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Corey Moore — Daytona Beach, Florida

This is Corey Moore, he works at Starbucks off Atlantic Ave and attends the University of Phoenix. His fat a*s mother Marie works at Bed Bath and Beyond in Kissimmee and thinks he’s a f*****g angel and is in total denial. His father Richard aka D**K works at Siemens in Orlando and is a homophobe and a bigot. Both of them are bible-thumping idiot republicans that think their son can do no wrong. What they don’t know is that Corey is a dirty camwhore that goes by the name CumOnCorey. He lets black thugs f**k him in the a*s without condoms and he sucks them off during live public pornographic webcam shows on a site called if cams to earn tips. He is a real-life c*m dumpster and probably has AIDS and a gazillion other STDs from all that n****r d**k. He will cheat on you with these random strangers while dating him so don’t even bother! Please share and repost this on social media so all his friends, family, neighbors, and employers will know what a piece of s**t he is.

His Facebook is and his cell is 407-205-2632. His boss at Starbuck’s name is Myriam she usually works morning shifts during the week. My blood is literally boiling over this c**k sucking f****t. I pray to G*d he didn’t give me AIDS or coronavirus or WTF else he might have!!! Ruin this m**********r’s life so he won’t ruin anyone else’s! Save this pic and post it on every p**n site you can find.

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17 comments on “Corey Moore — Daytona Beach, Florida

  1. Samantha says:

    This post is nothing but revenge p**n and cruelty. You couldve easily outed him without posting him naked or bringing his family into it.

  2. Mike says:

    He is a parasite

  3. hecram says:

    Corey loves this picture, he says it makes him look like a top. Men who have rented his a*s tell a different story!

  4. idunno says:

    im pretty sure posting lies and nude photos of people is illegal this is just wrong

  5. watcher says:

    Corey had s*x with over 50 men at ONE TIME!!!! This post might sound like a far-fetched heap of lies from a disgruntled ex but I bet every bit of it is TRUE!!! Think I’m joking? He was featured on S*x Stories for a 50-man bukkake cam show on iFCams. Yep, FIFTY dirty strange men put their dicks inside this boy in ONE night. F*****G SICK!!!!!!! http://s*

  6. Joe says:

    This needs to be removed. Corey is a good kid that just happens to be a webcam chathost like a lot of kids his age. A lot of the c**p people are writing is made up and just trying to ruin his life. The admins really should remove posts like this, no good can come of it.


    This isn’t exposing a cheater this is some serious revenge p orn and needs to be reported to the authorities.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Please save and repost this image on other cheater websites, p**n sites, and social media. Add #CoreyMoore #Daytona #Florida #Camwhore #Cheater #Hooker so search engines will find it. Thank you!!! Image link:

  9. karma says:

    you know this kid tried to take his life cuz of this s**t right? because you sick f***s keep posting revenge p**n over and over on these stupid sites. all I can say is karma’s a b***h

  10. Sherlock says:

    Just enough information for sickos and predators to track that boy down. Good job cheaterboard, you might end up an accomplice in court if he ends up in a ditch.

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