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Cheater and Fatty Lisa Tanen-LaFontaine Set to Ruin Connecticut Life Insurance Association with Stupidity and Racism

WINDSOR, CT — The life insurance trade association Limra has made a major racist goof, and its management has yet to take responsibility. The association, whose parent company is L.L. Global and which also includes Loma, headquartered in Atlanta, in March embarked on an ill-conceived ad campaign it calls “All Lives Matter,” a racist response to Black Lives Matter.

Corporation President David Levenson made a mockery of the whole order. “Oy gevalt,” he said over a cup of chicken soup, intent on not putting his mask back on between sips and clearly not practicing social distancing.

Levenson noted that the LL Global Board of Directors consists of a remarkable 0.03 percent People of Color. In the Executive Profiles section of its website, there is just one Person of Color: in a further racist stunt, it’s the head of I.T.

The “All Lives Matter” sprang from an idea LaFontaine had in her native New Mexico, where, growing up among who she terms “literally all lives.” “This is just a continuation of that,” she said, impossibly ignorant that “All Lives Matter” is a racist, White Supremacist trope.

Levenson, whose wide nose turns various shades of brown depending on the lighting in the room, pointed to LaFontaine when asked whose idea it was.

“She said, ‘Let’s trying something new and brilliant,’ and I said, “Fine by me.’”

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which keeps track of racism in the United States for the world, has moved LL Global into its red, or dangerous, category, meaning it is indeed very racist.

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