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Christopher Miles Collins — Annandale, Virginia

I met a man online twice my age over the summer. He was handsome, charming, and supposedly everything I could ask for. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how much looks can be deceiving. I had just begun dating for the first time when we met and wasn’t able to offer him the sexual relationship that he wanted, so I decided to cut contact.

A few weeks ago I saw him again on a dating app and wanted to see if we could try dating again. We decided to meet at his house one night. When I got there, I took multiple shots, which made me feel drowsy almost immediately, and then he lead me to his room. While in bed, he asked me to turn around and get on my hands and knees, and I did.

After a minute or so I blacked out. I came to when I saw a flash go off. I immediately turned around and saw him on his phone taking photos of me. When I asked him why he was taking photos, he said I gave him permission to. I never gave him permission. He never asked and even if he had, I would never agree to do so. I started to cry and begged him to delete the photos he took because I didn’t want them to ruin my career. He just laughed and said I didn’t have a f*****g career. After that I blacked out again.

When I awoke later that night, I asked him about the photos again and threatened to break his phone if he didn’t delete them. He told me that he did delete them and showed me his phone. Later on that night I asked him did he take photos of me again and he told me he never took any photos. Again later on I asked him to delete the photos and he told me he did take photos but deleted them and showed me his phone again. His story changed multiple times that night and later on the next day through text also.

The next day I decided to text him and ask him again, since I was now in the proper state of mind, did he take photos of me. He didn’t text me back that day, which made me suspicious since he had always texted back before. I decided to text him again later asking him to delete any photos he took and told him I would press charges against him if he didn’t. He told me the photos were a “wonderful continuation of the wonderful night we shared together”.

He had no sympathy for me. He knew I was drunk and in a vulnerable state so he waited until I couldn’t stop him to take advantage of my body. I feel disgusted knowing that I let this man touch me. He laughed why I was crying and begging him not to take photos of me and then called it a wonderful night.

He eventually did assure me through texts that he didn’t take any photos/deleted any photos and I felt happy for a few days. I’m not sure why, but in the middle of the night I got a horrible feeling about the situation and about him and decided to look him up online. I found that multiple women have made complaints about him online for cheating on his wife, lying about having children, and lying about his age. On dating apps he claims to be 44, but I found out he’s actually in his late fifties. I thought it was ironic that he told me he wanted to get to know me, but he didn’t even have the decency to tell me how old he actually was. The women claimed that he cheated on his wife years ago with multiple women and recently one woman claimed that he was harassing her by sending her pornographic messages.

Hearing that he was harassing a women made me link clues together. When we had first started talking, he was kicked off the dating app we met on. Profiles are only deleted after dozens of complaints are made against you, which means most likely he was harassing women. This woman made this complaint approx. 3 months later from when his profile was deleted, so she might’ve been one of the women he was harassing on the app initially.

Because of what I found online, I couldn’t trust his word. I can’t trust that he would’ve actually deleted the photos, so I went to the police station to file a complaint. The police basically told me that there was nothing that could be done because in order to have his phone searched, I would’ve had to call the police at the time it was happening. In my eyes, the police told me that a man can get you drunk, remove your clothes, and take photos of you without your consent, and unless you call the police during (which is difficult while intoxicated), no crime was committed. I was told that there was no crime to report, but the officer gave me a case number anyways. Knowing that someone could take advantage of you like this made me feel sick. There’s no law protecting women from being exposed online by disgusting men like him.

I strongly regret not looking him up before I went to his house that night. Now he has compromising photos of me and I can do nothing about it. I’m sharing this story to warn others to be careful about meeting men online. Please look them up before going to meet them and please don’t get intoxicated unless you feel you’re in a safe environment. He did an amazing job at coning me into bed and using me like he has many other women in the past.

The man that sexually assaulted me and is going to get away with it is Christopher (Chris) Miles Collins. His phone number is 7032205557 and he lives in Annandale, VA.

I am exposing him because this is the only way I may seek justice. The officer told me that I should try to expose him to his wife/ex wife if he is possibly still married or that I could post my story online to get justice. I want to warn all of the women in Virginia, or especially the DMV area about Chris so they won’t be his next victim. If you found this from searching him, and are deciding whether or not to meet him, please don’t. Don’t be foolish like me and let him abuse you. I hope by sharing this story I can protect at least one woman from him.

Additionally, since I originally found the other complaints about Chris online, someone has written a response to their claims saying that everything they said is not true. This man cannot even tell the truth about his age, so I guarantee he lied and abused these other women also. Chris is probably the one that responded to it pretending to be someone else since the response was made the day after I told the police about what I found online. Linked is his other reports.

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  • This man is not a photographer. He’s a sick pervert who drugs young girls and puts them in compromising positions to take pictures of his fingers doing nasty things to their exposed crotches. If it’s not his finger it will be some object he thinks will appeal to perverts, like a carrot or zucchini or Ken Doll. He’s a real sicko and sells these pictures online to other weirdos like him. Call the police!

  • I know this guy! He is abusive womanizer no respect he lead you on with seductive talk and then laughs in your face. Liar too. I will post on fb.

  • His fb is /unceltic. I know him too from hot or not. He uses women doesn’t give a f**k who he hurts. Cute and funny until you fall for him. Pathetic loser.

  • This white man has a fetish for black and asisn girls. He is sick sick sick. He is emotionally abusive and a liar. Do not trust him.

  • At least one of his instagram followers is a known sugarbaby half his age so he is gross. This guy doesn’t care about anyone or anything but his dirty d**k.

  • I know him too he took me and some friends out on his yatch (come to find out it wasnt even his) last year and he is weird af. Tryn make bets wuth us. He contact me again and was crying about not wanting a wife but begged me to come over for cocoa. Nah. Lucky I didn’t bc ur story is scarey!

  • Post his pics n texts i chat with him on hinge and happn brfore he say he wants love lol but he gossip about the girls he f***s like their health situation and their bodies. Dont tell him personal stuff cuz he spread it around.

  • He is Chris Unlaker on some dating apps or He is a narcissist and is mean when you stand up to him. I found he dating many other girl besides me but he said he want love. I felt used and he just laugh. He is selfish liar and not worth the trouble!

  • I dated him he is toxic and evasive and will act like he wants a girlfriend but will be talking with a lot of girls and blame you for getting hurt. Don’t trust him he will use you and break your heart and see no problem with his behavior.

  • He comes on strong and acts and talks like a boyfriend but he is like that with EVERY girl and when u call him out he gets defensive and mean. He is a dishonest disrespectful selfish guy.

  • I really appreciate you reaching out and making public what a monster he is. I haven’t spoken to him in years and have no desire to ever make contact again.

  • Someone sent me this on fb and oh my is it good to see him exposed as the deceitful manipulative selfish arrogant gaslighting Jerk he is. He claims to “love women” but is actually doesn’t care what he does to you as long as HE and his fragile male ego feels good. Next!

  • He’s a monster and he likes that it makes him feel powerful. Hes pathetic needy and small and doesn’t value anyone but himself. But I pity him.

  • Hes just a gross old s**t. His kids know it too. He hides all his girlfriends from each other so they are obv not cool with him seeing other girls. Dump him, the d**k is not good ladies!

  • So many women have posted the identical pic of them on his boat hanging on the sail. Three different Jens alone. He makes them all crappy stir fry, tries to bone them, and then treats them like dirt with no remorse when he gets bored. Its the same date with different chicks. Avoid, sis, you’re replaced before you’re out the door in the morning.

  • If you speak to some of yhese girls they say they don’t even know him so he’s either all talk or so forgettable they just want to brain bleach him our of their minds.

  • Hi everyone,

    I’m the one that wrote the original post. I just wanted to give everyone an update on my situation with this predator. After this happened I filled a restraining order against Chris. I got a temporary one put in place for my safety because I was terrified that he’d hurt me for speaking to the police. I had the restraining order put in place until I left the country for unrelated reasons. Now I’m back in the states and see that he’s still abusing and mistreating women. It hurts to know that other women are still falling for his cons and that’s he’s escalating. Just 8 months ago he took my clothes off, filmed me, and tried to penetrate me without my permission. I can only image what he’s doing now. Recently I made fliers with his image, address, number, social medias, family members, along with details of what he did to me. I posted these fliers in his neighbor and all over DC. I made sure to leave a flier in all his neighbor’s mailboxes so they could know they’re living next to a rapist. While posting fliers I got so much love and support from the community. I’m glad I was able to stop fearing him and expose him for the disgusting vial thing that he truly is. I encourage all you women reading this to share this story or share what he’s done to you. I imagine that since my story has been read hundreds of times on multiple websites that I’ve at least prevented one woman from being hurt by him. If you’re reading this and are contemplating meeting chris, don’t. Look at what others have said and think is it worth the risk. Don’t be his next victim. I will continue to post fliers in his neighborhood and in DC so women are aware of him. I hope this helps some of you. If you’d like to contact me, you may at

    • This man uses women like toilet paper. Why do we tolerate this from men but when we speak up we are told we are crazy! We are told to be quiet or get over it instead of him being told women do not exist to ease his needs. Who knows how long he has been Doing this.

    • They might not know! Women protect him cuz they don’t know the whole story!! Remember emotional abusers isolate their victims so they abuse in privacy and show a different nice face to new supply.

  • He totally fetishizes WOC. It’s so gross and shallow. We aren’t humans to him with emotions to be respected just objects to own.

  • He sweet and gives u attention until he gets whst he wants from u he doesn’t care how badly he hurts u. Ur feelings and needs do not matter. He just wants some laughs and to get his d**k wet. He is a lonely dude.

  • If he is ok with his actions and he thinks his girlfriends are ok with his actions why is he so secret about them? He never posts captures with them. Own it! 😮 i see him liking Alma’s pics on fb now lol. Does she know about the rest of them?

  • I found he was dating a college student abd he just laughed and said younger girls had better bodies and why i was so clingey. I was so humiliated and hurt. I thought he cared for me.

  • He just wants his c**k sucked it don’t matter whose mouth is down tbere 😂😂😂 But he love Black girl magic! You have to be legal he checks id lol 🤢

  • He will be texting other girls while he is in bed with you RIGHT AFTER having s*x with you. He’s not interested in keeping you he is interested in getting the next girl. He calls it being ‘up front’ with his dates but its just gross.

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