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Elizabeth Cole — Fort Pierce, Florida

Attention People: UPDATE: THIS IS IMPORTANT. This woman is HIV positive and has herpes. Be careful!!!! Elizabeth Cole is coaching children to say that they’ve been sexually assaulted. Do NOT ever leave your children unsupervised near her. She is a psychotic woman on meds for mental disorders. Be careful. Never let her approach any children. Darren, Elizabeth, and all involved will eventually pay for their crimes for coaching and forcing kids to say theyve been molested when it never actually happened. She will send you naked photos of herself. She likes grooming children with her boyfriend Darren Sisino (thanks to her own attorney who was willing to reveal the parties involved and give up names and testimonies. One such as her pathetic little wizzle boyfriend by the name of Darren Stuart Sisino– him & Elizabeth have nothing better to do than creating profiles on people and lie about them to try to get them in trouble– this is part of their mental illness.) Contact info: Address: 4705 Buchanan DR Fort Pierce. House is owned by her mother (another lunatic) Brenda J Cole. Let’s not forget Debrah who admitted to smoking marijuana in front of her kids. Block this woman from your contacts, and if you happen to pass by where she lives with small children, be VERY careful. Elizabeth COLE AKA Elizabeth Cole Ardizzola. She is a 33 year old woman born on 10/19/1986. Her previous locations are Boca Raton, Stuart, Jensen Beach; now resides in Fort Pierce. She was a student at Florida Atlantic University (Boca campus) and graduated in May 2013. She has two children whose names will not be mentioned. ** Note that this profile is created in accordance with FL law. We want the public to have accurate and verified information, and not misleading allegations and events that have never actually occurred (as exhibited in the victim’s profile). We want to point out that her and her wizzle boyfriend’s targets are the real victims here and were never involved with what the OP of that profile claims. SO, IF YOU WANT VERIFIED, ACCURATE INFO, PLEASE VISIT THIS PROFILE, AND WE’LL KEEP YOU UPDATED!

Once again, you’ve been warned.

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