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Cheating Woman Kristina Sevastyanova, Kirishi, Russia

Kristina Sevastyanova cheated me, after a long time beginning relationship, took me for a fool not to take over responsibilities for a relationship. She even cheated me when she was pregnant, which i cannot say it was from me.

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11 comments on “Cheating Woman Kristina Sevastyanova, Kirishi, Russia

  1. Gorbi says:

    Vodka made her do it!

  2. sergei says:

    she was probably just cuddling in the cold and nature took it’s course. DNA tests are very unreliable, though, a waste of money.

    1. Robby says:

      Shes best girl in world. And sustained. Shes pretty.

  3. MollyMelone says:

    I guess she is gute, bis the way shes the best in the World to sustain with this message over 2 years ore one. Shes pretty dort you Think?

  4. Robby says:

    She sustained 2 or one year with this Moment. I guess shes best Girl in world.

  5. Robby says:

    Because she loves. Because i love her. In Germany. Your Roland

  6. Roland says:

    Hey gorby and sergey your re right.

  7. Roland says:

    I left her my Number on Messengers but without response

  8. Roland says:

    No response on my number… but i am waiting… +491786913477


    Shes getting another medal. Posthum.

  10. Top Gun says:

    Кристина башаровна Севастьянова from Uglegorsk is a B***h whose dogs name is Eva. That shows her attention to religion.

    Sorry to tell but it’s for real : After she gave me a b*****b I f****d her two weeks in her flat in front of her son who was a good one but poorly was even around and had the age of twelve years. When she told me she was pregnant from me she couldn’t even send me a real photography of a test, but copied one from Google. Her daughters warned me she was all about the money. Even her daughters tried to “address” me. When I took the way another time about 2300km to visit her she showed her true personality. One of the rottenst one. When she was kicking me apart, I was gladly thinking I f****d her in the a*s, and came.

    She began to cheat even when I gave her a diamond ring worth 0,8 carate about which was a mistake. She never took care of others only if she had to. She was sitting on the floor to keep the floor clean. I lifted her up one time, but the was pretty to much for sure.

    She works a a bank but is a w***e without good manners in bed, this I can tell when I was not used to have s*x for two years, she was worse than me, not in habitual way but in her moving.

    After she posted various photos one should think she’s lesbian, but for her weight she’s to fat for that.

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