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Dr. Kristin L. Howard, MD — Wellesley, Massachusetts

She was Newton-Wellesley Hospital’s “Doctor of the Year,” in 2009, having worked there for over a decade. Dr. Kristin Lynes Howard pled guilty to driving drunk and crashing her car, injuring another motorist. After going airborne and slamming into a vehicle stopped for a red light, she fled the scene, didn’t stick around to see if the man needed help, thought only of herself. She, now, awaits sentencing. She quickly checked herself into rehab and retained an attorney. She isn’t expected to do much if any jail time for hit and run, bodily injury and being under the influence of alcohol and possession of drugs. “Doctor of the Year” didn’t kill anyone and, most likely, paid her victim off. His bones will heal and she has to pay a few fines and can’t drive for awhile. Just remember, if she gets her medical license back and you need a good doctor, flee the scene before there is another victim.

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2 comments on “Dr. Kristin L. Howard, MD — Wellesley, Massachusetts

  1. Mark Howard says:

    This is absolute garbage—-
    Not the least bit factual. Dr. Howard has been 100% compliant since this event more than eight years ago which was not nearly as dramatic as described. She has worked hard and regained her license, and donates her time for free health care.
    How dare you post this.

  2. Mark Howard says:

    “Anonymous” is well known to us— a very troubled and sick woman who has spent years trolling Dr. Howard, whom she met as Dr. Howard tried to help her in recovery. This is another pathetic, sick , example of this which is being brought to the attention of the authorities . Dr. Howard has worked hard to obtain her medical license again after a flawless period since this event. She now donates her time for free healthcare to those without health insurance .

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