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Christopher Sadler — Westfield, Massachusetts

My ex of 5 years has full-blown aids and he got it because he likes to sleep with other b*****s and smoke weed and basically just be a little boy instead of a grown man. He has been cheating the whole 5 years and I knew about it but I just been trying to change him because I got pregnant with his child before I even found out we were only together. A couple of months when I got pregnant and I started finding s**t out right after its sad because now my child has to grow up wondering why his mom and dad ain’t together why he can’t have both his parents. I really feel so bad for my son he loves his daddy he thinks his daddy a superhero and I don’t have the heart to tell him his father is the complete opposite he’s a villain he is a good father I give him credit for that but as far as being loyal to me and loving me yeah that will never happen he’s slept with friends of mines a friend of mine is actually who he got it from and it’s heartbreaking because my sons gonna lose his dad his dads already a dead man walking I don’t know if I should tell my son what’s going on or just wait till he’s a little older so maybe he will understand but I also don’t want him growing up confused how do you tell your son your dads a cheater and has been cheating on me dammnear our w whole relationship how do I tell my son your dad caught aids from cheating on me with my friend and that he’s going to die I hope people take this post seriouslly because he’s infected and will infect you if he spits on you or you have sexual inttercourse with him.

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