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Crystal Gracelyn Brown — Pennsylvania

Seasoning the meat, that’s what Crystal Gracelyn Brown does best. She gets men to cheat and keeps a fresh piece of man meat in hiding, for her holes. Under the table, of course, for when she’s caught cheating, using someone for everything she can use them for, for drugs and jewelry and cash and credit. She keeps the rings, they’re worth something at the p**n shop, a lawyers’ fee, a drug buy, a visit to the clinic for drd testing, something. It’s an old, family recipe, passed down from her mother. S***k steak.

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4 comments on “Crystal Gracelyn Brown — Pennsylvania

  1. Dan says:

    The previous poster is absolutely correct. I was engaged to this c**t in 2018 until I discovered she had stolen my credit card, forged a check in my name to herself, stolen several other items, and was cheating for months or even years with several guys. I took her to court and got her convicted of multiple things. She is an absolute sociopath with no regard for anyone else. She’s a pathological liar. She is absolute sub-human garbage and a dirty w***e as well as an alcoholic and drug addict. I sincerely hope she dies of AIDS or a drug overdose. Btw to the previous poster I would love to hear from you and hear your experience with her. Feel free to email me at

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pretty sure the poster and the one who commented, are the same person lol. Sounds like a psycho who needs a tissue… poor baby. I guess your meat just wasn’t good enough! Lol try your luck with a man b***h, your little p****r might be good enough for a dude.

  3. DanShellemisalittlebabywhoneedsanasswhooping says:

    Dan Shellem, had plenty of chances to be a real man, but no, he chose to big a giant p***y. He planted drugs and other items used for drug consumption in a car and called the police. Dan Shellem has a record of psychotic behavior, he’s been admitted to the hospital by his own parents. The same parents that are literally lost in what they can do to help this little baby get over it. His list of medications are longer than his d**k. This is a little boy who can’t deal. Grow up young little b***h. This world is going to s**t all over you if you don’t grow a pair. You sneak around, play games, and wonder why someone wouldn’t want to be with you?! L***O, you dug your grave. Be a man for once in your life so you can lay in it. You will be doing the world a favor.

  4. Reality... says:

    Ever think she just didn’t want to be with you? You have a picture from long after you, stalker 👀? Pity any girl who you con into being with you. Ha

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