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Colin Campbell — Connecticut

I am writing this report on behalf of my best friend ( Colin’s wife) . When she met this man he was perfect for her. We all seemed happy because she seemed to finally find a good man. Everyone thinks he’s a good man because his every move is calculated so people think so. Colindoes everything and anything so people think he is good. As it turned out we found him to be a con artist . This is not just a story of my best friend who has been cheated on. It’s a story of a man who spends every waking hour manipulating every person he meets into thinking he is a great guy. He professed his love to our friend and lied to her about everything. She is a good person who has had a difficult life to say the least. She used to say she was so happy to finally find a man who she could talk to about anything. He knew the abuse this girl had been through but his self gratification and ego was more important then any hurt he was going to cause her. She told him often he had become her best friend and he continued to deceive and use her for his own pleasure. He is so smooth that no one imagined he could be so cruel. We all found out that Colin was cheating on her through a facebook post and kept it from her until she finally said she found out through a random text message. Colin spent years with her and was very aware that he picked her up from a dark place. BUT his kindness as it turned out was only to feed his own ego and his reputation as a good man Colin proved he didn’t care about her in the least by his reaction to her anger. He told her that if she would have minded her own business that things “would be still just fine”. He tells her that she should have minded your own business because “ I did treat you good”. To EVERYONE is surprise Colin turned out to be such a narcissist that he can’t even comprehend how much he hurts people and finds a way to blame his victims. She goes up and down from anger to despair and Collin replies to her with anger with insensitive comments like ” I did care about you but you are saying some hurtful things to me that l will never forget that “ ; tells her “you’re on your own now” and actually arrogant enough tell HER that “what goes around comes around” . This man is a cheater of the worst kind who is so self-absorbed in his sexual gratification that he cannot take responsibility for hurting innocent people and he insists on blaming instead of stepping up to his mistakes. The sad part is that after all of this my best friend refuses to leave him and just cries everyday. We even went into his phone when he was asleep and we became aware that this 48 year old man is online conversing for s*x with a 18 year old. Sending her pics of his **** Calling her baby , putting on the charm telling her he is well endowed but “h**l be gentle” ……….Guaranteed those who think they know him won’t believe he is so heartless. We were SHOCKED as well…. Because he is very good on the surface. His every existence is calculated so he is liked by everyone around him whether it be family, women, neighbors, coworkers or strangers on the street. This idiots morals are clowded by his sexual appetite.. . He has no moral compass. He is a master manipulator and a heartless cheat………..So girls if you meet this man and he tries to swipe you off your feet. Remember he’s not what he seems. He may seem charming and kind but he will calculate , use and hurt you with absolutely no remorse at all. Our friend is a great person in and out and she found out the hard way and is still suffering after we showed the proof. COLIN is not a real man … he’s a con artist cheater. . BEWARE

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One comment on “Colin Campbell — Connecticut

  1. fred says:

    if she jus mind her business she don’t know he be cheating

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