizards. So funny what a b***h doesn’t even care if she gots it good she’ll go back to drugs and loser’s great role model for your kids Emmylou lol. And to steve i no diz we use to f*k while she wid john da same bro how she hooked up with you we did lol how my d**k taste

  21. Anonymous says:

    “I study old buildings because I would rather learn from those who built civilization then from those who tore it down”

  22. Anonymous says:

    Yeah we use to F when she was cheating back in the day with sick boy. When she was stayin at da trap house with heather. check fo STD’S

  23. Chantel_89 says:

    Thos B***h a*s Hoe emmylou talking to my bro right now on IG stay out of my dudes DM’s b***h! Don’t you got your husband and this fool to deal with stop playin on my boi

  24. Anonymous says:

    This steve guy believes building connections with married like a sneak thief and goe’s around his kids. blows my mind how that is ok as a parent. Well steve when it happ3ns to let the web know how you feel then.

  25. Daquan says:

    Lou Lou done gave the ML Mercedes to her new n***a
    He gonna run the rims off his new ride
    All you haters gonna hate but his b***h even put the gas in the tank
    She keep it polish up nice an clean like
    He tryin to figure out how he can drop the kid off to the daddy
    They be wantin to move to Calfornia
    Dont need no dead weight
    Gonna look good cruzin down the beach
    H**l yeh, he want some new rims

    1. Anonymous says:

      Lol! This is what you call lies on top of divine comedy that sancho doesn’t have that car! But he can keep that W***e emmylou though Ha’ burnt. how does other dicks taste that she be F’n on the side besides that sancho lol!

      1. Tyron says:

        He can’t get his own ride so he jock’s the real husband. In what part he the winner! Sounds like D**k riding D**k envy Mixed in with a h**r that he feeds tweak If you need to drug a Ho to be a winner he loss before you even started. People like these loser’s always get it in the end

    2. Anonymous says:

      Talk to her X husband, i’ve known them for years. Hard to drop off the kids when you don’t have them.

      1. Toy killa says:

        All of you guys should have the Decency and not talk about their children. Show some respect to their kids.

      2. Anonymous says:

        So this just proves the point that emmylou is a w***e and likes rims and rim jobs cheated on her husband gave up on her kids so sad over a sancho. Point taken.

        1. Anonymous says:

          Realness out of respect I know them both people should stop talking about there kids. There Innocent and do not by all means. Deserve to be talked about when it comes to this BS. So keep there names and Mentions out all your mouths.

          1. Everett says:

            So from Daquan’s comment. This lou lou / emmylou likes being treated like a b***h than a wife and a slave to washing rims over her family. Wow so disgraceful. Would hope she had some self respect & she gave up her family for that. How low can you go.

    3. CC says:

      From this read Daquan can’t give what you don’t have hiding as n***a…lieng b***h made punk

    4. Mac says:

      Hahaa lieng as n***a. Very entertaining though….keep going peddleroso

    5. Kent says:

      Na u ain’y got it😂🤫🤭✔💯 pathetic POS😘❤🤥🤫 what ever makes you sleep at night fagOso lame gimp of a slob!

    6. Anonymous says:

      This f*g ain’t no real one haha keep hitting yourself in yo pancake face with lself made lies! an twisting yo s**t locks ain’t gonna do nun chump hah

    7. Efrin says:

      You is a b***h oso😭😂😭😂😭😂🤘💯 lou lou dis yo new kid u f**k have standards b***h

  26. REGGIE_ says:

    Sounds like this emmylou or
    lou lou will make a good
    bottom b***h.
    I got you girl lets get
    Diz Bread yo orela
    rock bottom baby
    lets go to the top!
    Orela shed dem wangs
    yo about dat streetlife
    Aint got no mo ties
    Come holla you like rides
    22’s on fleet sats babe

  27. Rajoul says:

    Ahhhh, partylife, hustlas and ho’s, rims and dope and big dreams and no idea how to get there other than in bullshit and busrides to tha parTee. Steal it or earn it or borrow it. Steal it most likely but risky. Earn it out of question without a clue. Best option to borrow it and ride it real slo thru town and pretend like sancho do. It make him so happy lou lou gonna borry it all the time, let sancho have his fun and don’t worry about steal or earn his ride. They not payin the $15 a hour in Mcdonalds in town. He tell her they found each other and both of them uptraded, they happy togethe r but he been lookin at new girl at the carwash. He always dreamin and thinkin up new raps to put down to these bitchs. He earns his everyday.

    1. Maryanne says:

      To the above comment and comments that support lou lou. If this is the people that loulou/emmylou Associates herself with. She gets what she deserves. They sound like real good friends. Calling her a b***h, talking about looking at other women already. Making her pay for everything. Sounds like fun. To this girl emmylou have a great time with the choices you made. Looks like your in greater company and having the time of your life.

    2. /o\ says:

      Rajoul sounds like fun. The great thing about these kids like this now a days they have to talk about everything to be relevant. Post everything. The old school guys. Never talked. Reading all these comments. Looks like loulou/ emmylou made her choice sounds like a good one;). Must be nice to make fun of destroying a family. Dearly noted. The after math is always fun till it stops.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Sounds like the up trade is working out just fine for all! Sancho and loulou get rims and rim jobs. And her x walks away clean.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I no emmylou’s man. Sad to see her on here, but like always you pay to play. I don’t know this “sancho” have to care either. but if there gonna make a play on him I or his ride and kids, to disturb there peace. believe and hope they would know better. And just to put it out there. Because her x man wiped his hands of her and this after affair she started
        And cheated on him and the kids. She dues not have any custody of her boys. And that car is owned by him and they do not have it or access legally to get it. So make your threats have your fun. There noted across this world wide. °

        1. Charles says:

          So meany lies this new generation doesn’t know how to stop believing in there own lies to the point it breaks up families. So sad.

        2. Chanyel_89 says:

          Yeah that up trade is working good on that burnt down grade and if that sancho caught feelings on that Hoe enough to defend her on a cheating websites they truly deserve each others BS.

        3. Anonymous says:

          So loulou went from saying he’s a good provider etc. The cheater saying she’s a b***h that puts gas in the tank ,,,,,,great up trade. You guys are doing nice in your new relationship! Bestie’s ghost’in

          1. Anonymous says:

            Yeah sounds like in loulou’s word real “solid” this guy already says he’s looking at other hoe’s

    4. Alice says:

      To Rajoul aka hype boy cheater your fake it to make it and now the world see’s it your weak. Try this one make your own earn your own destroy your own keep nothing but a contemp for what you help broke no real man breaks a family for what you did you will burn in H**l

    5. Rukus says:

      Haha rajoul sounds like all hype mumble n***a’s with know talent

    6. Anonymous says:

      FagOso a loser dream peddler

  28. Slab-G*d 404 says:

    Ya dat b***h looks ran thro she no she dyin on the inside keep up da great workz lou lou ya picked a winner

  29. trei says:

    lou lou say she look ghosted
    she been in tan booth ever other day trying to get darker for the sancho
    her x must be payin the bils or she playin for pay cause sancho dont got no work skill
    he dont even got no work boot just sandal and nikes
    the kids better with x then w*t her
    she a triflin ho drop baby off an get tan for the no count sancho

    1. Lexia says:

      D**n. So sad for loulou well you get what you put in and that adulture..what a find, not…I’m mean after reading all this BS, what real man knowingly goes into another mans house where his kids sleep. Dirt bag s**t. The truth can be like rain. It doesn’t give a f**k who it falls on. I guess that “sancho” guy she left her real MAN for has no life but to go on here and talk c**p about the emmylou aka loulou lady he cheated with. She made a GREAT CHOICE THERE! from the looks her real X doesn’t even care.

    2. Marcus /G\ says:

      Trei sounds like he’s the one that help break this family up. He has no remorse, looking at all his comments with fake names. when you do s**t like this we all know karma. So sad he thinks this is a game people feel themselves way to much and this is the end Resolve. Real men step up from what these comments say about her X while mice play online games

    3. Cheyenne says:

      Emmylou I don’t even no you gal but your great friends and i guess you new man, call you a b***h put you to work washing rims, calling you a hoe, triflin, talkin on how they use and abuse you. Yeah gal you made a bad choice to wreck your family and the people on here talking about kids. Is this truly what this country has came too. Get it together gal doesn’t look good the choices you have mad. SOOOooo sad for your children.

    4. AORN says:

      Sancho need to make sure his leg ok to bball 😅🤣🤣😂🤣😂😘❤🤫

  30. Marcus says:

    Bro, I F’D that s**t 2 months ago, swangin

  31. /o\ says:

    This is horrific I know her husband personally and emmylou. He is a good man. This should have never happened to them or the sancho person. To him you don’t know her husband and how he truly is. Even if he is known it does not matter. You don’t get stripes doing this to a family or around children. She has put her family at risk over choices like this Infidelity. Emmylou I pray your kids and husband never see this. I pray you move on and find peace to what ever caused you to destroy your own family. Peace is never found in the arms of men or women but in your own heart and soul. For when you do not have that there is no peace. Just a broken palace that can never be fixed. Find peace emmylou.

    1. Sarina says:

      F**k them that kid that cheated is a f*****g loser it is a game to both those b*****s like that she’s a mental case w***e. He can’t put words for s**t together aka rap or Rhym but can act Very Amateure. Classy real Men don’t act like that. Let them burn on this web. Them on here trying to make there ignorance right only proves how stupid and wrong they are. Makes nonsense but this is that b*****s pick over her kids & husband!?! (Loulou) I hope your s**t a*s has the time of your life Hoe looks like your of to a great start. What a bad person. What real woman does that to her family.
      Your X has the Decency not to even respond to you two from reading this s**t. after what you to b*****s put them through. Shows a lot about you two f*****g losers!

    2. Megan says:

      Her real Husband a great man, She chose to be a bad person

  32. Melissa says:

    Emmy is a hiding a*s b***h! But Nemo’s about to be single great for him can’t wait. People like him deserve Happiness for all they do. Emmy or ghetto a$$ ‘loulou’ you better stay away I have heard from friends what ya did b***h how can you look at yourself every day in a mirror baffles me. Who does that to a real man and there very own kids. Shame. And don’t worry Nemo will be just fine and is doing just fine without you babe.

  33. Anonymous says:

    If that is emmylou’s bestie how come we have never met him? Sounds like lies she cheated on her real man…….for that………for that…….. Misery loves company. Here Newly X is gonna live a great life with out this s**t…….. “uptrade” not “downtrade” ……….makes no sense………but if your crazy it never does………

  34. Hanio says:

    Real recognizes real and you don’t look familiar. Lil kid. Loulou is weak to let some one put something in her ear to poison her loyalty to some one that always been real. I’m glad the X stepped away from these kids playing games in real life. There children need a real parent. While she’s busy dreaming on bull s**t that ain’t clearly gonna pan out. and being a trap as w***e on the side.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Mentally disturbed b*****s like loulou don’t discard a good man like her X for some one Better! They discard people like her X for someone who can’t see their bullshit!

    1. Stacy says:

      There our no winners in a sad situation like this. I just pray the mother can live with what she did.

      1. Henry says:

        Yup… i hope a s**t no good homewrecker like that has a d**n hard time looking in the mirror every morning… scratch that a hard time looking at her own kin knowing what she did to them and there very own family. This type of s**t needs to stop.

  36. taylor says:

    Sancho the winner drivin the x Mercedes but just for now. It wont last long. One comment say he already found a new stupid Ho at carwash. He got a new dumbass polishin the wheels on someone else ride stupid. He get a flat pretty soon an the b***h better be ready to change the tire or he dump her a*s before x reposess the car when he find out.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Daddy oso ain’t no winner…watch….

      1. Alex says:

        Only fake f***s that say the win are losers and hypes and dis ho f*****g slum b***h crack heads respect there own kids more then her what a f**k up live your lie b***h it cost you everything

  37. Bradley says:

    If I looked in my driveway or garage and my Mercedes was missing, I’d call the police and report it stolen.
    If I claimed to be a friend of x and saw some sancho driving his car around town, I’d let him know – or call the police myself, that’s what friends do.
    I read comments saying x is a good man and you know him but don’t tell him his Mercedes is missing, what kind of friend are you?
    I think you all sancho friends

    1. Darell says:

      This new “good providers” of loulou only care about a car they don’t have and lie about. Also talk about treating the wife that cheated like a w***e and a slave great uptrade. Guess they did not read the comment on how they people that knows the X has the car also how his friends and people that know them don’t care about her or the cheater. But they still make a joke out of it that is called los8ng with grace lol!

    2. Stacy says:

      (Bradley) your a d**k rider

  38. Illuminated 3rd eye says:

    Don’t these people know there being /👁\.

  39. Chelsie says:

    I reading this -its a game to them. This is tragic what happened and all people want to do is make a Mockery of this. Emmylou picked a winner Is this guy is such a player why does he defend her still must caught feelings. The fact the x don’t care shows a lot. Good on that guy no one should have to re-live tragedy they didn’t Commit.

  40. Sarina says:

    Ha ha ha. Have to lie on the internet about a b***h that does not even deserve that lime light! Everything was in past tense. Remember cheating!!!!!!!!! These 2 did it behind her real x husbands back like sneak thieves. No honor!!!!!!!! In front of innocent children…..shame….. Real people stick with real people and defend REAL people. Hope you check for std’s.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Divine tragedy loulou said great, provider, he gonna sell the car with nice rims to get a van, but know there talking about she’s a b***h a car they don’t have and want to steal…. great uptrade. Saddest part of this story it started with Adult’ry and is ending in tragedy.

    1. /o\ says:

      I’m one of those friends that this sancho is talking about I’m amazed her husband hasn’t tripped. Shows a tradition of great morals and being humble. word around the camp fire the “X” only cares about his boys and there life in the aftermath. Not this abusive w***e emmy turned out be. Or that sancho kid. They should no better not to violate his peace or property. That’s on emmylou for inviting this mess into there home life. But wait children didn’t have a choice and husband was away. Friends from all walks of life came together when he came off a world tour. Amazing how that has working out now.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Brad this dude only cares about cars and his new hoe giving rim jobs. Classic.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I’m another one this sancho is assuming about. That car is not stolen lol!

        1. Jason_213 says:

          It’s funny this guy seem stressed out over the fact this w***e loulou’s X ain’t tripping now that he is back in town. Wanting a car that ain’t his. That’s so f*****g laughable If this was loulou’s bestie how come he never met the X sounds like lies on sancho behalf. Look at what your working with a s**t and a guy who’s bent on a s**t. An now they letting it all out on the internet what a f*****g joke! Fc7ked up part he did this and that s**t did this in front of kids karma!

        2. Tyron says:

          That sancho was a great provider and solid, looking very solid now!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Emmylou or her new ghetto name loulou sounds like welfare! She is a special kind of peace of s**t!

    1. Anonymous says:

      I’m another friend if you call it that. That brad mentioned. It’s hard to know when the b***h is hiding you. We know still to this day you never met face to face kid. No leg to stand on here. This is how the solid’ great provider’ up traded to lou lou. Well now have a blast with your bull s**t. that lasted long enouph to break up a family. An show them for what they are to the world. O and it looks like when the real man got off a world tour the village came together brad/henry go a head and defend a b***h that lie’s. you and lou lou doing great!

    2. Anonymous says:

      I go to school with her d**n she lied about all this so Scandalous

      1. Shawn says:

        The more loulou and the cheater write the more stupid they look. But again this is a cheater website for exposing them and there lies they just keep feeding into it prove this girls case that posted this up on here. And emmylou your a bad person. How low…..

      2. Chad says:

        Well brad or henry same person. It looks like the X found out and at the mean time it looks like its working out great for loulou and sancho!!! Reading your comments how does a player catch feelings to defend a s**t and want to sell his wip to get a van over a w***e he cheated with……

      3. Voelker says:

        Taylor “sancho the winner” if that’s what’s winning is lying over something they cleary don’t have. And a sancho defending his actions over a Hoe.
        well here is your gold star for being a special kind of r****d

      4. Frank says:

        If winn8ng is ending up with this burned out w***e loulou and lying about a car they don’t have or a van then yes sancho is winning when this isn’t a game.

      5. Geniuses says:

        A harmless man aka the sancho is not a good man especially if he has to hide while he was cheating with that Hoe.
        A good man aka the X…. /O\° …. is a dangerous man who has it under voluntary control…

  43. /0\ says:

    Lol the friends came together when the X got off his world tour for the kid’s and him. that’s how we know loulou and lil sancho is lying on everything. When your house is built on lies well you already no.

  44. Gracia says:

    If a winner in this Scenario is happy being exposed as a cheater and his new lady a home wrecker that’s sad.

    1. Gina says:

      What a horrible bad person. How does she even call herself a mother. How can she even look at herself in the mirror or go out in public.

      1. Magen56 says:

        D**n long read read but f**k emmylou. I don’t know these people but what a dumb b***h! Hope she does look in the mirror and cry’s because she doesn’t deserve s**t!

  45. Anonemous says:

    I don’t think this b***h cares about going out in public, they layin up in some motel or under a porch somewhere and sancho knockin them boots off that ho. Seems like they don’t even got the mercedes, probly catch the bus to spare change for some McDee’s or he pimpin her dumb a*s for grocerys.

    1. Felt one says:

      Sound like sancho caught up caught feelings over a Hoe defending her on a cheaters website….clownin!

    2. Ady says:

      Hay your a simp!!!

  46. Minnie says:

    This story sad for everone. I hope they all work they s**t out an get along for the kids. Maybe hope for the little boys, but maybe not for girl who already ho ing and gettin high with mens. Its hard to raise kids nowdays an expensive to. Hope they preciate what they daddy loves them an look out for them.

    1. Travis B says:

      D**n can’t turn a Hoe into a house wife. This loulou or emmylou seems twisted and f****d. How can a so called “mother” do that to her family blows?!?! I agree with Megan how can she even look at herself in the mirror….shame…..

    2. Richard says:

      In front of the kids,,,,,,?really! And in the family home hiding it from the husband)father. Loulou So called abusing there kids, & in there own bedroom where her husband lays after working hard… This emmylou or loulou is a special kind of f**k up! If i was the husband I wouldn’t ever forgive such a Treachery’, lie’s, Deceit. What a stupid b***h. Like the others said (SHAME) have fun looking at yourself in the mirror and being alone with your thoughts at night to this emmlyou such a bad person.

    3. Anonymous says:

      All hustle No love for them hoe’z

      1. Felix says:

        Sad story! Sounds self inflicted! No love for hoars!!!!!!!!!! Like Megan says I hope that b***h gets trapped in her own thoughts late at night when its between just her and the moon.

    4. Anonymous says:

      Want’s to be ok for the kids. After what she did to them with this cheater…. This b***h got some nerve. should have already known she back to ho’in great choice emmylou or loulou or minnie best provider choice ever very solid with a mini van;) giving rims for rim jobs to a lil mumble wankster, straight mid life no hope crisis on this story

    5. Hanio says:

      January 29, 2019 at 3:21 pm
      Real recognizes real and you don’t look familiar. Lil kid. Loulou is weak to let some one put something in her ear to poison her loyalty to some one that always been real. I’m glad the X stepped away from these kids playing games in real life. There children need a real parent. While she’s busy dreaming on bull s**t that ain’t clearly gonna pan out. and being a trap as w***e on the side.

    6. Stacey says:

      So this great solid provider thinks its hard to raise kids must be bad wanting admit that and threatening some one else’s kids best up trade emmylou/loulou please keep making perfect choices that break up family’s can’t believe a dumb broad would make such a choice or “mother” to put her own kids in danger , give up on them amd have this weed head as the next option after ruining a marriage stupid people should be Sterilized! Same with this dope h**r loulou

    7. Ady says:

      Minnie aka emmylou your a hiding as mental b***h the best thing you did was lie more to cover up your abuse and know you can live in torment over what you did you stupid w***e! O and have fun with you pedophile support team sick boy!!!

    8. Demarcus says:

      No peace for this Lying a*s ho she gonna live in her own head late at night screaming to herself for what she did to her own family worse than dog s**t this emmylou

    9. ORO says:

      Lil minnie gonna be a ho just like mommy great life choices😂🍿😎

  47. Stephen says:

    A s**t is just like a hyena they don’t change they just look for a chance to take another bite. Sounds like the kids are doing fine with out her or her cheater. Some things you can’t walk back too… Good on her X for being a real man and stepping up when they needed him the most. That is what you call a real Man; real Father. Sad story for them f**k a lying a*s b***h lol rim jobs for mumble wanksters.

    1. Cheyenne says:

      Emmylou aka loulou should have thought about “getting along” before she let that a*****e in there house and f****d him on her husbands bed. Wonder if she thought about that….nope knee deep in d**k she didn’t. to busy f*****g a stranger in front of her own kids. There’s a special h**l for her. Hoe’s like this only care about themselves. Hat off to the X for being a real man and not going postel.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Bottom line to these cheaters. You can talk all they want on a cheater website. It’s funny they stand for Infidelity and breaking up family’s. Nothing will numb the truth. that’s all it is and will be. Have your fun. she f****d up sancho getting off on being a piece of s**t. She is left in torment mentally. life goes on she’s a w***e he’s a sancho that’s how it ends and that’s how they will be Betrayed for the rest of there lives. PERIOD. The funny thing is that’s there life. good on the x for being a real man it seems and a real father let that w***e rote in the fake as life she chose seems like a good one to be pimped out by a “good provider”

        1. Bobby says:

          Yeah that w***e needs the money o wait pimped out. such a great life! Lol burn s**t. Went from having everything to being a drugged out b***h. The life lol look at yourself in the mirror w***e great life choices her kids would be proud! To know how she turned out… would be sad but not great up trade!

  48. Adrianna says:

    Yup that thief haven his fun while loulou f****d gonna end great time tells all! Know one walks away clean from these story’s but drugged out birches and fake pimps well we all know so stupid there living a video hahahahahaha.

    1. B says:

      She won’t care she on that l**t to numb the pain when that’s over its gonna be fun for the cheater lol! Great provider loulou getting pimped out for a mini van and rim jobs. Great life choices for a b***h as mental case

    2. Anonymous says:

      This emmylou seems like a f*****g drop out! Her new b***h a peace of s**t. Don’t they know there just looking great talking about more bad choices while loulou still married gonna do great for her long term great for the cheater as well. She getting pimped out while her kids don’t know one day they might read this and see how a great mother she is. Instead of being that she rather be with a cheater getting pimped out in a hotel by a great provider emmylou making great life choices. No return for this W***e going full r****d.

      1. Derick says:

        Ha sancho paid for a hotel great! She needs to make dat money! Great up trade!!!!

      2. Anonymous says:

        That cheater just mad cuz he got caught up on multiple cheater websites what a player lol! That b***h don’t care about being a b***h deserves a life of being known as home wrecking w***e!

        1. Chantel_89 says:

          This prostitute does not deserve kids or a mama title seems fine being a drugged out w***e with the solid great provider. That calls her a ho ‘ and pimps her out for rims and rim jobs… great up trade. The sad thing is if her x is a great man she knows she can’t go back so to emmylou get f****d and smile in a drugged induce f**k job when you wake up and your torment sets in do it again with another guy. Looks like its working out great get you money bobo because you might need it for the next d**k or fix

  49. Tina says:

    Wow emmylou is proud to break up her family and be a prostitute I went to school with her and know them both. How sad. D**n what a trip your a bad person. Well at least you ex husband got his s**t together what a trip didn’t see this coming emmylou you should be very ashamed no talent or work ethic you did your Ex Husband a favor on showing your true colors and to the other cheater have fun while it last.

    1. Rafeal says:

      Top shelf life choices. O wait you didn’t give you kids that choice or you X from this read. Must be nice to get lost with a burnt out has been never gonna be…………. thats why you hiding out can’t face real s**t what a w***e and when you look in the mirror know that thats why you did what you did and any one that knows the truth thats why you don’t go in public out of fear of being found out what a b***h.

    2. Bobby says:

      while they live in their torment have fun hustling that up! Great up trade mo mo hopin! In a van And real life doesn’t cost to be a real mother or father it takes real people not drug out kids playing games sleep with that next mo mo dull you pain loulou sound like a mid life crisis after this read. a sancho having fun what tragedy and they don’t even care

  50. Nick says:

    I f****d a month ago how my d**k taste didn’t el sancho about that one got some explaining to do while going out of pocket

  51. Severe says:

    All this sounds like babble posting because they have no foot to stand on. to dumb b*****s loulou aka emmylou and the player… just playing themselves great job on the internet here’s you sign karma babblin b*****s and to emmylou you f****d up and you get to live with that no amount of d**k or drugs will replace what know deep down you had and lost do to your own stupidity b***h

    1. Genn says:

      Perfect went from being a stable provider to hotel hooker hoping loulou must be so proud. And she lost her family over this cheater must be so proud. Good for her Husband to be a real man. “When the cat’s away the mice come out to play”

  52. Anonymous says:

    This sancho guy caught feelings for a w***e with STD’S!

    1. Anonymous says:

      So emmylou made her choice for her kids…. great choice now she’s a hooker. If that’s winning……. great choice great up trade….. the motel life yeah……shame. we all know how that ends.

      1. Anonymous says:

        What a dirty a*s b***h. Ya cant clean dat stank. An that fool aint no real n***a goin on here defending himself datz playable weak!

        1. Fritz says:

          Yup let him beat himself fake f**k boyz alwayz do boy ha’ha’ for this crack w***e going Kamikaze ha’ha

        2. C says:

          Weak is right! But let him talk people love to read all these lies and fake BS love cheaterboard where fake faggots catch feelings for burned down has been mental tweeked out ho’s

  53. Genesis says:

    A harmless man aka the sancho is not a good man especially if he has to hide while he was cheating with that Hoe.
    A good man aka the X…. /O\° …. is a dangerous man who has it under voluntary control…

  54. Glacia says:

    D**n the x must be loved. What a weak as b***h no real woman would have this go down weak ad tweaked out b***h

  55. Anonymous says:

    That cheater a no body why you think he replays on here for some dumb s**t that can’t look herself in the mirror or love her own family ain’t gonna end nice!!!!!!!

  56. Rachel says:

    The funniest part is reading emmylou’s and the fakers comments trying to make sense of there f**k up lol….. keep f*****g up its greatly entertaining to us all lol!

  57. Anonymous says:

    I thought I new her. d**n emmylou you really shot yourself in the foot on this one d**n shame how you turned out. I don’t know how you could ever hold your head up. To the cheater word is the real man to busy planning his next world tour with his kids on shotgun, to f**k with local scum and turned out s**t’s its easy to hide and be hidden by a s**t when this was going down no real man s**t there. Talk is for the internet an as you can tell by all these comments no one cares about both your opinions over what you kids did and what you kids broke.

    1. David says:


  58. hector says:

    why the x didn’t take his baby momma on de world tour. he leave her behind to b w*t the groopies? w*t the sancho an his swingin d**k an let her drive the mercedes? he dont want her w*t him alreddy? sound like some bullshit in de story for real real

    1. Hector says:

      You are bullshit cheater why you this guy making excuses for his punk actions. for cheating in front off the X’s family that wasn’t his. sounds like chump s**t for real. He did catch feelings for that w***e every ones talking about in town

      1. Tyron_blood says:

        F**k that fake hoop dreamin stay at mama’s house couch hustler! Can’t even be a real dad to his own kid lol! Can’t even provide for him lol. Real winner there lou lou he got punked but won’t tell you that “BABE” keep doing dope b***h and believe the hype! by the way “winner” where’s the mini van pipe dream curb peddler??? Lol no skills but a b***h boy tell lou lou how you got pulled on and cried and begged for mercy an p****d an s**t your own pants! real up trade b***h boy lol! keep playin grown folks games. You lucky the x don’t care about your b***h a*s real lucky punk @_daddyoso_

    2. Anonymous says:

      Is this f*g really on here defending his actions on cheating and breaking up a family couldn’t go to a mo mo so you violated the x’s home where his children stay sounds like REAL BULL S**T REAL PUNK S**T BEHIND HIS BACK FOR REAL

      1. Hex says:

        Why the sancho can’t jet set on his world tour???? Excuse for this simp to violate this other guys home where his kids stay. Sounds like his x b***h was f****d and this lame didn’t give a f**k but now he do mark of a guilty Conscious.

      2. Chad says:

        Yup. People like this cheater always have excuses.

        1. Trixie says:

          Hay so let me get this rite this cheater still trying to catch feelings and defending his sins nothings right about what that f**k did. And this emmylou is ain’t rite for what she did to. Lames………

        2. Frank says:

          Lol the f**k bio still cherlead8ng for real thats comical

          1. Merklin says:

            Ain’t nothing this cheater done right and in front of another mans children so disrespectful.

          2. Cherry says:

            People like that just want to get the last word in honey bunny. They no they wrong great provider loulou darlin yeah know how to pick’em

          3. Anonymous says:

            The only bullshit here “hector” is you stuck with feelings for that w***e great sancho

          4. Frank says:

            What a*s clown goes to another mans house when he’s off working hard for his family and violets it by cheating in front of that mans family…in what world is that even right!. It’s not!!! SOUNDS LIKE SOME REAL BULL S**T! That X is a better man from walking away from this torn situation his cracked as wife put him in. And there on here adding insult to injury. Special kind of stupid.

          5. Mike_808 says:

            Yeah what a*s clown doe’s that is right. While a man is off working providing for his family this f**k goe’s to his home where his kids lay there heads! In no world is that right! And he on here talkin smack trying to defend his Treachery over a w***e who lied to him and still playing him it seems.

          6. Ashley says:

            That b*****s X don’t give two f***s about you. After what you 2 did, he got his boys to look after get it. so you did lie well figures much in a relationship with a w***e that’s still married gonna end how it started or worse.

          7. Jay says:

            Thats so fukin great! I love this post. This cheater on here concerned over the x’s actions. And yeah IT’S NOT OK TO GO INTO ANOTHER MANS HOUSE THAT HAS CHILDREN AND F**K IT UP! Your lucky that X don’t care. It seems from what there posting on here. No leg to stand on just move on your making yourself look more hilarious.

          8. Ady says:

            That w***e ain’t no mama no real woman would do what she did! So un clean!

          9. Easy Roc Rocksteady Krew - Tribal Gear says:

            Sounds like The Husband on the world level s**t ( doing it for what was his family) cheater on some local s**t (comforting whores) that you helped break up. And now your making fun of it low real low. Making fun of a man that only provides for his now situation kids. I pray he never see’s this BS one day!

    3. Anthony says:

      Like this guy has a f*****g real Opinion in this matter f**k face! This cheater is so sad its comedy. Like you have a choice on another mans Decisions with his family! You did that X a favor an took the poison out of there life you don’t have A real opinion based on this read and who the f***s threatens children!

    4. David says:

      Is this simple Simon Mf crying Over the fact that he could only see that b***h while the real man was away that’s laughable and then he thinks he can have an opinion on how a real man lives his life ha’ha’ great choice for this emmylou

    5. April says:

      Why is this sancho so d**k riding this X and his life sounds like this cheater a punk b***h with no real life just has time to sneak into grown men’s houses and around that guys children. F*****g loser that sancho g*d will make him pay for what he did and to that lou lou no matter what you have to live with your thoughts every day I know I did the same to my X I regret what I did and can’t take it back. The worst part is no matter what I do It can’t be fixed. Lou lou you know… know

    6. Ady says:

      Daddy oso a d**k rider

  59. Ricky Boy says:

    Since this cheater don’t get it gonna give a life line”NOTHING YOU DID WAS RIGHT. YOU DON’T GO INTO ANOTHER MANS HOME F**K HIS WIFE NO MATTER THE SITUATION IN FRONT OF HIS CHILDREN AND THINK ITS OK” that is in English simple enough I would hope. “SO NOTHING YOU SAY WILL MAKE IT RIGHT YOUR THE CHEATER” suppose to move on afyer breaking a family and changing rhere history for ever! “NOT START A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE DRUGGED OUT S**T THAT BEAT HER KIDS” to hide you relationship with YOU. So don’t ASK QUESTIONS YOU WON’T GET ANSWERS. This is a website to talk on cheaters duh

  60. Daryle says:

    I don’t know any of you but f**k’n A,,, I ain’t laughed this hard in a long one. To this “cheater” best advice you want answers sounds like the X that Technically isn’t an X yet don’t hide like you did. Bet if your man enough to go to his work and talk instead of talking s**t on cheaterboard. you’ll get answers. That’s what my x did her f****t came to my work we had a great time talking about how she lied. No kids tho… thats f****d up and low! pray that never happens to you then you know how this X feels and why he took the high road. And his wife took the low road.

    1. Tina says:

      I known them both he worked she took care of the family while he Grinded, but then she stopped that and f****d with this punk as cheater and beat her kids over it. So this fool on here talking s**t on it trying to make sense what a f*****g loser. Emmylou great choices hide all you want b***h the truth came out! I hope this f*****g r****d does try to talk to Her real at the moment husband since they never met in person but clams to know the story on this family f*****g r****d! Thank g*d He don’t care about stupid. Stepped up for his boys! When we heard what happened and saw the evidence these two or scorned for ever g*d will judge this. And Emmylou you are a spedcial kind of piece of s**t like Ady said for lieng bringing this into your home and hurting your boys because they didn’t want to play ball. You stupid b***h!

      1. Anonymous says:

        Dat f*k boi dont care he dust wait for his turn to speak. Loser bs dont make sense shown he catch feelings for Hoe lol!

        1. Ady says:

          Yup punk b***h Loulou / emmylou gave up on her boys to escape charges. To bad it’s not over word is DA picking up case. You don’t hurt children and walk away let me guess sancho didn’t know that! Look what you bought into sucka! Walk away while you can! No real mother or wife lies to every one at the table and plays every one the truth is coming out have fun at the mo mo b***h! Must be nice looking in the mirror at your burnt w***e a*s!

          1. Rachel says:

            No real mother does this…. so sad. What a bad person. I could never look at my child that way…..what a bad person

          2. Ady says:

            She tried to ruin a great man and there seeds. Show how my X is he was never perfect (no man is) but always stepped up to the plate when the night was darkest. No one and I mean no one can take away that from him! Especially a b***h a*s hoe and her side “lover’s” yeah sancho talk to yo gal there is more than one

          3. Tina says:

            Yes! And her real soon to be X ain’t no cheater! Loulou after all these years after all you two did in life. this is what you do F*****g disgraceful I wish I never knew you. I told your husband years ago to watch out. He trusted the wrong person

          4. Chantel_89 says:

            Emmylou/loulou is such a f**k up lol what rancid a*s b***h she deserves hiding in motels for rim jobs with out her family rancid as b***h! Now she gonna catch a case on abusing her kids. Hoe you deserve being locked up who hits there kids over a f**k boy!?!?

  61. hector says:

    ya’ll funny blamin the sancho for gettin a nut when the ho was offerin it up for some more dope an ridin in the mercedes dreamin he just back from the world tour and cruisin in his ride
    the ho is just a ho smackin them babies aint s**t the x lucky she didnt sell them on a black market for her new man ya’ll trippin

    1. /○\ says:

      thank you for your ignorance “hector”

    2. Tina says:

      Funny this chump likes talking about stuff that isn’t his real up trade emmylou your new man works hard! just laid down some good news with his threat to your very own children “hector”. Loulou I new your x shouldn’t have messed with you he’s to good of a real man. Your new man threaTing your kids shameful bad in your case

    3. /○\ says:

      Great threatening the kids dearly noted

    4. Anonymous says:

      Your tripping replying back Lying playing games threatening children aint no one here in your BS here PERIOD!

    5. Anonymous says:

      Hector I’ll sell you on the black market n***a

  62. Anonymous says:

    Yup that’s a threat. Dearly noted! Loulou wow… just wow…. and hector dumb to threaten Innocent kids over the internet. Like every one else said great up trade to loulou or emmylou great provider

    1. Illuminated third eye says:

      Dearly noted.

  63. /○\ says:

    Dearly noted Threatening the kids with a case coming up from what Ady said .Emmylou….shame.

  64. Markus says:

    Woooo from great solid provider to threatening children

    1. Marcus says:

      Loulou on dope new man threatening children in the motel hooking…. and this is for the children loulou. Great provider solid guy great up trade… i i was this “sancho” I would stop being an idot for a hooker crack w***e. Specially if she catching cases

      1. Ady says:

        Na let this stupid mother f****r keep talking adding insult and threats to this s**t he help caused its karma shows how he is to the world! I’m from Texas we don’t play with is this kind of s**t. She getting a case for hurting her own kids this dope boy will only help her BS.

        1. Anonymous says:

          Ha he has to get whores doped up to f*k!

          1. Gibson says:

            Look at him he has to get’em high that emmylou is a f**k tard with great parenting skills!

          2. Gracia says:

            I wouldn’t touch that simple minded mother f****r with a dirty rag. Loulou you can’t was that stank of you Bird B***h using snap filter to try and look half decent! Lauphable;)

          3. Richard says:

            D**n b***h catching a case for abusing her own kids dumb Hoe. Truth is like rain it never cares what it falls on-

          4. Anonymous says:

            Dat sancho bout to get caught up f*****g around wid her catchin feelings on the real tho she catchin a case dam dues always get paid

  65. Krystal says:

    It takes two dumb a*s! Hello cheating website! Your the cheater she’s the stupid cheating b***h!
    In what scenario is this right! Plus you just admitted she’s a dope fiend that hurts her kids for you and you want to sell them…….here’s your sign!
    Great thing her Real Man has them and not you in the mini van.

  66. Nicholas says:

    Bro, This has to be the most stupidest ^sancho^ admitting all this stuff and loulou gonna be charged this guy ain’t helping. If I was him I would be a little smart and walk away. Having feelings for a crack b***h don’t help going up to bunt doesn’t know the X truly or this scene in a bad look movie.

  67. Quinn says:

    Rainy days for sure! Swiper no swiping this new gen can’t seem stop putting there s**t out on the web!

  68. Anonymous says:

    Lol wish there was a like button “BIRD B***H” sad s**t though cheaters never prosper

    1. Chantel_89 says:

      So she got the influence to beat her own kids from sancho tight and no this fool threatens them and she catching a case. emmylou likes being a beaten down dope w***e…..priceless looks like in her own words “solid good provider’ the mini van life for rim jobs more like dope w***e this idot sure knows how to pivk a so called “winner”

      1. Annabel says:

        Long read”” Hat off to the real husband who still is married to this street walker. Taking the right path. Keeping his boys safe from this madness. I hope she gets found guilty what woman cheats in front of her own babys then hurts them to hide her cheating. And come on….. this guy….. really well they deserve misery went from dream life to hotel hooking. Must be a loser to threaten children that aren’t even his but look at what your working with.

        1. Daily says:

          Great provider my a*s lol! Went from married life blessed with children to motel hooking real quick I would say it’s sad but you play then you pay!

    2. Ron B says:

      Dat n***a ant prosperin he talk about what X has cuz he ant got s**t himself lafibl

  69. clem says:

    This b***h be missin the x money fo all that crack now she gots ta work in de hotel bizness in de Ho bizness fpr real

    1. Andy says:

      Great up trade! And she catching cases the life! Went from normal family with problems to motel crack w***e!

    2. Anonymous says:

      Slum as n***a get your own s**t toyz like this punk back in the day didn’t make it to far in life karma will get this lame!

  70. Tina says:

    You deserve what you get after what you put your family through! The law don’t play games.

    1. Timothy_dgaf says:

      Lol this cheater still on here under fake names playin games bro! This is the best read in a long time.!

    2. Bill says:

      Love how her solid ‘man’ talks about emmylou best choice award! Ignorance is bliss to some people fukin house wife to trap crack h**r you get what you deserve!

  71. Ady says:

    No Sympathy or Apathy loulou made her choices hope she does look in the mirror or when she’s alone in her head at night and screams terror mentally for what she did and what she broke and what she tried to break. Kids are Resilient and innocent. Your crackhead a*s never deserved you X ever! all for a simple coach hustler and crack! You Bird B***h!

    1. Anonymous says:

      (Great read) This sancho what a “Great Solid Provider” divine comedy for lou lou

      1. Melissa says:

        The X is a great man believe me No one can Knock him for stepping up being a real Father an a Great Man! & loulou don’t worry Boo He gonna Be Just Fine Babe. Gonna Make Sure Of That. Gonna be a real Woman not no cracked out mental H**r. you blamed him for your S**t….”WEAK” Who teaches her very own daughter to be a s**t! An your boy’s will be For Real Loved not abandoned like you did you Bird B***h!:>). OK BABE;)

        1. Ady says:

          Yeah you said don’t worry he’s a no body your x.! You can only lie to yourself so long. His actions always spoke louder in life. well you know he’s gonna make a positive impact in this world so big you will regret you tried to bring down a great man. The Father of your kids….I did… over your own mental bull s**t! I can’t believe a man like that gave his all on a piece of s**t like you and you put your own children in danger over drugs and couch hustlers Period! Your a bad person loulou aka emmylou! Let though’s tattoo’s he and his people did on you out of love. be a constant reminder of what you could have had and what you f’d up even if you cover them it’s like make up the ugly is still there!

  72. Andri says:

    Both Emmylou and this Punk our both hiding a*s b*****s playing games. So sad she gonna catch a case……that’s what you get crack w***e and simple simon a*s MF! Lol this rwad was worth it!

  73. sancho says:

    When the next world tour?
    Loulou want to visit the kids
    I bring her over in mini van
    we take mercedes for ice cream
    drive aroun for while
    have sum fun
    we dont be scared of no case

    1. Maria says:

      Blows my mind how stupid people can be! It’s all fun till its over. This emmylou sure knows how to pick them. If this is what she left her husband for, being pimped out by this ^kid^ and dope plus he sounds like a real loser.

    2. Ady says:

      You don’t have to be scared to be dumb these days I guess. This fool still catching loses over emmylou’s x on her. An the best part is it’s all based on his lie’s haha! Lou lou and this kid because he isn’t a man doped up at there mo mo dreaming on the side line. Emmylou don’t worry honey the truth came out on public record so every one can see past all your fronts and lie’s what a sad way to end what you thought you had honey smoke some more crack on that s**t!

      1. Steve says:

        So how is it Acceptable to be proud to sneak around low life s**t. But thats what loulou is proud of from this read

    3. Patrick says:

      This cheater guy is lame! If you know where loulou”s real man works mobb through since you never met him face up chump and ask him in person face to face like a real man. Let him know why you keep lying on s**t you don’t have but a w***e. He don’t care about! Ask him face to face
      Because he don’t hide like you! when his next world tour is since her husband don’t go on these sites to see your lame excuse of being a more of a piece of bird s**t with that bird b***h lol love that one Bird B***h

      1. Aden says:

        He never did patrick he’s a b***h. From what i’ve heard they never met great pick on a real lame “gangster” daddyoso emmylou! Proud choices in life for what you did to your kids and husband. Your X deserves better than a burnex out bird b***h!

    4. Aden says:

      How about get your own world tour couch hustler! This guy still calling for stuff he doesn’t have believing in his own lies! Defending his hooker with problems! And threatening kids will get you far in life babe!

    5. Anonymous says:

      This chump still on dope believing his own lies with his new hooker lol! Scurvy s**t 110%

    6. Anonymous says:

      Went from pimping a doped out hooker to being her man what a f*****g liar! This f*g is comedy!

    7. Geniuses/○\ says:

      This is a hiding a*s gimp! Like this a” clown”’ gonna do something don’t act like you have power _daddyoso_ on yo IG! We like to hide too only thing is it’s around you!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Tina says:

      Doe’s that s**t’s X look like a nobody now. “So i said f**k you b***h” !!! Dumb a*s oso….karma

    9. Ady says:

      Looks like oso is the lesson not the blessing lol

    10. Rich says:

      This sancho is a hiding a*s n***a daddy oso is a simp! loud talking chicken s**t! Great up trade emmylou keep making smart choices

    11. Marisol says:

      When oso gonna stop curb jocking on other real mens dicks😂😭💯

  74. Alfred says:

    This fake “player” did catch feelings for his dope h**r lol!

  75. Raven_212 says:

    Yeah this kid on here just trying to get the last word in Ady. Must be proud that he has to dope up a tweeker b***h and lie about stuff thats not his so sad loulou picked a winner like you said earlier Ady good thing her x washed his hands of her. I heard about him he’s strong for protecting his children from this situation.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Good long read guysThis guy ain’t no player catching feelings for a dope mental w***e. No real MF chearlead for a B***h. Must got his feelings hurt he got found out

    1. Gary says:

      Is it me or the so called x not talking?!?!

  77. Tina says:

    Nope Gary I believe he doesn’t even know about this BS. He seems focused on his family that’s now after what these 2 did. Good for him and emmylou….your new house is built on lie’s no ones buying you or your sancho’s BS. You know your X don’t play he never did! Shame you hid this and hurt your kids and broke your family. And for this fool^^^ the saddest part is that you have to live with that when this so called solid provider that dopes you up and call’s you a b***h and trades you for rim jobs at the motel. Get’s another crack Hoe to replace your old a*s.

    1. Dently says:

      I don’t know any of you but a simple simon mother f****r knows you don’t, talk about kids or threaten them Period! I never leave comments but this is a f*****g Disgrace for this cheater to think that is ok. To this lou lou s**t. O honey your pretty! That is code for being a dumb dope w***e.

  78. Steve says:

    No ones asking why this cheater is so concerned over emmylou’s X

  79. Ady says:

    Cuz they can’t knock his Hustle. My X her Estranged Husband grinds like no other! An roles with people like him. They push boundaries. And that’s what she never understood & how these two sneak thieves got away with there Treachery to a point! He like a real man trusted her and she spent his dime on this couch hustler lieng on what they clearly don’t have still. So Pathetic. I want to say that’s why he doesn’t care about any one but his children! He is far from emmylou’s cheating “solid great provider” don’t have to be afraid to catch a case. emmylou is a special kind of stupid.

    1. Steve says:

      Seems like this sancho is only on here because he got his feelings wrapped up with what maddness he helped create making him and emmylou look more dirty then!

  80. Ady says:

    Yup, Steve her X is loved in many circles world wide and this cheating a*s, c**t Emmylou with her sancho. tried and destroy

    1. /○\ says:

      Sancho ain’t no man poser’s like this is why the law stay ready! So catch your case go down for a crazy s**t your simp a*s got a “connection with” cause your house is built on lie’s and don’t know everything but what a dope pill poppin w***e tells this couch hustler!

    2. Trinity says:

      This is the first sancho i’ve seen d**k ride on an X so hard. This is straight comedy!

  81. Melissa says:

    Loulou can want a bunch of things that w***e made her choice emmylou so now live with that BS! So stay in your slow lane at the mo mo on dope with your “solid provider” getting tricked out thanx for the great info while her X be in the fast lane cause you ain’t getting s**t but a case for what you’ve done loulou and if this r****d wants to ride with you and threaten your kids the law don’t play if he is stupid enough to violate you already know

    1. Ace says:

      The only thing I have gotten from this read Correct me if i’m wrong the sancho and emmylou or loulou are mad that they got caught. Lost everything lying about what they don’t have went from great guy to pimping emmylou on dope oit of hotels. And that is solid for her life now. to talking about what the X husband has after he sucked it up like a man losing emmylou to her own mental doped out Bull and a kid on her aka her new bestie acting out like a teen who is b**t hurt threatening kids. Great look for cheaterboard bad for these people.

  82. David says:

    This cheater still on her crying over his hooker loulou and the X’s personal life in this aftermath! be “solid” and make your own world tour. “Provide” your own personal s**t! Be “stable” for your own bullshit and take your mini van and threaten some one else’s children or be a man step up and go see the X in person if your that torn from one other people say on this read he don’t have to hide like you do

    1. Tina says:

      Emmylou’s X don’t care about these 2. He on some real father dad s**t to care about 2 doped up motel hoping side hustlers. That deserve there own lying a*s Misery!

      1. Anonymous says:

        D**n shame how this solid relationship turned out o wait cheating website two cheaters cause it takes more than one went from great provider with a mini van to hotel hooking! Well that is how it always goes……………

        1. Anonymous says:

          Yes sadly cheaters never prosper

          1. Fred says:

            Yup the cheater on her just getting in the last word its all a game to persons like these

          2. Steve says:

            Good on the husband not to get involved into what seems to be now high school drama. I’n lose my s**t if this happened to me real deal!

          3. Tina says:

            Yup me to steve But her X just cares for his children like a real parent should. He doesn’t want anything from these two from how he acts. Good man! Moving on in a positive way! While loulou and her pimp run game on motel life. Threatening children and her x for what moving on and not dealing with these 2 bad life style!

          4. Steve says:

            What choice did the X have. I’ve been through this not as bad but when the person you trust the most breaks it and hides it you have no choice but to cut ties protect the kids from this situation and move on fully understand the dad’s strong point as all men would. And f**k this cheater threatening his kids what a joke of a person emmylou picked!

          5. Rafeal says:

            D**n she on her too well that skunka hella burnt out Hyena marks her family with that type of disgrace homes

  83. Patrick says:

    I tattooed her foot back in the day emmylou or lou lou what ever. You need to take that off or get it covered up after what you did to your X and kids for what you put them through. How could you ever look at yourself in the mirror! I see pain in your eyes un this pick so sad! You have no sense and have dishonored your very own FAMILY! For this guy in the pic with you. Looks like the up trade is a “down grade” from wife to motel hooker on dope….. it’s a d**n shame how you turned out. We use to look at you and your X as an example Of how things could be granted nothing Is ever perfect emmylou I truly don’t want my work Associated with a person like you and what you turned in to be.

    1. Pudge Nasty says:

      Low so lowwwww. I come back in to town collecting bandz today & pat showed me this s**t really….come the f**k on emmy! How could you emmy? I helped you do your first tattoo on your real man or Past tense…. pat and I trippin over this s**t girl! You know he did it all for you and the family. what man does that on every turn how he did on that scale. He made sure you want for nothing and you tell this f**k tard your real man ain’t nobody!!! You orela no what it really do! Lie’s! then you go behind his back with this f****r….really emmy?!…. Your Husband was never perfect who the f**k is, years just think years thrown away because you went full r****d and drugs wow this hurts me and it hurts to say but I wish I never knew you.

    2. Z says:

      Did she not understand her Husband is a public figure. Soon every one will know can’t be stopped now! Emmylou I’m glad I never met a Disgusting head case like you.

  84. reilo says:

    Her new tat say loulou
    Its inside a tattoo of a heart
    Her new man likes it
    Her new man want her to cover one over on her foot
    She gonna do it for him

    1. Anonymous says:

      Tell that s**t to cover her hole body with your bull s**t so the next guy gonna have cover it two lol

    2. Patrick says:

      Good! F**k that b***h and everything she stands for bird b***h! Lol

    3. Nick says:

      New man i f****d a month ago how my d**k & taint taste!

    4. Ady says:

      That’s a good lil boy next time you report back let us know how everything else is that we don’t care about with your bullshit! And how your dope w***e loves you such a great solid provider needing Acceptance for his BS

      1. Trinity says:

        That sancho is a simple simon azz MF to great of a read!

    5. Racheal says:

      She should cover up this new man what a joke! She should do that for herself

    6. /○\ says:

      Ha reilo “oso” your a piece of bird s**t from that bird b***h you know nothing. That’s what’s saving your a*s boi… your gonna be nothing keep playing all your good for is entertainment

    7. Frank says:

      Thank G*d I never tattooed you! Reilo “daddy oso” don’t know s**t about tattoo’s lol what a great up trade for emmylou your a f*****g Disgrace that was put up on a Pedestal and know you and your b***h a*s daughter fell off. We should have never accepted you into our familia don’t ever come around with your bull s**t! Drugged out ho’z, liar’s phedifile’s & lame’s & posers don’t qualify that means you

    8. Anonymous says:

      To bad that sancho got a bad leg playin bball hope he doesn’t make it worse pressing on it!

  85. Tina says:

    Thought emmylou in her words “fought her own battles because she didn’t need anyone o wait her new man is solid great provider doping her up and tricking her out at motels for rims and rim jobs lol o the lies they weave!

    1. Billy_88 says:

      Lol!?!?! Went from cheating to pimping her out to dating! Does anyone see how this guy lie’s great man loulou these two f***s deserve one another

  86. Anonymous says:

    Best part is how dumb these two cheaters come off! This guy love’s himself and is stupid AF! emmylou what a mental tweaker I knew her from east county days what a loser! Even then she was hoe’n around. Turning out not to be a good person never grew up Her husband feel sad but sounds like he’s doing great from this s**t people saying on here.

    1. Hari says:

      To emmylou this is Hari. Please Disassociate yourself from. Being tattooed by me. (Which means do not tell people i blessed you with tattoo work). Please look into covering up my work that I did for you out of respect for your family you broke a part with you selfish actions. And out of respect for your Husband that you have dishonored and disgraced.

      1. Raphel says:

        D**n this emmylou made people that disgusted they don’t want there work to be known that they have done on her speaks volumes….

      2. Ady says:

        Yup that means keep these tattooers names. out your mouth w***e! You don’t have there blessing to say they did work for you and on you because what they built on you was love for your family that you alone broke for your REAL HUSBAND. Since you chose other wise you don’t have there blessing anymore not that that matters to a dope w***e but to real people respect’ honor’Humbleness’empathy is everything and you lost there’s!

        1. Tina says:

          Yup banishment! But she already chose that the day she started to cheat at her own home in front of the kids. I already know she seeing other people besides this cheater what a Hoe and this Cheater over here catching feelings they deserve karma.

  87. Nikki says:

    This s***s real man already paid the price for trusting this Hoe. What a b***h on how it went down. Straight sneak thief s**t for sure! Straight scandalous no self respect or respect for her very own children what a dad person Psycho Bird B***h!

    1. Boogstar says:

      Heard bout diz 1…Cover Dat So-Cal I did on yo Shoulder Bar None! Yo real husband is Humble! But I’m Not! What it do trap ho I told my Dude yo looked Phoney LouLou cover Dat SoCal on yo shoulder I Tattooed on yo. never truly earned it yo aint relavent What you do to my boi was bull s**t what you did to yo kids and familia one day when yo wake yo gonna feel there pain yo cauz! What yo did to yo-self low as bird s**t b***h! I did that tat out of respect for yo real Man! Even met yo son Dat day what a change fo chump change. So keep my name out yo mouth dirt bag!

  88. Anonymous says:

    Dang you NO you f****d up when tattoo artist hating on the work they did for you

    1. Ady says:

      Not just any this s**t’s man comes from World Renowned tattoo family’s!!!!! That doesn’t make you rich or better than the next but is in honor in tattoo culture. Something she took lightly and never cared about! Look at this simp she down traded with straight funny! What real man gets off on another mans s**t!

      1. Anonymous says:

        Emily I did a bunch of tattoo work on you for your family an respect for you husband. please do not use my name. I’m family man too and would Appreciate when I come to town with my family you not come around I do not like this What you do to you kids an husband. Please also cover work out of respect for my tattoo family. We don’t Associate with people as you because what you do to good people. We do not like these people you become and what you destroyed thanks

        1. Jay says:

          Yeah I was with your man on tour homes. He inspired a lot of people you Jealous good for nothin b***h! all he talked about was how much he love’s you and your children! You made him think it was tour jet lag. What ever baby back bull s**t (problems) you had was nothing but your own mental s**t. and you broke your family over this s**t and dope! With that lame homes. While he was supporting your family you lied to every one and pulled this s**t at your guys very own house homes And you do this to him and kids! Don’t bring your s**t to LA no respectful artist will touch you for tattoo work! Bad news travels fast. the news on what you did to him and your family is out! Stay to you side of the street. Your husband doing great on that break up cheating b***h diet!

          1. Anonymous says:

            Bird b***h lol love it good read

          2. Jay says:

            Yup I pray this b*****s husband never see’s this s**t on here. How her “new man” pimps her on dope. Last I heard he’s doing great in the aftermath of this b*****s Destructive path. She gave her real family no choice. But there safe and moving on f**k this b***h and what she thinks she stands for homes.

          3. /o\ says:

            The real family’s our and will make sure there good and safe from these people and there threat’s.

  89. Maliki says:

    What did loulou think this dirty street walker that everything was going to be ok after she cheated plus on dope what a low life all over her “great” decisions. She has to look at her tattoos and see what she broke every day of her life. Constant reminder of her “solid up trade” what a sorry bad person.

    1. Isabel says:

      So sad of a story. Good one Maliki yes this story so sad a mother that doesn’t care on dope broke up her family and destroyed her kids for a cheater that is ok with this s**t as long as he gets a nut and dopes her up. Sounds like a good up trade. Great thing the husband stepped up sounds like the real solid provider in this Sad story. Just not putting two cents into this story of high school midlife’ party life drama. What real mother puts her cheater and own life plus dope, before her own family is a disgrace. Turns her own Daughter into a bad person like her. lets hope she doesn’t have any more kids in the future to do this too.

    2. Mac says:

      I should have never did that script on your arm out of respect for your husband. You f*****g b***h. Look into covering that up I don’t role like that. What a dumb b***h never hit me up for tattoo work after what you did to those kids you burn out mid life crisis drug out!…..shame

  90. anon says:

    She might be pregnant now. If she can get on Maury he pay for a dna test. Hope it not from solid daddy. That will be lifetime of misery. If he is daddy he do the right thing but it will be harder than h**l.

    1. Ady says:

      Ha divine comedy! Great choice for loulou went from up standing family she destroyed to a solid chump fake provider to being dope w***e and now pregnant from the “solid cheater” well this is how it always works out have a nice life Daddy Oso with your new uptrade! Karma sucks for these two cheaters

      1. Steve says:

        Well that is how these story’s end want the life but can’t step up! how it always is for people that live in drama Ady thanks for sharing

        1. Anonymous says:

          She’s gonna have that kid in jail from what I have read on this cheater board such a sad story but this is what can happen when you play with fire and choose to destroy lives and alter them for good. The saddest part while these so called adults play games the family’s get torn a part. An these Innocent children pay the price for these Infidelities.

          1. Tina says:

            Looking like all that solid provider dope Mo Mo s*x paid off for the cheater and emmylou what an ending to sad choices very tragic all based on childish-selfish-choices. Yes great up trade and winning for there life they choose to live.

          2. Martin says:

            So this emmylou is ok with hitting her kids and the other cheater is ok with smacking them. Then there on dope at motels hiding plus now gonna have a child Out of wedlock because she is still married. Wow I love my life it’s not that bad. Long read but worth it. To this Emmylou my ex doesn’t do drugs but went through the same thing you made some solid life Decisions for your family. Not

          3. Anonymous says:

            Ha’ha’ha’ha payback is bitter sweet for these 2 cheaters. Got pregnant hoaring out at the Motel on dope! Now the sancho aka the real winner as he said in a previous comment daddy oso is shook and wants to step off Ha’ha’ karma’s a b***h for these loser’s. D**n long read but made my day.

    2. Bradon_B says:

      My opinion If this emmylou aka loulou said her husband ain’t no one. Well it looks like he is! Lucky for this cheater it seems he doesn’t care about low lives. Especially after they got caught sneaking. I would have lost it personally. Real people don’t play childish games. Karma will deal with these two who devastated this family real talk it always does PERIOD. This was worth reading to see how 2 people could be so Naive and stupid. That don’t care about hurting children. People like this emmylou don’t deserve what they feel is right when there mentally f****d up and hurt there own family that cared for her and to hurt kids…. if emmylou ever reads this your a low a*s dirt bag for what you did and for what people have to say on here that is some real sucker s**t.

      1. Ady says:

        Yup who is ok with cheating the way this tweaker w***e did and letting her daughter have under age s*x and do drugs under her watch and is ok with it. Then her very own son’s figure out she was cheating with this fake a*s mother f****r daddy oso and she abused them over it that’s why I have said she is a special kind of piece of s**t!

        1. Lextcy says:

          Looks daddy oso became the lesson and that s***s real husband became the blessing lol! These two cheaters are so f****d and they still just head crashing into problems well that’s why one of the number one rules in life you don’t cheat and 2 you don’t wrap up the family’s in your low life choices. What a stupid b***h and a bad person sounds like she living a nightmare and dying inside what real mother would do that to a great man and her own kids f*****g head case lol

      2. Anonymous says:

        I go to school with this Hoe. She act’s like every things fine what a liar won’t even look at her the same every one know’s what she’s about she can’t hide it truth always comes out. I’ve seen her Husband on social media that guy is tight my homie knows him said he is a solid dude and this Hoe had the nerve to do all this. She’s sick in the head for sure

    3. Anthony says:

      Second kid for “daddy oso” tight

    4. Boogstar says:

      Pull up or shut up or is she not worth it hype boi fake f**k

  91. says:

    D**n, that took awhile to read. Her ex left her alone while he toured around the world and she got with this sancho Steve because she was lonely. He gives her some dope to trick for him in the motel and she gets pregnant with steve jr. and abandons her other kids. Now she got a mini van with rims and maybe a drd. WTF! She’s having a bad couple weeks or more depending on what drd she got now. Glad the daddy stepped up for the kids she left behind. She sounds crazy as h**l!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yeah’ you think what a nightmare feel sorry for her husband and kids she left behind what a selfish dope fiend

      1. Crystal says:

        Her daughters not to far from the tree! I’ve seen her smoke weed at shows and some times emmylou would be there cheering her on being a groupie Ho looking for Acceptance! She is no real mother What a dumb loser crazy b***h! We thought midlife crisis but she is just a dope w***e. Over all liar and bad person. Had it all and lost it to that loser/hypeman. He real husband deserves way better , he always did! Every one just smiles at her and Agrees but they know people are not stupid! No one cares about her what real mother or man would after what she did.

  92. Racheal410 says:

    F this H’o and That Chump fake people can run the marathons while real people level up! Dat H’o deserves what she get’s bi’tches like dat will always f**k up in life period. To dat real man the real husband thats what it do baby boi!

    1. David says:

      The saddest thing about this read is the mother loulou or emmylou is in Denial and believes her own lie’s and it seems it’s to late to turn back. That’s what happens when you lesson to other people and lose sight of what you had. She is gonna have to live with that every day of her life. And this other cheater what a joke. Any one else see’s how he is just a punk that only cared about what he wants and destroyed a Innocent family being a sneaky piece of s**t?! And I guess to her X props to that guy stepping up when this went south. Not every person has Voluntary control and can hyper focus on what mattered most which our the kids. Still a sad ending to what could have been.

      1. Ady says:

        Agreed!!!!!!!!!!! She was just a selfish b***h that had it all but f****d it all up and for what really. What real mother is abusive to her very own children. Then leaves them for a hype . Thank g*d her X is a strong man and truly cared enough to put a legal stop to her madness.

  93. Craven_259 says:

    Yeah’ this b***h is bent on dad / self hate issue’s 1000% with ego and self-esteem problems. Look at the down grade tells you all right there!

    1. Bro_chad_1904 says:

      She wearin a champion hoodie dis b***h is bent don’ she no dat played this ho on some mental mid life drama 100% drugged out tore back tweeker s**t for realz ya’ll!

      1. Gloria says:

        Oooo who does this to there own kids and family. I’m mean really??? This Hoe wow just honey you will never wash this off you no matter how long or how you try. The sad thing she’s ok with it seems like a nightmare. I could never be away from my kids. Or bring a piece of s**t like that MF in my house no matter how i’m doing with my husband. No mother would when this emmylou wakes up she is gonna be in Agony
        such Agony over what she destroyed. She doesn’t even think about her own children low so low wow.

        1. Anonymous says:

          F**k that W***e! F**k that punk b***h hype too.

          1. Brandon says:

            In Germany and heard about emmy cheating and hiding it by hurting her own kids and trying to destroy her husband. People like this are the sorriest kind to be. Hope it was all worth destroying your family over. Your Exe Man should never put his trust in a Disgusting tweaker this emmylou.

          2. Anonymous says:

            This b***h ain’t no mother ain’t no wife ain’t a real woman! Just a tweaked out burned out selfish b***h!

  94. Marisol says:

    F**k this bird b***h straight Lying w***e what “mother” let’s her under age daughter smoke weed and sleep with guys plus drink alcohol then dress like a s**t while she cheer leads it all. Then beats her boys because they don’t want to have anything to do with it and beats them to hide the fact she is cheating on her real man! In what world is that logical? What a sorry excuse for a woman. Emmylou is the lowest of the low you hiding a*s b***h! Well its great to know the truth is out there to see this s**t for what she is for ever.

    1. Randy says:

      I have seen that lame a*s guy in the picture what a f*****g joke f**k them 2 they deserve what misery they get on this bullshit! He is all hype posing with s**t that ain’t his what a joke emmylou deserves her personal h**l she put herself in lol f*****g joke of a life change for them lol!

  95. Tyron says:

    F**k that fake no talent a*s clown! Loulou knows how to pick a WINNER especially her daughters Pedophile father from el cajon! Yeah did your husband who took care of you and them kids a favor for f*****g that n***a! If he such a winner how come loulou have to use her real husbands ride and house that slum a*s n***a don’t got a car! O wait his baby momma need it hard times. great up trade with welfare dreamer baby’s n***a that live wid his parents greatest up trade of all time bird b***h haha good one

    1. Ady says:

      Looks like daddy oso is the real nobody ha! Cheaters never are!

    2. Tracy says:

      Lol so much for being a great provider tweakers have ego’s and believe there own lie’s as truth she deserves that hype man. Ha still blows my mind he just as stupid. d**k riding on that X like he got an opinion lol get you own S**t but he just like all the rest posing with s**t that ain’t his keep tasting other man’s d**k’s cause you can’t afford your own. An to loulou shame a real mother to this fake on. You don’t bring that to your own house Babe!

  96. Anonymouss says:

    Dat n***a usual where hat to cover that f****d up face of his loulou gonna like it when he tellz her whats really up
    Kidz will be kidz playing with fire

  97. Kevin says:

    Long one. Great for the X husband for stepping up being a real man when he had no choice from these hiding b*****s. This cheater is a loser every one see’s it an a mark from now on for being on these website’s for cheating. I made a comment here because i have seen this picture on almost every cheating site just trying to look at my friends situation. This emmylou is a mindless careless peace of s**t. Nuff said!

    1. Nancy says:

      How does a person like her give up on her own children? And for that guy….really? At least have standards for yourself

      1. Adrianna says:

        From this article That daddy oso cheater dude likes other man’s taste of d**k’s in his mouth that’s what you get f*****g around with dope mental s***s and other ream man’s women! think your a winner what a hiding as b***h boy there wimps that’s why they hide. . And to that w***e loulou what a disgrace indeed. They deserve one another for sure not a real mother at all or woman for that matter this new generation lacks mutual and most importantly self respect.

        1. Bryce says:

          That sad excuse for a human being has no right having children what a failure. And to that kid your a joke you know your a hype and you know your a loser; what a down grade. for a fact there is more than one guy she cheated with. ones a megan law pedophile must be nice taking sides with that line drawn in the sand. now every one knows it so stupid to rebut on here these kids think there smart all the while they making it worse ha’ha keep on playing real grown up games dope head mo mo hop’in losers what a great up trade. O when you use another man’s s**t behind there back that’s called being a lil b***h b*m because you don’t earn your own that goes for this emmylou too f*****g funny s**t she even hit on me how my d**k taste.

  98. Trigun_267 says:

    Wow see this flop house queen on almost every site lol wid that lame. Suck’s to be exposed but you must have really p****d off ‘ lied ‘ an fuct over every one that really personally knew you guy’s. To be at the bottom bareI like that… hope she can live wid that…

    1. Ady says:

      That smile on emmylou’s face in this pic says it all though she was to cool then she got schooled Ha Ha… hope it was worth it! Miss wake up ‘ coffee’ hair tied and gangsta music! no one walks away clean from beating kids. That hype man is all you have besides new “friends” she can lie too. Drama bird b***h! She is a special kind of piece of s**t for sure! Her X stepped up when she stepped out. And this N***a! Daddy Oso stepped in and can’t handle s**t! Still hasn’t met her X scared n***a! Too funny she thought her X was a no body b***h you knew better than that but still had to get people mixed up well you pay to play BABE;’)
      And Oso yeah don’t have to be worried about her X you already know and if you don’t…so sad!

  99. Ilicia says:

    What a dirty b***h you won’t scrub this s**t off our life ever Period! Cheaters like this give real motha f***a’s a bad name! I would never disrespect my own kids over any motha f***a Period! An for that piece of s**t in this picture! Come on, crack Ho’s do better than this! One day this persons gonna wake up but it’s orela to late. Dumb b***h no turning back now stupid Ho…who torments her own children and raises them wrong over a stupid 2 bit street peddler an a pedophile to boot!

    1. Anonymouss says:

      Emmylou’s a lair and a piece of s**t!

      1. Stephen says:

        This b***h and that lame loulou cheated with our crazy stupid and f*****g retarded great for people like that stay in your hotel crazy’s

        1. Gina says:

          That cheater daddy oso still a hiding as simp! Real gangster for you Emmylou greatest uptrade hope it was worth destroying your family! Greatest thing is they looking good. moved on the right way while your still wondering why hitting the crack pipe keep hiding from the truth! Because all you have is your lie’s and the horror movie that plays in your head over what you did to your kids and what you tried to do to that great man you “HAD” stupid b***h! LoL

          1. Ady says:

            Emmy lou is a hiding a*s b***h just she blocked every one off her social media rhat knows the truth lol guilty as charged! Hide all you want the truth came out

          2. Rayson.213 says:

            Ha Ha!this slum b***h got with that f****t Daddy Oso Ha Ha! that fools a joke! have standers for yourself never f**k the Hype kid! Losers sad for your family stupid a*s Ha Ha!

  100. John says:

    Time and karma two cheating these losers. This guy and her are ok with what they did and hurting kids. You get what you give no one walks away clean from these types of bad choices…

    1. Anonymous says:

      This b***h don’t care about s**t but her selfish ways PERIOD! Also that daddy oso is a B***H what a f*****g down grade!

  101. Ady says:

    What happened to the Pedophile John Rundle? Or @_daddyoso_ the hype kid you brought around your man’s house and f****d in front of yo kids s**t! or that f*g Manny Murkumz. now this lame Haaaahaaaa! Thats 4 guys in 4 months what happened to the “great provider with the mini van being the winner emmylou or loulou you said you made your choice to beat your kids and Abandon them for these guys keep up trading bird b***h your doing so great BABE! And don’t worry about him our real X he’s no body remember! Looks like your doing great while her x is jet setting on some real man real world traveling s**t while she lays in the gutter playing with s**t lol and simple simon M’f***a’s karma! So sweet to watch this w***e burn!!!

    1. Raynia says:

      This person is a sorry excuse for a mother and a wife!

    2. Adrianna says:

      Ha ha for that lame she met through her own daughter what a Ho f*****g perfect that is one ugly motha f***a she down traded for loser s**t Ha ha even crackwhores should have standards no respect at her husbands place where there kids laid there head really b***h low rat s**t! B***h you ain’t even hood! Keep faking s**t! An livin a lie

  102. Nick says:

    Hey I no this b***h from. East county she was a w***e then f*****g any one for a fix! Still taking on the same s**t it looks she had a kid with that megan’s law Pedophile John Rundle or sickboy what a loser she thought he was cool lol! I use to f**k too. Now she’s on to porch monkeys who would have thought lol!

  103. Anonymous says:

    Ha ha that b***h boy is a f****t! She didn’t no orela

  104. Melissa says:

    Yeah I know of her since middle school she is a drop out no good very bad person. Tragic what she has done to her family her real husband is a dream guy! Imagine what she does to these fake people if she can do that to her own husband and children. Very sad and tragic. She is a bad person no good home wrecker.

  105. slr says:

    All you n****s just racist m**********n haters. Her old man ran off across the f****n world and left her at home with the brats. She had to get high and face facts, she a single mom and still young enough to get h***y while d******d in some other country being a great guy to someone else. She did what she had to do, she up-traded for a real n****r and got busy gettin her swerve back. Shut the f**k up about this young woman, you haters make a woman have to get a buzz to put up with all the bullshit drama. F**k the world traveler and all you traveling puppets. You make him sound like a drug dealer who can walk on water, poor pathetic s**t for a man. F**k you all.

    1. Ady says:

      Ha this daddy oso still thinks he’s good. Sounds like a shake in his voice. Keep up trading on your down grade you ain’t got anything real to say you hang with Paperwork pedophiles that loulou hang with. Tasting after d**k sucked by your dope s**t. She does have to get high look at your ugly a*s
      lol! Keep explaining your hole you dig deep. Karma is a b***h for people like this chump ITS NEVER OK TO DO WHAT YOU DID B***H. and your right her x is a real man not a hiding a*s lil b***h like you rolling with Pedophiles and people who like to hurt kids great up trade dumb-a*s. He off doing what you can only dream about on some real man s**t while his old lady down graded for local scum some people can’t level up ain’t got what it takes!

      1. Anonymous says:

        Ha race card people that don’t have much today always play that card. Its a sign of losing And not being intelligent I’m a brother no one’s being raised this here And that comment came from a cheater so what can I believe Just my wise and deceit and a weak mind.

        1. Tyron_B says:

          Yeah ain’t no body being racist and look what you did n***a shame low scum s**t

    2. Tina says:

      Guess daddy oso found out the hard way her x was a somebody after all so f**k you b***h and your w***e too

    3. Richard_v says:

      To slr aka daddy oso what does it feel like to enjoy another mans hard work that you never worked for yourself loser! And you violate his home… karma and g*d get people like you. Must be nice to be honored to be a peace of bird s**t. D**n long read but worth it.

    4. Anonymous says:

      Keep Lying to yourself f****t As you can tell no one cares about your lies cheater

      1. Sake says:

        Ha this cheat is wack! Want to make shot calls but never met the Real Man your a Joke lil B***h an to that loulou aka emmylou your a weak minded gutter b***h! You will burn in h**l for what you did.

    5. Ryder_1904 says:

      Real men don’t hide or cheat but look Where you’re defending your lies and deceit on a cheating website what a dumb-a*s you just admitted that you’re OK with Megan law pedophiles and beating kids here’s your sign

    6. Clayton says:

      You’re the only poor pathetic excuse for a man using another man’s house and ship with a woman who likes to be caves and hang out with pedophiles that’s on you to now what a r****d you Really got something to say I’m pretty sure you know where her ex be some chewed now so much about her I’m pretty sure he would love to meet you in person since everybody on here says he liked to hide

    7. Anonymous says:

      daddy oso I thought you were the one feeding her dope Like you said in previous comments cheater. her real man was off being a real man at least that’s what I get from this read what a Lying cheater Just like other people said like what you’re working with a stupid mother father and I dope w***e

      1. Anonymous says:

        Its real easy to say f**k somebody on the internet. Kid s**t for reals. I never comment on these things but this has been one of the greatest reads of all time

      2. Racheal410 says:

        U reap you sue cheater Don’t get mad did you not know this would happen when she got caught or are you that stupid I don’t an answer from you I already know. you’re that stupid and so is she you both deserve each other The best thing you Did from this read is actually believe that you won a game. and that you’re a real man you don’t learn though u will one day

    8. Anonymous says:

      Up trade!?!? This fools a down grade ain’t you read what a weak a*s loser thought this guy was a playa he just bent on a crack head lol so sad.

    9. Fredd says:

      This sad piece of s**t ain’t real haha keep Lying this is entertaining

    10. Devin says:

      It’s drama you guys started stupid f**k Don’t even try to play like it’s our fault you and her and 3 other guys are the ones who flocked up and she is the one who beat her kids and you guys are the ones are OK with her and OK with her Megan slaw pedophile

    11. Ranier says:

      Daddy oso If you don’t know you’re the one who’s pathetic defending your infidelity an You being OK with a child abuser and a Megan’s law pedophile Your the one who deals drugs even said it in earlier comments lame. Haters are gonna hate and that’s what this beach boy is doing so funny

    12. Micheal says:

      HaHaHa……. your a poor Pathetic piece of s**t. Keep digging your own grave with a thos b***h. You have a lot to say for someone you never met according to what everybody says you’re a hiding a*s piece of s**t. And why does everybody on a public form think that because you’re a cheater and Marked that for the rest of your life. You got caught you don’t know how to do with it and this isn’t a child form you 2 can go play your fake rap video live somewhere else you and get nothing here but the rear view mirror chump

    13. Steve says:

      Daddy oso keep crying it’s to cute

    14. Acer says:

      To that cheateroso keep crying its cute to watch your very Entertaining believing your own lies lol!

    15. Haley says:

      Cheateroso f**k you I never knew someone who cried over spilt milk b***h you caused this drama and no asking for mercy what a chump go f**k that disgraced crack head and come back an tell us all about it You’re very entertaining like everyone else says

    16. Wilson says:

      Cheateroso @_daddyoso_ you ain’t got no say here and else where fake f**k but….keep going You’re very entertaining. No one care f**k you feelings and f**k what you think It’s already known you like to hang out with a child abuser and a pedophile. You should check the company you keep chump change

    17. Anonymous says:

      This hype said swerve lol grow the f**k up

    18. Harthorn says:

      This f*g OSO is asking for a life line . Keep your trophy b***h in line ya won! Lol! F**k your feelings and that s***s for what you’ve done to people and kids. No handouts word of advice. Don’t be weak you just made yourself look like an a*s in front of the social media word “Great & stable provider” for rim jobs. You don’t keep that ho in line you’ll be given the rim jobs.

  106. Anonymous says:

    What a hiding a*s b***h. And this sancho thinks he’s playing. Think he can say something must like the taste of d**k in his mouth for being cool with a Pedophile tell that to your “gang” o wait he’s a hiding a*s lil b***h too these marks deserve everything they will soon receive through there life PERIOD they lie to each other. Some things you can’t role back

  107. Annabel says:

    This f*****g disgrace’s real still on paper only Husband is such a catch great father humble. I would have lost my s**t i’m so proud of him not stooping to this gutter b*****s level. She can lie all she wants. Block all the real peps that new them so she can build her lie’s with new f****d up people no one hurts & Abuses kids then walks away clean Babe.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hello ady why doesn’t her x man be on here?

      1. Ady says:

        I think and common sense says. Why would a real man stoop to even deal with these losers. The greatest thing about him was he stepped to the plate to save the children after what she and this a*****e did And her butrail alone. he is not the only one she did this while f*****g that guy and 3 other guys at the same time great uptrade for oso f****t believe your lies The whole community knows the truth.

        1. Tina says:

          Yup after what she did to her own family for these lame a***s she cheated with! O honey real men were taught not to play with s**t they flush it.

          1. Ryan says:

            Lol divine comedy this daddy oso was a player and fell for another man’s wife and he is admitting to falling in love with a dope w***e That hangs round making law pedophiles and beats her kids yeah great up trade.

          2. Chantel_89 says:

            That b***h knows she guilty that’s why loulou ain’t said s**t she f****d up and knows it. after reading all this Yeah its easy to hate on a real man like her x. Why do you think these 2 cheaters are in this scenario in the 1st place can’t figure out their own life but to hurt children And be OK with hanging out with the megans law pedophile that’s a new level of BS.

          3. Dwylan says:

            Gee’s that daddy oso and emmylou are curb peddlers. Thought this guy was a player but I guess he got hung up on this dope w***e She also fucken 3 other guys seen there pics wid her on other cheater sites this s**t gets around and she cheated on a real man what the f**k you think she gonna do to this clown. If hes not done 1st or she’s not done that’s going to end up in tragedy For both karma always gets these types of losers

        2. Thommy says:

          Yeah I got to chill with him the other day all he cares about is his kids and their new life they have to live. Seemed like he don’t give to f***s about these Infidel’s. That is Some real man s**t right there. So this couch peddler can talk all he wants ain’t gonna phase him. But since I’m not him I will say you are a lame piece of s**t. Must be proud to talk about someone you never met whimp! f**k you. And to emmylou….shame who hurts kids your no mother and that’s my word.

  108. Patrick says:

    This Guys seriously thinks he is an uptrade and a better person that’s why your in that picture on a cheating website what a dumb piece of s**t well look at the bright side at least you can get emmylou her own home “great provider” with you and your own cars and provide for her stacks “lessons’ and blessings” and dope BABE! An your 2 kids plus one on the way from the MoMo real n***a s**t right! O and the mini van because you guys have plans real s**t right ! Lol plus be there for her emotionally well at least you won’t have to cheat anymore an be her “next man” after you grow up
    after they divorce anymore it won’t be cheating even though that’s the house its built on. O await you can’t do that cheaters never can that’s why they cheat swerve into that;)’ but you can’t an you won’t cheater lets be honest cheaters crack me up

    1. Jefe says:

      Hay this guy likes himself to much a real man daddy oso is just like every other curb peddler ha! i like that one ha what a joke compared to what That’s definitely laughable look what you’re working with She aint no Queen she’s a burned out dope w***e with a Bent brain and she did it to herself and you keep on her so lame But please keep on it’s very entertaining. It will be very entertaining one she does it to you Any beach they can do that to her own real man and kids orela

    2. Anonymous says:

      This f*g thinks he’s real lol…. as real as you need to tell yourself and her loser’s…. Createst read of all time what a R****d

    3. Alice says:

      Emmylou…. so sad you lied to me…. how could you… you should be a shamed…

      1. Bandit says:

        Ain’t no racist s**t been said n***a!

      2. Anonymous says:

        Emmy you lied to me…You made your great choice for this…. I DON’T EVER WANT TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH YOU EVER AGIAN! Our kids go to school she will not be around your child anymore you are playing with fire and this is not OK! Wow great choice for a real man! lifestyle my a*s. You are a bad person. And to this guy you did this over You’re not a real man real men don’t play games. Her X that’s a real man!

        1. Felon says:

          Hey that oso cheater is funny all that bs talk And her ex didn’t even have to say one thing and their stressin over their lies and Great providing choices. This is a public form anyone can say what they want. Loulou must be that stupid like her real n***a to not understand that but I guess you are because you are on a cheating website why do I feel like I’m trying to teach a kid who doesn’t know anything this is entertaining for real! Lol hahahahaha great uptrade emmylou fukin greatest i’ve read

          1. Raa says:

            I’m In Japan reading this bs. this dumb a*s wish he could be here but he can’t he don’t no how to hustle! I like that curb peddler comment! This x must be a strong person to deal with this horrible woman. O well off to Europe where everywhere and where not puppets /○\ . Words don’t hurt people like us cheater. Have fun with the w***e You like defending so entertaining to read

  109. Raynia says:

    This couch peddler crying for a w***e lol

  110. Tina says:

    It is easy to call someone poor and pathetic when you’ve never met them Going off what a mental dope w***e says Maybe we should thank you for being a special kind of piece of s**t to. Let’s look at the track record your a gang member that peddles drugs and fucts girls with Low self esteem and bent brains. And you’re OK with Meghan all pedophiles and child abusers. Also a hype man drug dealer who likes to use other men’s toys…. yeah winning there…. let’s look at the x worked for everything and d**n is he known worldwide an gives zero f***s about your retarded a*s or Opinion lol. I think you f****d up their lol!
    And let’s look at her she’s having fun with you and proudly tells you that she loves you but deep down inside we both know she f****d up and is probly going to jail and you can join her to keep playing games with real grown ups

    1. Rajion says:

      This guy is a f******s r****d What a real up trade keep telling yourself that whatever you gonna tell yourself to get yourself through the day. Create choices Emmy Lou a pedophile and a hype man’ then a drug head and a rapper All 4 that you cheated with simultaneously Keep making great choices for your family you’re doing great.

    2. Quinncy says:

      Real n***a’z don’t hide b***h so f**k you! An for your tweeker s**t Queen’s don’t cheat on kings your no real woman! Have fun with that couch hustler

  111. Syres says:

    Drama! N***a is you stupid! You and emmylou brought that drama to that man’s house you stupid lil boy! Not your house his! F*****g idiot! You two f***s made that choice to create drama! And now your ignorant a*s gonna blame another brother a real m**********r you ain’t s**t Due to your stupid poor choices you can’t blame that n***a for your bullshit b***h boy! And you broke some old school codes doing it………….. You are no real m**********r you choose to be just another piece of s**t that gives brothers a bad name. No one’s talking no racist s**t n***a Don’t play that card when you f****d up!

  112. Anonymous says:

    Cheateroso like any one in this public forum gonna care how you 2 b*****s feel! Well shouln’t have done what you have done jerk

    1. Joe says:

      It’s easy to play house when cheateroso and this street walker didnt pay! Sounds like the up trade this kid claims is working out great how my d**k taste Yo Ho owe me 20 for that momo f**k was lame like you

  113. Anonymous says:

    Lot to say for a hiding a*s n***a. But wait you say your real Ha keep lieng its great

    1. Travon says:

      What a cry baby cheateroso playing the racist card n***a You have no substance and your argument is based on your evil I’m a brother reading this s**t ain’t no one racist but you are a stupid m***********s and her Bad representation of us

    2. Anonymous says:

      So the cheater played games in all his comments being a child himself in that last comment. he mad and jealous an asking for a hand out handle that b***h fool ya signed up for it. be a f*****g man don’t catch more L’s can’t handle your own bs so ya reach out to the x’s side chump s**t not a winner in my book on all levels. Its all fun and games till s**t got real

      1. Cruizer_619 says:

        Hoelou aka emmylou is a burnt b***h to ask her pimp to tell people to stop voicing there opinions on there BS. Well keep making great solid stand up providing choices! Lol live entertainment for real how stupid can these two be…. as they role away in that mini van she sucked trix off four. Head to the next momo with your up trade!

  114. Tina says:

    Cheateroso just mad because the x new real up grade makes them look even more stupid! emmylou thought she was all that after what this gutter b***h pulled the x new one clowning on her one hundred .

    1. Melissa says:

      That’s some real talk an he didn’t cheat like these home wreckers

      1. Chad says:

        If cheateroso has to defend himself he lost PERIOD. X not even batting an eye speaks volumes his x a Triflein as hooker to be looked down by her real man. You get what you give in life sounds like there house made of glass is breaking to me.

        1. Melvin says:

          Looks like emmylou is starting to see the grass was never greener cheateroso that’s a good one lol!- You’re very entertaining from a crying cheater

    2. Racheal410 says:

      Yup that new’new is hot as h**l!!!!! Her x man did the d**n thang on a real uptrade! After what emmylou allowed into there home behind his back as a sneak thief with no respect and hurt her own kids to hide it… uptrade on all levels for the “x”

  115. Freddy says:

    This oso thinks to much keep coming up reason’s why our a dirt bag s**t head what you did was wrong either way you flip it.

  116. Tyron_B says:

    D**n this daddy oso aka cheateroso over here still d**k riding the x haha….perfect

  117. Quinn says:

    This cheat really thinks he is ok with going into another mans home in front of his kids with that s**t. In what world is that ok and then this dork is gonna ask for people to stop stating there thoughts on a cheater forum! What kind of special r****d did this Ho think she up traded on. Lol an i a brother there ain’t no one being racist so on top of that what this cheater is doing is adding on to Ignorance

    1. Halivion says:

      How this cheater speaks of drugs his opinion on children an women speak volumes… great uptrade to a fake n***a mark a*s b***h is what this n***a is how he act is why other people view our kind thats not even hood on top thats different aint no real n***a cool with Pedophiles hurting kids.

    2. Celab says:

      Hay this cheateroso is a special kind of stupid

    3. Chantel_89 says:

      This ignorant f**k called emmylou’s kids brats and is ok with smacking them great winner and uptrade emmylou you dropped your standards even lower this is they r****d you hold at night Without your husband knowing and call babe i assume over your own Children what a loser. And to this wimp it’s OK to talk over the Internet because all you do is hide anyways simple simon m**********r. I’m black too you wanna call me a racist.

      1. Tyron_B says:

        Yeah this curb peddler is an internet warrior. Let’s check stats.
        Cheateroso This exe seems to have everything and you’re just hating on someone you can’t be thats why you keep messaging on here stop crying over another n***a And just have fun with your tweaker you hold so high lame a*s. And if you think hes in a poor excuse for a man look at your situation fool. And that Ho got a weak mind to let this n***a in keep hating though its funny to read

      2. Cc says:

        Pathetic cheateroso is pathetic is on here crying about things that are not his what a drop out

  118. Charlotte says:

    O cheateroso your “SPECIAL”. Let me throw you a bone honey’ just because your ugly as all h**l, doesn’t mean’people are racist. You also stole a “B***H” Doesn’t count because that is what she is from this read a Tweaker B***h there is no Pride or Winning there kid she is not a real Mother or Woman. That’s really called down grading Honey have standards for yourself. Truly its not ok to be with people who abuse kids and a Pedophile. Dear Lord Have Standards. To this Emmylou there is a Special Place in H**l for hurting Children no real Mother would do that to her own.

  119. Anonymous says:

    Why is that cheateroso asking for help i thought he was a great provider and got it on lock as the winner grow up f**k face and handle her thats what you won remember this cheater is so emotional cool read as well epic s**t on this story sad as all

    1. Anonymous says:

      Lol so the the sold out playa asking for help and a hand out agreed man up and be her man tweakers can be a handful

      1. Marty says:

        O osokid Honey your “SPECIAL” let me throw ya a bone. When your ugly it’s not rasict Babe! You don’t Win when it’s a Lying Tramp. That’s really known as bottom barrel, But you may still be happy with that life choice. When people you don’t know have something to say sorry Babe you don’t control people. You put yourself in this category Honey with your Choices no one else’s.

        1. Randy says:

          Asking for a Hand out emotional simp! Over your trophy lol get it together lol she a slum mole ha! You said swerve grow the f**k up n***a

      2. Fabion says:

        Oso yeah new dope fiend Queen don’t like being exposed and you neither do you? handle that she’s your trophy B***h don’t ask for favors or demand feelings you can’t get. It show’s your weak minded which from this story well already know.

      3. Doc says:

        Emmylou is a lying w***e and f**k that cheater you beat your children over anyone good with slapping kids and Megan law pedophiles

  120. Marty says:

    O osokid Honey your “SPECIAL” let me throw ya a bone. When your ugly it’s not rasict Babe! You don’t Win when it’s a Lying Tramp. That’s really known as bottom barrel, But you may still be happy with that life choice. When people you don’t know have something to say sorry Babe you don’t control people. You put yourself in this category Honey with your Choices no one else’s.

    1. Racheal410 says:

      The only thing pathetic is you hating on her ex that clearly is a real man and you asking for a hand out over this b***h and your bullshit that is the definition of pathetic.

      1. Richard_484 says:

        After reading all this let me get it straight she chose to do drugs heard her kids and the cheater guy is on here having fun talking crab the meaning to giving her drugs a meeting to hitting kids and hanging out with the pedophile That his new b***h see’s And then hes gonna ask for help on not talking c**p to them what a dumb piece of s**t for sure…

      2. Richard_484 says:

        After reading all this let me get it straight she chose to do drugs heard her kids and the cheater guy is on here having fun talking c**p admitting to giving her drugs admitting to hitting kids and hanging out with the pedophile That his new b***h see’s And then hes gonna ask for help on not talking c**p to them what a dumb piece of s**t for sure…

  121. Dys'em says:

    This cheater is hella weak. Man the fuc up on that b***h. don’ ask for a life line cuz yo can’t control a tweaker b***h that u so called won! How about yo stop being gay just making s**t funny what a hype fo sho all talk + cryin man up boi!

  122. Stephen says:

    What is pathetic is the cheaterOso thinking its ok to be a s****y person talking about feeding a bent brained girl drugs and smacking another family’s kids. What’s pathetic is this clear low life trying to think what he did was ok and what that trap s**t invited into her house hiding it from her X. Then being ok with this cheater acting like this speaks volumes. But what really is Pathetic is that cheater hating on that X stepping up and being a real man for his abused kids by his wife’s and this cheaters “great choices” because it’s Obvious by this cheater now asking for help on a public cheater forum ( Real pathetic ) doesn’y know how to handle what he has gotten himself into by no Fault of his and her own bad choices on this true “downgrade”

    1. Rapheal says:

      Hay and she said her x was a no body and don’t worry. When the kat goes away the mice come out to play. Karma and time kills all and at the end of the day your always trapped with your own thoughts that kill slower and better than anyone else could. To that cheateroso man the f**k up and be a man handle that b***h. To that s**t that let this into her real man’s house. Karma

  123. Maria says:

    Anyone can fight! And on the X side “lose there s**t” I believe putting your own emotions a side till later & walking away especially when there is innocent children involved and making sure there ok and away from this clear madness the wife emmylou invited in with that pathetic cheater is way stronger than feeding into abusive wrong bad behavior. So G*d bless the cheated on husband.

    1. /o\ says:

      cheateroso & gutterloulou don’t understand that Maria that’s why her + him = gutter b***h + street peddler=___ PERIOD-BABE! You get what you give from what was destroyed. Plus megan’s law pedophile and ok with hurting kids’ and talking s**t about kids… low life through there hole life no gains just pains. T ts w o h a dth f wt ty cs hrt ksrd fk ekk fk do fghrz fr evr

  124. Anonymous says:

    The real pathetic person sitting in the background on this read is this emmylou who made the first comment. The cheater is just her lackey

    1. Blade_612 says:

      If you say you won or say your real. That means your not. But please keep talking this is funny to read a cheater actually try and make sense of his bullshit lol! A this emmylou or loulou d**n. What a really bad person. If you ever look into your kids faces again can this disgrace be ok with that hype on her side treating and talking about her very own kids that way and she gets dicked down by that fragil! How can any real mother do everything she did wrong and smile into her own kids faces ever again knowing what she broke. How can she come to terms about what she did. Being a long track with your thoughts on her s**t…… d**n.

    2. Jasmin says:

      I know emmylou and her X. She use to be my home girl Emmy your a f*****g disgrace what a w***e! I’b ask why but your not even worth that. Your f*****g soon to be X husband put your b***h a*s and daughter on a Pedestal and this is how you treat him!?!?! what a piece of s**t you are truly you put on a facade for so long and now this s**t is coming back to bite you in the a*s because you played grown up games and hurt your own kids and you hang out with a f*****g pedophile And this fake gangster you cheated with On top of other guys. And there ok with you abusing children! your f*****g lame get a f*****g life you like playing around with dog s**t go stay in the gutter. To that hype kid keep playing games for that b***h don’t ask for a hand out because your not a real man! Your just a scrub a*s that don’t know how to get his own and I’m not talking about that s**t you “won” s***s give it for free b***h you can’t handle a real woman PERIOD!

    3. Hason says:

      Yeah this cheater can sit there and talk s**t about someone else’s kids and claims to like the mother but when that s**t happens to his own you’ll be crying then. Cause if that bitched can do that to her own kids what makes you think she won’t do that to his

    4. Ghost_dog 81 says:

      I know that gutter s**t’s x- man there is nothing pathetic about about him making right choices for there children she left behind for this down grade of a human being. Like every one else said don’t ask for a hand out fakeroso! Treat that tweaker accordingly remember she’s your “great provider and solid” asking for hand out’s haaa”’ these two cheaters our just but hurt they got exposed and they can’t knock her x. They shook smile karma. I hope she feel’s that every time she smiles at other peoples kids these two deserve nothing and that’s what they get from the x is nothing! Oso i would say your a pathetic hater but your much more worse than that.

  125. Ruk says:

    A real One don’t b***h over the internet like her x so this oso f*g asking for a life line grow the f**k up! Handle that b***h you Claim to won or step off! A real One don’t f**k with child abuser’s or Megan Law Pedophiles. A real One don’t do what these two Did PERIOD! To dat gutter bird b***h…shame…

  126. MUK says:

    Well’ Well Emmylou…. thank you for being the tweaker w***e I new you are you make me so proud. Your EXE took care of you and that daughter of yours an this is how you do him! Years ago I was right about you Hoe. There is a special place in jail for people like you. No one hurts children and walks away clean. Tell yo b***h boy lackey… the truth about your EXE s**t you really know what time it is. You tried to keep your f**k boys safe by saying he’s a no body b***h one your a nobody and so is that oso f*g plus the other ones you cheated with. A dangerous man isn’t the one who likes to speak a dangerous man is silent. who has his actions under voluntary control… Voluntary….

  127. Ady says:

    The only thing pathetic the exe did was show this curb peddleroso and hoelou _EMPATHY_ at the moment. The truth came out plus cheateroso’s own words (dumbass but thank you) for being a special kind of piece of s**t trust me… these two made a choice to be down-do and be a part of plus not limited to co signing being cool with pedophiles and child abusers in all circles….. don’t like that…

    1. Tina says:

      Ouh emmylou aka hoelou crying over her great Decisions to break up what great thing she had now…. love having front seat to this… popcorn please ha!

  128. Ashely says:

    Best thing she did was thinking she new everything I told this b***h I would have front row seats to watch her burn one day! …loving every minute eating me popcorn watching her cheater be lame (needto man up you wanted her) and this gutter b***h catch L’s left and right!

  129. slr says:

    He gettin ready for another world tour. Who he gonna leave the kids with this time? Good daddy oso leave his babies with a couple dope fiends while he off lookin for a new Lou Lou.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Best thing she did was thinking she new everything I told this b***h I would have front row seats to watch her burn one day! …loving every minute eating me popcorn watching her cheater be lame (need to man up you wanted her) and this gutter b***h catch loses left and right!

    2. Anonymous says:

      Ignorance is the mind set of those that have no self value. FagOso stay blessed with you BS you seem to be happy asking for handouts your hole life 😂🤫

      1. Racheal410 says:

        Cheateroso is a special kind of r****d babe😘

        1. Alex says:


          1. Ady says:

            Ha fagOso + Hoelou f*****g pathetic….

    3. Warren says:

      Great father figure best choice for your dope fiend Hoe emmylou keep winning in your own head best provider great choices……………🍿

  130. Calvin says:

    This fagOso really is a special kind of r****d 😂🤫

  131. Tina says:

    Why don’t scaredOso stop being a lil b***h stop hiding and ask the X yourself since you never met him. Let him know how you want to harm his children like a pathetic piece of dog s**t that you love to be. an you feel you have a say in his affairs. I’m sure since he is a real man he would love to straighten you out chump change. Don’t for get to call him pathetic to his face🤣😂🤣🍿 emmylou loving your great choices right now.

    1. Stephen says:

      This loulou aka emmylou and that simple simon fagoso our the most Incompetent cheaters and incriminating that I’ve ever seen in my life. Yes to these cheaters keep talking and is hilarious and entertaining but I hope you know you’re incriminating yourself on so many levels.

  132. Darnel says:

    Leaves his own kids with Tweaker and cheats on emmylou great Decision for a great solid provider…………….weak saws scum s**t!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Curb Peddleroso still d**k riding the x🤣🙌 what ever lets that f*g sleep good at night PERIODT🤫🤭😘❤babe

  133. Nicholas says:

    This girl comes from a dark place to tear up her very own family and over this think about it. Honestly this guy is no caliber to be a man. Will end up dead doing what he does based that he has a facade and deals in drugs and gangs . An she might end up the same or in a rehab best Scenario. Because she has issues she never addressed on top of mid life crisis thinking she can control everything but in reality she is moving backwards around people doing such as the same. This 8s a classic case of bad choices plus this cheateroso well you can already tell from all the other comments.

  134. Fabionn says:

    What defines a real man is how they ‘RISE’ from defeat. That’s the X . A person who can control his or her action’s based on focus is dangerous because they have there wrath and emotions under voluntary control. This cheater.a shining light of disfunction. To the cheating “wife” shame

  135. Anonymous says:

    That lame a*s f****t oso is a d**k ryda lol

    1. Wendy says:

      OMG that emmylou is a Disgusting Ho! not a real mother or a good wife! What a fake horrible bad person…..who does that… no excuse!

      1. Randy says:

        This cheater asking for a life line lol! What a f**k up agreed grow up grow some real man b***s and handle that b***h! Your weak as f**k to ask for hand outs after your bullshit choices lilbitchoso

    2. Olivia says:

      Agree this emmylou is a disgrace to motherhood and real wives! A horrible bad person!

      1. Jake I cheated with emmy too says:

        This cheater a real special kind of lil Bitchoso greatest choice for loulou land her lock up fosho. Streets don’t like pedophiles or child beaters. Emmylou a dope fiend this cheater a loser greatest choice on a downgrade. We f****d back in day how my d**k taste dickrideroso she always been a cheating hoe glad to see she never change gonna smash her again for some dope now

      2. Kylenn says:

        Wow this emmylou is a horrible person not people like this should never get married or have children if they can not handle the responsiblity as a real woman would.

      3. Rapheal says:

        Plain an simple. She is a liar’ w***e’ abusive’narcissist’ with an ego. He is a curb peddler’ b***h boy’. The x is a real f*****g arch angel. Bottom line don’t f**k the hype man😂💦😅 and cheating is a choice just like Lying is a choice. And abusing children the penalty is much less for being a curb peddler and a w***e🤫

        1. Chie says:

          🤬F**k that lying pathetic bird b***h plus that lil w***e she is training to be just like her! Real talk.🍿🍿🍿🔥🔥🔥

        2. Rancid_410 says:

          I thought gayoso and holou had a connection well it was built on lie’s abuse and deceit! that’s how these stories end 😎🍿🔥🔥🔥

  136. Michelle says:

    F**k this gutter b***h her real man put her and her daughter on a pedestal and this is how she treats him and their 2 boys f**k that b***h she deserves to burn in h**l for what she tried to do to a great man and for what she did to her boys

  137. Brett says:

    this girl once let me stick a pineapple in her a*s for $20 no lie

    1. Clair says:

      There is something very wrong when a person invites this into her family. The depressing part is the children with this x husband shameful they had to go through this type of hardship. These kind of people have no remorse, should not have children if there abusing them and do not have the mental capability of raising children. This oso guy grow up. This cheater she ruined her own family over gluttony on top of selfishness when she wakes mentally a while from now wow. Adults that do this need to stand up and be responsible for these actions that Devastate and change the course of other peoples and children’s lives over there own abusive behavior.

    2. Anun says:

      That trailer trash that is proud of her “solid great provider” deserves worse a pineapple is a jk. For this sick f**k up’

  138. William says:

    This w***e is scandalous! How can she even lie and be fake proud to call herself a wife or a mother straight f****d up person!

  139. Nicholas says:

    Hey I no this b***h from. East county she was a w***e then f*****g any one for a fix! Still taking on the same s**t it looks she had a kid with that megan’s law Pedophile John Rundle or sickboy what a loser she thought he was cool lol! I use to f**k too. An now she’s on to porch monkeys who would have thought lol!

    1. Jack says:

      These 2 cheaters are disgusting people! How low terrible

  140. Susan says:

    People need to not have kids that can’t take care of them and if they cheat there weak bottom line after reading this don’t hurt children be adults its not that hard

  141. Scot says:

    I knew there was something wrong with that b***h i tried to tell dude years ago.

  142. Flaka says:

    Should have seen this h**r’s face when she got caught! Had nothing-nothing to say! F*****g rancid a*s tweaker b***h finally getting exposed what real mother (fake a*s) wife does that to there very own children babe! A weak person (emmylou) can’t be loyal if she let’s rats plus paedophiles whisper in her ear’s.

  143. Ariel says:

    To this fagoso If you don’t Match EmmyLou’s words with your actions you are not a man your just a boy who likes to talk and I agree if your ugly it’s not racist babe❤😘 its down grading love get back to class you need it!

    1. Stevejr says:

      The lesson is the X let his guard down Once. The blessing is this loulou and Fagoso plus… will have there guard up for the rest of there natural lives. Karma comes from everywhere…

  144. Deven says:

    Woo that guys pathetic, went to school with him can’t even read to save his life haha

  145. Dawn says:

    Emmylou your such a f*****g loser and a bad person how could you… around your kid’s ho! To this f*****g smashed face hidingoso yeah because your ugly doesn’t mean people are racist n***a I’m black your a disgrace to our race! Keep playing games your just a piece of s**t like her karma like the others she hid and f****d! This n***a cryingoso here ok with hitting kids… asking for hand outs. Her X deserved better and now he will. No one even a peace of s**t like you Oso is a pathetic piece of puppet talking string pulled by a burnt tweaker w***e named Emmylou (cause no real women would f**k with you) “pathetic” for that lame you are f****d in the head s**t. Your a dumb old hag! No words bird b***h because you got caught 😂😘💆‍♀️.”babe are you done💯😘❤”! Really I’m here babe” with the x’s children in the x’s car that you don’t own🤣✔. What a nerve s**t. Should have done your job as a wife and made that real one happy. Instead this b***h play with rocks that she sleep on in momo’s now 🤣 drugged out dope fiend now (great solid uptrade) 😜. Like you good lol karma rolling on your “great up trade providing choices with this peddler you choose over you husband”😂 b***h and I love watching every one come together just for what you did to you kids. Meghan’s law pedophile burn b***h a*s W***e Oooh can’t wait 😎🍿💦

  146. Chantel_89 says:

    This b***h…..loulou (emmylou) The only reason why she acts hard is cause her ex put her on a pedestal and now she plays with stones that make her feel like a diamond. And to the multiple cheaters that she be fucken you get what you deserve to this oso slumped flat face n***a. Your a lil b***h you know you are. that’s why you just talk on the Internet like everybody else says you probly still have not met the ex and probably never will because he will break you the f*k off like the b***h you are and that in itself is pathetic. To go around another n****s S**t when he doesn’t know… is pathetic go on and read your school books you gonna Need em nothing will work out for you in life. That’s guaranteed By your own choices hope this bird b***h was worth it 😘❤🤫PERIOD.

  147. /○\ says:

    That emmylou 🤥 lied and told fagoso 😘❤-x- was a nobody lol! Gonna find out through there hole Miserable lives he was more than these gutter b*****s thought…../👁\…

  148. Stephen says:

    If fagoso aka hateroso and louhoe aka emmywhoe are sonhappy why are they so concerned with this exe that doesn’t even care about there BS🤫🤭😘❤babe.

  149. Anonymous says:

    To this curb peddleroso how it feel to be stationary in life playing lil kid games…pathetic PERIOD😂🤫 your not a real one just a d**k rider with no world tour get a f*****g life f****t you’ve shown over and over how fake you are. But please keep going it’s entertaining🍿

  150. Ady says:

    The saddest part her kids gonna read this bout her one day. Greatest choice emmylou keep making solid Decisions

    1. Victoria says:

      That oso kids a clown! Emmylou is a week minded b***h to destroy her very own family what a bad person an a loser!

      1. Pete says:

        D**n emmylou…. your one sorry a*s w***e now…an you fukn with that pedophile john rundle again… this fagoso keep playing its to cute. lets the social media world know how much of an ignorant dumb low life you R. Karma will take its place one day when you hurt children and mock a great person like her X. Great choice loulou d**n shame you are now… your X was way to great and good for a Ho like you…. to that loser yeah if pathetic is being a real one and stepping up for his own kids. Going on world tours minus that tramp and not blinking an eye at you low life. Because f**s like you ain’t worth A real one’s time PERIOD! Then yeah he is the winner….real ones don’t role with pedophiles and hurting kids chump a*s and we all can agree it’s not racist when your fukin ugly grow a pare and stop asking for hand outs handle you b***h and be done. “Thats real man s**t” she’s your f*k up now.

        1. Anonymous says:

          That loulou a stuck up b***h to f**k up her ow. Kids that curb peddler oso a hype crying for handouts lol! Perfect couple,,,,a burnt out lying w***e and a lying b***h lil boy lol perfect greatest read ever on dumb cheaters

          1. Anon says:

            Bestie’s ghosting lol got caught braaa haaaa😘❤🤫🤭😂😂😂🍿

  151. Jake says:

    Braaahaaa simple simonoso don’t feel special she f***s every one💦😘❤Babe!🤭🤫😜

  152. Nicholas says:

    D**n emmylou…. low very low in front of your kids. On you Husbands Dime! What kind of a mother where you was this a facade?!?! An for this POS…really your X Husband is better off thanks for showing your true face emmylou you are a disgrace and this kid you f****d your real “pass” family with and f****d around in front of your children…F’n children…. Oso is a joke. Your a no good person how could you emmylou no real mother or wife a disgrace. I saw the court files myself I couldn’t believe it till I saw… The truth came out it always does… D**n shame people like this play games and alter innocent Real peoples lives over there petty an I mean petty BS. If we ever cross paths you’ll know I’ll turn my back…I don’t want to even say I knew a low life like you loulou. These f**k boys you messed with our lucky your soon to be x husband never lost his s**t! Your a Horrible bad… just bad…person

    1. Racheal410 says:

      When in narcissistic Ho get caught up…This burnt b***h over here talking bout getting money an lying on everything🍿😎😂😂😂. These people love fronting on real life! Thank g*d her x leveled up! Bout to D-friend this s**t. Tired of here BS…

      1. Frank says:

        Lying is the new real for fake people. But this drama B”” chose this what a disgrace loulou or emmylou is her kids she abused + abandon gonna hate her for the rest of her Miserable life hope her f**k boi’z where worth all that drama she made the great choice to do. Me personally nothing is worth my kids safety. That’s gotta kill her mentally for the rest of her miserable life. I would say sad but this Narcissistic sad excuse for a human chose this.

    2. Evlbtch666 says:

      Thought her man oso was a solid provider or the Pedophile an old men😂🍿 that she left her kids for o wait more hor’ish s**t gonna start🍿🍿🍿

  153. Bryce says:

    Whaaaat?! just got back from over sea’s and saw this that was my dudes wife sad to see things go this way what a f****d up s***k. Her loss and this cheater kid your laughable at best!

    1. Marabel says:

      First off if the husbands a POS and a nobody how come the cheater / curbside peddler on here crying asking for handouts! Worried about her X lol. Man when this burnt b***h comes too one day she gonna find out she round her family for this pancake face MF ha ha! People lile this deserve there misery they made for themselves real winners here!
      Any real man step up for his kids and step out over a ho like this a real one she gonna find out when this s**t wakes up one day! Good read that cheater is a joke Ha!

      1. Giovanni says:

        From this story sou ds like the curb peddler oso cheater lucky the X husband a real man. A real father takes is kids and real family over a low ball P.O.S eny day and over a gutter B***h🍿😎

        1. Charlotte says:

          Well you can’t fix your relationship when your lying to your soulmate while kissing and f*****g another lowlife. Then a pedophile?!?! Then this cheater emmylou hurts her kids and family over this bs. I wonder what that feels like to go to bed at night knowing how much a POS you truly are when there is no one to lie to being trapped with thows thoughts must be a special kind of h**l! Knowing your broke your family…Then your f*k boy comes on this cheater board pathetic. One day if you try to talk to your kids no lie will help this tragedy.

          1. Daddy oso says:

            Dat oso f*g try to rhyme can’t hold a bar periodt 😭🤭🤫🍿

  154. D says:

    B*****s like this emmylou an her pathetic cheater’s have to believe there lie’s that’s how the push through there s**t lives

  155. Anonymous says:

    Emmylou looks so proud in this pick to be a w***e and to be abusing her children for that fake hype b***h boi what a weak bad person.I would never be proud to mentally an physically hurt innocent children these cheater’s our a special kind of POS

    1. Kate says:

      B***h?!? Emmylou it’s one bad thing to f**k up your own family over your personal choice. but When I let my kids around your children a couple time last year while your husband was gone you had this gang member around my children. I remember now seeing him you lying as Hoe! All the while knowing he was a gang member b***h from a real person a real wife and mother. Next time I see you I ain’t got nothing for you! I feel sorry for you children that you f****d up they deserve better than you an your lie’s. Low very low. I will never trust you around my children again!!

  156. Melissaa says:

    She is a lying b***h! Its hard to fix a relationship when your f*****g some one else emmylou. Then you hurt your kids. I hope your great choice was worth there very own sacrifice you made them go through by abusing them w***e!!!!! An then on top you pull your husband through bull s**t! Lying cheating then this n***a gonna make fun of him all the while you hide this cheating n***a like the lil s.k.a.n.k you our! Karma Bus gonna run game on you two cheaters for the rest of your miserable lives how can you ecen look in the mirror as a “mother” and smile w.h.o.r.e

  157. Wendy says:

    So not only did this s**t devastate her family she went with this POS. How pathetic emmylou f*****g beautiful best fake az f*k mother and wife award goes to this tr’amp az bi’tch

  158. Ezra says:

    Greatest s**t ever emmylou be earning those H.O. stripes periodt. Best thing is watching her turn herself into everything she once hated while her x levels up🤣🙌😎🍿🥤. Greatest decisions ever loulou….greatest…. keep making everyone proud of what we know you R 🤣💦

  159. Rhianna says:

    Ooo loulou sad. S.lut and mini s.lut should have thought about dat BS the moment they let this flat faceoso in her house around her children dat she abuse them to hide it… Ook should have thought of dat before she cheated on great uptrade sounds like a sad provider now😎🍿 on da real downgrade baby❤😘#nohandoutsforloulou or #curbpeddlerosofag

  160. Anonymous says:

    Emmylou looks so proud to be aHoe in this pick!…. one day her kids gonna see this she gonna be real proud then…….

    1. Anonymous says:

      Met this fling at the bar on the town great got to check for std’s what a liar and a f****d up person

    2. Glacia says:

      D**n what a f**k up how can you have it all then through it all away must be a screw loose not to be a real mother to your own kids

  161. Anonymous says:

    D**n bro she didn’t say she was married with all this drama too

  162. Sesno_s1u3r says:

    D**n ha ha lilosofag over here crying can’t maintain his b***h loulou in da momo wid da flat shoe’s and no mini van askin for handouts an help loulouho cryin working a basic b***h job can’t level up curbpeddler cant provide for her solid or stable!?! What happen to solid up trade great provider wid rims turn rims for rim jobs on a tru down grade?!? Loulou probably live at moms rent free talking bout don’t need no help lying on s**t to da world. these two keep playing games lol! While da got every thang handed to her while her X 100% walked alone on some world level s**t! Plain an simple who da winner truly is on this story!

    1. Justin says:


      1. GOAT says:

        Oso a buster PERIODT! 😎🍿🤭🤫😘❤

      2. Vanessa says:

        Agreed It takes a special kind of piece of s**t to take avantage of her husband the way she did and how she did it! No respect bring that jump into your house that your man built You are a special kind of breed of bird B***h!

  163. Clownin_213 says:

    This s**t had the nerve to cheat on her man!?! Wow I heard about this but didn’t believe how much a Ho she is. Mask fell off! And for that Lame a*s Ha. It takes a special f****d up person to hurt great people and what was and could have been a great family! To this cheater stay in yo lane chump! And to “loulou” must be great going to bed at night knowing what you did and how you did it! HO

  164. Anonymouss says:

    This n***a over here talking bout its ok to smack kids got it!…Great talk PeriodT! Loulou you are a POS…. Bet. An on top this what u cheated with have some class even tweakers have standards…

    1. Ady says:

      Osopeddler crying over bird beaks cuz thats all he can get😂📲 this bird B.I.T.C.H’es f*g s**t periodT. This S.L.U.T a pizza 🍕 making Ho what happened to great provider😂🤫😎🍿 an solid provider loulou 🎯🍿

    2. Isabella says:

      This is insane…….I would never let another man even jester to hurt my kids.

  165. Anonymous says:

    This s***s on To the next one orele! He gonna find out on dat bounce!

  166. Anonymous says:

    Look like curboso an loulou made great choices🤣🍿what f****n lames f**k child abusers emmylou deserves a special lind of h**l

  167. Rajion says:

    Rolled in to town this b***h got wid busters periodt! Ruined real family s**t for all these lames- curb peddlers . She a joke now busted out disgraced Ho fo sho

    1. Tyron_B says:

      Lil b***h oso think he grown now hahaha soon….

      1. Adrianna says:

        Of course she misses her X that was a real one these lames she f****n with can’t hustle😭😂. She a f*****g loser amongst other BS. she’ll find peaces of him in other gius but not him… She literally 😂 f****d dat off for these lames Periodt

  168. Adrianna says:

    Bro it’s not raccist you just hella funky as n***a💯 an no points for sniping somethin every one had real ones get Queens u drugged up a w***e lol couch peddler oso gonna have a good life doing dat B.S never knowning Why😂🤘👁

    1. _Mroso_fakoso_lameoso_brokebackleg says:

      The only shameful part is knowing this B***h. An seeing where she came from an the aftermath of what she did. She’ll melt on that every night. This fake n***a can speak loud like the true wimp he is ain’t never gonna man up to her X! Fake n***a real ones don’t play n***a you already know what time it is. You can lie to this s**t. She an her daughter believe what da see in rap videos an so do you n***a keep playing cute n***a your whole life!

  169. KevinJr says:

    This f*****g lame a*s guy.. for real1?!?! B***h have some standards. Level up on real ones not play with pieces of s**t in a toilet lol Ha!

  170. Anonymous says:

    Ha what a slu.t and lost it all for that Fa.g haha

    1. Muk says:

      Re visiting this post is fun. The truth came out emmylou is a child abuser @_mroso_ is a wack as chump left in her drug induced wake lol! That is ok with child abusers and paper work pedophiles emmy is too. There not together😂💯…throigh there own actions… loulou prove that through her own actions how much of a loser s***k she is an i still brought every one donuts at work today greatest read on a pathetic narcissist that believes in rap videos an fakers to the loser sancho best down grade of all time. Guess you have to be great at something in your life lol!

      1. Ezra says:

        Ha she is ✂️😂scissoring😂✂️ now wid a small elf wid a giant forehead talk about leveling down HaHa wat a stupid dumb b***h. Just sho ya her mental case Bs… so much for the fagoso great provider and louho’s great choices haha

        1. Ghost_dog 81 says:

          Just ran into that oso f*g slumped him ran like a scared b***h aint no real one that Hoe a sucker for sure for that fake one.

      2. Randy says:

        Wow who would have though but then agian look at what you workin with

    2. Mariah says:

      Wow. The saddest thing one day this persons children will come across this one day. No amount of bs will top this sad very dark truth that could have been avoided by doing right like any real mother would by there own child. I normally do not leave a comment. This read show what’s wrong in this world today. A thug on some bs an a person that lost her way i will pray for her an the devastation these children had to indore. Kudos to the real father stepping up and being a good parent to those children. I would have done the same as a mother. No thug could fill that spot in my heart for my child.

      1. B9 says:

        Week P.O.S like this cheater always get it in the end smile babe😘 your to cute like prison f**k.ed in the as.s cute.

        1. Adrianna says:

          Crazy read but on some real talk doesn’t this oso look like a she’m or is it just me.

          1. Stevejr says:

            Lol yup a he/she definite down grade on a pan face excuse of a human

        2. Anonymouss says:

          Omg this is emy! Wooow what a sad liar! Her X Husband is way better person! what she did to her family is a disgrace an that s*****e isn’t even on her x husbands level that sorry excuse for a human is lucky that her x doesn’t care about chumps like that a weak person for supporting abuse drugs and gangs for real with that cheater.

          1. Lmao_254 says:

            Agree that persons x is a way better person to walk away i would have caught a case real deal!

  171. Anonymouss says:

    That sancho oso a f*g he/she for real punked and slumped this chump. Orela, periodt!❤😘 hope he still luv bird b*****s gonna get sum luv that hotel biz

  172. Chad says:

    That burnt b***h is a disgrace an her cheater is a pedophile read the other story’s on this oso chump and he does look like a he_she

  173. Anonymous says:

    Saw that chump oso taking pics around the way holding chump change 😅 pathetic emmylou picked this He/She then now with gay mini troll after abusing her own children……… if that’s called winning this comedy with that slump and them…priceless sad excuse for people, would say they should be ashamed but they’ll feel it through they hole lives on some fake smile s**t haha! Truth came out and it will effect them for the rest of there meaningless lives haha

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