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Clifton king of the narcissist

One of the biggest liars you might not notice it first but then you do and realized all your time with his was a lie and fake. He uses people only cares about himself junkie loves to tell people he was a carney for 20 plus years brags about drugs thinks he can tattoo really thinks he knows how to do everything better then anyone. Aug 1977 Virgo he thinks he is sexy really with over half his teeth missing 3 years never saw him brush his teeth. Then he would take a shower maybe 2x a week if more he was coming something up. Uses you up mentally physically and emotionally. Selfish lack of empathy. Don’t ever get sick cuz you are a faker wanting attention. Love bombing stage is over and you get evil clifton that accuses you of cheating and having people in the house. Mind games galore lie about you to all your friends and neighbors trying to trunk them against you and make you look like the crazy person and he’s the victim. When he gets caught lying or on dating sites he goes into a narcissistic rage and then you get blamed it’s your fault you make him treat you this way. Birthdays forget about it. But you better do something for him. When you give him the world it’s not good enough. You do it wrong my way is the only way. He has no real friends and talk bad about mostly everyone. His family stays away from him. He is toxic. Says he will never hit a woman he doesn’t hurt what he loves…. Do a background search domestic violence 3rd degree that’s what’s been reported. If he finds out your on to him, run. He will lie and say he has evidence, you know he’s lying cuz there is no evidence to be had. He is always the victim in every relationship. Never his fault. He will pretend to open up to you even say oh I don’t know what’s up with me I never tell anyone this… C**p. At first he acts like he’s makes good money then it slows down and why are you paying for his cigarettes and habbits everyday. G*d forbid you forgot that means you are petty and selfish. Don’t ask for help because what are you lazy you cant do it on your own I do. Need help moving something heavy or something that needs 4 hands he’s busy playing with his phone. If he is not interested he isn’t going To help. Will make you feel bad for doing something you want to do nagging rushing or being a jerk and negative. He will say he has a photograpic memory first off that’s not what you actually call it and second people with identic memories don’t miss place wallet keys ect. He does that on a daily and throwing a fit to where you start feeling like he is accusing you. The good out weights the bad at first but then the bad never stops you constantly catch him lying and just to lie. He loves his d**k and thinks it’s special… So likes to post it and send it to people. When you catch him he calls you the w***e and trash and that you do nothing and are lazy. You work more then him come home he’s already home tired and he wants you to cook and clean. But you don’t do it right. He will make fun of you and at first it’s kind of cute the way he does it but then you realize that him just saying mean stuff then follow it up by I’m joking is messed up. Your not pretty enough skinny enough have a big b**t. You are flawed and beneath him. You are lucky to be with him no one wants you. Apologies have no meaning anymore the words I love you make you want to cry and scream at the same time. Actions speak louder then words and when his actions show you no love and how selfish and mean he is deep down inside, when he says I love you after calling you a dumb ignorant b or c that you are worthless and he hates you and making s**t up, you kind of wish he had teeth to kick them in. He can make the most peaceful patient person commit ATVs of violence. Will tell people that he caught you sleeping with two black guys. And you wonder why all the people he introduces you to look kind of nervous or put off by you. Hopefully you have a good set of friends that truly know you and will call him out of his lies against you then he will make it super hard for you to hang out. Guilt tripping passive aggression. He has no License so that’s why he can’t do anything nice for you but will order himself nice things he likes shoes who cares if bill are due he knows you have money and will make sure the bills are paid. He’ll pay you back, that’s if he doesn’t start a fight and says he owes you nothing. Why is he always broke you ask. Lottery tickets drugs and online p**n and dating sites, but he was doing it for you to have a threesome… With out your knowledge… Come on. Don’t think it’s ok to do what he does that’s disrespectful and you need to grow the f up. Hope you don’t like getting to know him by asking him anything cuz you are a nag and badgering him and being petty. Actually don’t ask him anything he won’t give you a straight answer or he will get angry and say your trying to catch him in a lie…. He won’t ask you much about you he has to be the topic, if you make a comment like you had something similar happen you are a one upper. You don’t listen to anything he says he can’t remember anything you say the way you say it. If he’s playing on his phone don’t bother he won’t hear you, but hears people down stairs talking c**p about him, check down stairs not even a mouse. He is extreme when it’s good extremely good bad extremely bad. He will make you feel sorry for him oh and can cry on demand. Social media he will have you on a special list hide you from people and vice versa. Texting and phi e calls will only be for when he wants needs something or if he feels like you are catching on. When he degrades you either take it quiely and put it in a diary or stand up for yourself and hold on tight you see his horns. He has always been this way he isn’t going to change for no one. Make sure when you talk to him that is never sounds lime you are telling or asking him something to do, he won’t do it. Hates to do something that’s asked of him. Then you are a bossy control freak. He cooks better then you cleans better… Ha. If you do his laundry you did it wrong and it’s all sour, but only his clothes even though they where done together. Get him a puppy for his bday awww he treats the dog better then you. Lies about what he is and how much he weighs he is incapable of the truth he has to convert it. Will tell you his is never serious likes to keep you on your toes. Says he went to school for this and that background check says high school edition. No other records. Hope you are not smart and start to realize after the love bomb that he is not but thinks he is. He has done everything but has very little to show for it. Brags about being a paid professional their and con artist oh and he has been with so many girls he lost count. Don’t let him know he hurt your feelings or that certain names bother you because now you have him ammo. If you say you don’t like being called a dumb b that’s the first thing he uses. Actually don’t tell him anything that you don’t want the world to know. Don’t be open thinking he will cuz if he is opening up it’s all lies he believes most of his lies making it not a lie but the truth…. What’s that call hummmm oh yeah delusional. He will play mind games and call you crazy and you need meds and help. If you ever have a emotional hard time and ask for help he is not interested talk to a doctor. He will push your buttons and when you snap that’s when you get recorded and you look crazy and he acts like he is a victim of of your rage. His phone don’t look at it your phone better not have a lock on it. Oh you don’t trust me here go through it I have nothing to hide… He erases everything on a daily. But don’t be slick and say hold on let me install a recovery app he will then s****h it away and fight with you saying all the stuff he does to you that you are doing to him. That you are a faker a*s liar blah blah things about you no one has ever said to you. Everything you ever told him twisted or taken out of context. Ok I’m done I can go on for a long time just look up a narcissist if you don’t know onE already
Clifton e king Aug 1977 Virgo Boone hair blue eyes tattoos his carney nick name was dirty… Hidden email phones social media. From Florida has a forked younger and uses it to get what he wants. No real friends and family keeps their distance. It’s everyons fault never his. Will flirt with everyone you come across and get mad when you are talking because it took focus off of him. Dead beat junkie worthless person cruel sick, empaths beware he will kill your soul.

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