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Dennis Coggin Nottingham Ruddington Cotgrave Tollerton UK

Dennis Coggin from Nottingham is a chronic liar, this pensioner lies about everything, his age, and his past, putting females on the game to pay for his lifestyle, he has 5 children, 2 female and 3 males, and many many grandchildren all of which he does not acknowledge, walking his dog he uses this to target his victims. then he befriends to find out their financial situation. if they have money he moves in on them. when the money is gone then he stops seeing them. I have since found out he has a string of financially ruined females in his wake, watch out for this lying cheat. get him to prove who he really is and his age. he always has more than one female on the go. he is very friendly until he has control then he uses domestic abuse to control the female. he is a blatant liar and cheats

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10 comments on “Dennis Coggin Nottingham Ruddington Cotgrave Tollerton UK

  1. Alice says:

    omg I had to stop walking my dog in Rudd park because of this guy, I told him I was married to get him to leave me alone but he would always be there when I went to walk my dog, he would not leave me alone, constant sexual hints, sleazy guy

    1. Eileen says:

      I cant believe this, this is the man who had approached me in the ruddington park, I told him to go away as he was just calling me a sexy b***h. I’m 65 years old and do not like this as I am a married women and think its disgusting the way he spoke to me. G*d help his wife and children if he has them.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Is this a fabricated story of truth, it’s very interesting read?

  2. Ellie says:

    OMG……I used to job around ruddington Park, this guy always used to be sat on the bench for hours with his dogs. He made me stop running after I’d run past him he would say inappropriate comments, couple of comments I remember “ you need to run faster than that to stop me catching you” and “ you’re going to give your self black eyes with them 2 bouncing around” seriously disturbing.. my hubby went looking for him once after I returned home and told him what happened. Very strange man

    1. Alice says:

      Sorry to hear you were harassed from this guy Ellie. That can not have been a nice experience, good of your hubby to look after you but you should have reported him to the police. You will not have been the only one he pestered sat there, do not let some creep put you off your life and jogging

  3. T. Coggin says:

    Biggest load of bullshit ever. He is a good man, so who ever posted this needs to delete it

    1. Dwight J says:

      It is funny when the truth is said but some people do not like it, were sat on the bench with him at the time he said these things to her T Coggin, no you was not so you can not say it is not true, you can say your opinion of him but that is only how he will be with you, not others, sometimes we think we know someone but all we really know is what they show us, I am sure the friends and family or murderers, rapist, pedophiles etc all will say they did not suspect them of the crimes they admit and that they were nice people, it appears you need to open your eyes T Coggin

      1. T coggin says:

        Well we’re going to the police with this and we will see what happens then.and you all will receive visits from them we’ve already shown it to a family member who’s a police officer they’ve advised us to take it further

        1. Ellie says:

          T Coggin, u need to get you’re head out of the sand. The truth will come out eventually just Remember a leopard never changes their spots

  4. Ellie says:

    This has been posted by a family member who he has supported financially and emotionally for his whole life.

    Complete lie!

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